Volvo releases the new XC60, full range of hybrid, also equipped with a native Android system

The Shanghai Auto Show in 2021 can be described as "dazzling." Only in the morning of the opening day, whether it is a "new force" or an old car company, they will release new cars and exhibit them accordingly. In the past few years, automobiles have transitioned from oil to electricity and have continued to develop toward intelligence. The new products of major auto companies have also revolved around these two aspects.

The new XC60 luxury SUV released by Volvo, a traditional Nordic car company on the opening day, has undergone major upgrades in terms of power and intelligence. Of course, the safety of Volvo's fame has not stagnated, and it has also been improved to a certain extent. As for the appearance, the new XC60 changes more details.

In this way, Volvo's new XC60 has four upgrades, including power, intelligence, safety and appearance.

There are three new Volvo XC60 car series, and they are all equipped with a "hybrid" system. In other words, the new XC60 has all embraced hybrid in terms of power, in order to have a better start-stop experience and economy.

Among them, the B5 model is equipped with a 48V light-hybrid system, with a motor power of 10kW and a comprehensive maximum power of 184kW. The acceleration time per 100km is 7.1 seconds, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100km is 7.3L.

The B4 is equipped with the same 48V light-hybrid system, the motor power is the same 10kW, but the comprehensive maximum power is 145kW, the acceleration per 100km is 8.4 seconds, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100km is 7L.

The high-end models are equipped with the RECHARGE T8 plug-in hybrid system, so this high-end model has the strongest power and the most economical fuel consumption, and of course the price should be the highest. Its comprehensive maximum power comes to 288kW, with 390 horsepower and 604N·m of torque, the acceleration time per 100 km is only 5.5 seconds, and the most fuel-efficient per 100 km is 2.1L.

The entire XC60 series is also equipped with 4C adaptive chassis and air suspension, which can adapt to the height of the vehicle according to the road conditions. The front suspension is a double-wishbone independent suspension, and the rear suspension is a spring-blade type. In this way, sports and comfort can be balanced. In addition, the all-new XC60 standard power distribution control brake system has a braking response time of 0.15s, which is relatively twice as fast.

In 2019, the pure electric Volvo XC40 is equipped with a native Android operating system for the first time, and the newly released XC60 is no exception. The car is also equipped with a native Android system. In terms of the concept on a smartphone, it is Google’s "pro son" No doubt.

The new XC60 has a built-in Intel car-grade quad-core CPU, which can ensure the smooth operation and fast response of the car-machine system. Moreover, this system is similar in operation logic to the Android system on a smartphone, and the learning cost is very low, and it is easy to learn.

Although it uses a native Android car-machine system, Volvo has not neglected the very important "localization" service.

It has built-in AutoNavi map service, and is connected with the mobile terminal account, and can send the location of AutoNavi map on the mobile phone to the car. The Huawei App Market is pre-installed, you can install the App directly from the market, and there is also Huawei Smart Assistant to provide services. In linkage with smart homes, the new XC60's car machine uses "Tmall Genie", which supports voice control and operation. Music, news and other aspects use the Tencent ecology, the account is opened, you can synchronize favorites and replay functions.

The voice recognition system of the new XC60 vehicle is based on the technology of iFLYTEK. It supports multiple rounds of dialogue and dual-zone control for the driver and co-pilot. In addition, it can also recognize Mandarin with a certain dialect, without the need for "Broadcasting Voice". , The dialogue is more natural, of course, it would be better if you can directly support the "dialect" in the follow-up.

This native Android system car machine interacts through a 9-inch screen, and the vertical screen is also close to the operation logic of a smart phone. In the main driving position, there is also a 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel to display vehicle status.

"Safety" can be said to be a big label for Volvo. The safety of the new XC60 is mainly based on two parts, one is outside the car, and the other is inside the car.

"Outside the car" refers to "smart driving", equipped with the second-generation Pilot Assist (hereinafter referred to as PA) and City Safety city intelligent safety system.

Among them, PA supports 0~130km/h adaptive cruise and lane keeping, auto-following, keeping the distance between cars, and driving in the middle of the lane. The City Safety system will actively avoid danger and intervene, and will automatically brake when a risk is detected. This function supports pedestrians (including identifying children with a height of 70cm), cyclists and other groups. And when the driver's hands are off the steering wheel, it can also warn and start braking. In addition, when reversing, it will detect whether there is a risk to decide whether to brake or not, and there will be corresponding reminders after the vehicle in front leaves.

"In the car" means that the cleaning of the cabin and the use of materials are more "safe" and "environmentally friendly". The cockpit uses environmentally friendly materials and processes, which can reduce the emission of harmful substances, and is equipped with an active purification system in the car.

Finally, let’s take a look at the details of Volvo’s new XC60 appearance. It has redesigned the front grille of the front to make it more three-dimensional. The classic Volvo logo has built-in radar and adopts a mirror style. The front headlights are still in the shape of "Thor's Hammer", and the rear taillights are "Viking Tomahawks", which is very Nordic. The exhaust pipe is made hidden, which is more concise. The new XC60 has a body length of 2cm longer than the old model, and the other dimensions have not changed much.

The appearance of the new Volvo XC60 has not changed much, and it is more internally and intelligently upgraded. Volvo did not announce the price and listing information at the auto show. It is expected that there will be an official press conference to announce it. However, the price of the new model is expected to be similar to the old model.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, in addition to unveiling the new XC60, Volvo also announced a strategic cooperation with Didi, with the direction of an autonomous driving test fleet.

▲ Volvo XC90 Didi “Magic Revised Edition''.

Volvo will provide Didi with an XC90 system that supports steering and braking redundant systems. After integrating the hardware and software systems required for autonomous driving, the "magically modified" XC90 will be capable of autonomous driving. The Volvo XC90 will be the first model to integrate Didi Gemini's autonomous driving platform, and will be used in Didi's autonomous driving road tests in the future.

▲ Volvo XC60 Didi cooperates with an autonomous driving fleet.

In 2020, Volvo has provided Didi with the XC60 for the demonstration application of Shanghai's intelligent and connected car. Friends in Shanghai can make an appointment through the "Future Travel" portal in the Didi App to experience autonomous driving travel services.

In 2021 or in the future, we will see autonomous and driverless cars on the road more frequently.

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