Wangzai Milk has no successor, can Wangwang still be “prosperous” in the future?

Maybe you have firmly memorized the slogan of "prosperous people, prosperous wealth, prosperous energy, prosperous body", but I bet you definitely did not buy the Want Want Gift Pack this year.

After all, only children love Wangwang, and adults all buy a mix of BESTORE, Three Squirrels, Laiyifen, Chacha, and Wangwang. There is no brand loyalty, all you want is a hodgepodge of brand discounts. And the more brands each user considers, the less money they spend specifically on a single brand. From this point of view, Wangwang's priority in the snack industry is not so high today.

In order to become the only one among users again, Wangwang has been working hard to get rid of the "mid-life crisis" and make himself "prosperous" again.

The most fashionable "old consumer" brand, Want Want

If a company founded in 1962 is judged by human standards, it has reached the age of "sixty and smooth". But as a business, a well-known brand, any decline in revenue and slowing growth requires reflection. Therefore, from the year when Want Want's revenue exceeded 23.1 billion and net profit was 4.19 billion in 2013, Want Want has reflected on it for 9 years.

In the past 9 years, Want Want has worked really hard and kept on trying to bring this 60-year-old brand back to life. These efforts have also made it the most fashionable "old consumer" brand in the new wave of consumption. In short, what young people like, we will do.

Young people like fun marketing, so make it fun.

▲ Want Want Gift Pack

Want Want's original advertising style was earth-flavored, magical, brainwashing, and the next step is to make it fun and relaxing. The first step is to enlarge all the classic products of Want Want. The original snow cake is delicate and cute, one for three mouthfuls. The larger snow cake is as big as your face, and you can directly use it as a staple food for small appetites.

There are also Langweixian, Wangwang Senbei, Wangzai steamed buns, Wangzai milk… Not to mention whether the bigger ones are delicious or not, at least the visual impact is there. In this wave, Wangwang made a circle through "snacks that grow up with you".

▲ Your snacks have grown bigger

It’s not enough for the snacks you grew up with to get bigger, and the advertisements you watched when you were a child also got bigger. Therefore, Li Ziming, who was in Class 6, Grade 3, became Teacher Li Ziming. The mother who delivered Wangzai's milk at the school gate had a heavier burden, because Wangzai's milk became heavier with it.

▲ Advertising has also grown up

The blind boxes of young people have not fallen, and the most familiar products of users are changed to decompressed blind box toys, which is the entry. The combination of user collection addiction + blind box gameplay can really make Wangzai milk play. The blind box-type bottles of 56 ethnic groups make users crazy like stamp collecting. All the Wangzai milk has also been auctioned in Xianyu. The price of 3W.

In addition to the eye-catching changes in the bottle body and the product itself, Want Want also put these familiar product shape elements on furniture and decompression toys. A simple snack decompression toy is put into a blind box, simulated and decompressed, allowing you to unpack the box.

The familiar snacks and furniture also have another interest – the small steamed bun sofa, the small steamed bun with lazy hair, the Wangzai milk chair, the Wangzai snow cake table lamp… Among them, the small steamed bun sofa can smell the fragrance through the screen It is also the most popular on the Internet. To this day, when the official sofa picture was posted, some people said that they were planting grass in the comment area.

▲ Wangzai small steamed bun lazy sofa

The joint name that new consumer brands love is even more indispensable. Co-branded canvas shoes with Converse, co-branded face masks with Natural Hall, and co-branded clothing with clothing brand TYAKASHA. Young people like wine and coffee, too. In addition to bottled water, bottled alcoholic beverages and rumors that Want Want is going to open an offline coffee shop all show the urgency of this old brand not to be left behind.

On the way to the young people, Wangwang has been working hard and never wanted to give up.

But the real problem has not changed. The IP image that Wangwang uses to co-brand is very familiar, and the snacks used for fun marketing are also familiar. They all have decades of history, which proves that Want Want basically has no new products over the years or left a cognition in the hearts of users.

Running after the young, not leading the young

There are constantly new products in the snack market, and every popular new product is threatening the market share of old products. Want Want, which became a Chinese snack giant in the blank period of the market, certainly couldn't see its own territory being occupied, so the brand has been working hard to sprout new buds on the old tree.

Every year, a large amount of marketing and publicity expenditure is invested in new products. Until now, Wangwang's most popular and youngest ace product is Wangzai milk.

This is the core problem of the whole brand. Marketing can spend money to find a marketing company that is expensive enough and good enough. You are Party A, and Party B also wants to be perfect and accumulate cases for itself. But whether you can make the next drink and snacks that are delicious enough to drink can only depend on yourself. After all, those who can create explosive models are all competitors and friends, and no one does charity to create explosive models for you.

It is a pity that Want Want's innovative ability is worrying, and the rice cracker snacks that are most recognized by users are not self-developed. The technology of rice crackers was introduced from Iwazuka Seiko, a large Japanese rice cracker manufacturer. The founder, Cai Yanming, visited the other party for two years before obtaining the technical authorization. It's Want Want Snow Cake and Wang Zai Small Steamed Bun.

▲ Senbei, Snow Cake Decompression Toys

Even the innovation is a micro-innovation. Later, the Follow Me Farome flavored cake was launched. In fact, the taste of the snow cake is not very different from the previous snow cake. Wangzai milk has been changed into different packaging and made in different flavors, such as chocolate and nutty flavors, but the essence is still the Wangzai milk you drink from childhood to adulthood.

This may not be all Wangwang's fault. After all, there are no rivals all year round. It is really difficult for the brand to seek innovation and change when it is seen that the taillights are considered to be the second winner. It wasn't until 2014 that the gradually declining revenue gave Want Want a head-start. In 2016, Want Want's revenue decreased by 3.2 billion. At this time, the brand began to catch up.

In 2017, Want Want launched more than 50 new products, which range from snacks to drinks such as juice and coffee. It is a pity that the marketing budget is spent, and few can be selected by the quality of their own products. In 2018 and 2019, Want Want basically maintained a new frequency of 100+ new launches every year, with little effect due to heavy thunder and little rain.

▲ Want Want has frequently launched new products in recent years

The official also launched a collection of "Wangwang that you haven't eaten", which was dubbed "Wangwang that you have no impression of" by netizens.

Of course, you may not have any impression after eating it, and you may even have a bad impression.

Vista Hydrogen Business once placed an order to buy a giant Want Want gift bag weighing 2.8kg, but apart from the classic snacks, those that can be evaluated as mediocre are considered relatively good reviews. Black Sesame Toffee, Hell Spicy Noodles, and Xueji Rice Wine all received negative reviews, Mengmeng Water was rated as "herbal tea with the scent of toilet water", and Mouth Candy was described as a coffee bag that needed to be brewed with saliva .

▲Xueji Rice Wine

It can only be said that the desire to use the big gift bag to bring the amount is obvious, but after eating, the new product may lose all customers.

It is hard to say that Want Want's new products in recent years have not done market research, after all, every product it has released has a successful case.

Whether it is alcohol, coffee, low-fat snacks, functional drinks, and sparkling water, the market has never been short of popular success stories. Unfortunately, Wangwang, who has stepped in the footsteps of giants, has failed, even if there are channels of the brand itself. Walk. It may be that it is really unpalatable to a certain extent, but it is indeed a "doo who can't help" in the contemporary snack industry.

Although he failed many times, Wangwang did not give up trying. The recently launched “Huihi” nutrient drink is the sixth time it has entered the functional drink track. Based on past experience, it is unlikely to succeed, but giving up trying will never succeed.

It is difficult to say that these strategies of Wangwang are completely ineffective. After all, although the new product has not been established, the financial report for the first half of fiscal year 2021 and the semi-annual report revenue also increased by 10.5% year-on-year to about 11.38 billion yuan, which is a record high in the first half of the year since its listing. It's just that the industry is not very excited about this news. After all, most of the products have entered the mature stage or even the decline stage, so people can't see the growth potential.

▲ The packaging of "Hui Hi" doesn't look very good either

There is no doubt that Wangwang's mid-life crisis has been going on for a long time, and they are now trying to catch up with younger users. This is already a little bit short of the brands that are leading young users, and the lack of product strength may make it a little bit worse.

In the process of this kind of hard pursuit, can we see Want Want's hot new products again after 22 years of Wangzai Milk?

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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