Volvo Pure Electric C40 China debut: the transformation of the giant, a new offensive in the electrification era

At the Volvo booth at the Guangzhou Auto Show in full swing, even if the goddess of the nation Gao Yuanyuan and the "most beautiful Volvo" all-new Volvo pure electric C40 appeared at the same time, it could not divert everyone's attention to Volvo's IPO. On October 29, Volvo Cars announced that it was officially listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (under the Nasdaq Group) in Sweden, ringing the opening bell.

In March 2010, Geely Holdings placed a big bet to acquire the Volvo car business from Ford and obtain the ownership of the Volvo car brand. Originally, this was an acquisition that was not favored by the outside world, but during the past ten years under the management of Geely Holdings, Volvo Cars has continued to create miracles.

From the global annual sales volume of 330,000 in 2010 to 660,000 in 2020, it has doubled in 10 years. Volvo has truly ushered in a major explosion of sales. The total sales volume in the Chinese mainland market is 166,300, a year-on-year increase of 7.6%. A record high, harvesting the highest sales volume in a single market in the history of the global market.

The century-old development history of Volvo Cars itself is a process of continuous innovation, continuous creation, and continuous bidding farewell to the old world and welcoming the new world.

As we all know, Volvo's mid-term goal is to fully transform into a pure electric luxury car company by 2030. According to the information in this prospectus, 70% of the US$2.3 billion raised in the IPO will be used for electrification transformation, including the addition of large die-casting machines in the factory to produce integrated bodywork, the addition of electric drives and Production lines with built-in batteries, etc.

In fact, as early as 2017, Volvo Cars proposed a comprehensive electrification strategy for the entire industry. Today, Volvo has achieved the electrification of the entire range of products, and all cars have a variety of power options including light hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric.

In the next few years, Volvo will gradually enrich the brand's pure electric product sequence with the rhythm of one pure electric product every year, and achieve the goal of 50% pure electric products by 2025.

This year is the year of full acceleration of Volvo Car's electrification. As the finale, C40 RECHARGE is a milestone product.

The majestic wide-body body, the flexible slip-back design, and the lines in line with the new era perfectly fit the aesthetic orientation of the new generation of consumers. In the interior, the translucent backlit three-dimensional interior panel inspired by the unique topography of Abisko National Park also creates a distinctive 3D effect.

Another highlight of C40 RECHARGE is the careful selection of sustainable recycled materials for the interior. Volvo's 100%-Leather Free concept was introduced for the first time. It uses high-quality technology and environmentally friendly materials. Compared with traditional leather materials, it has lower volatility. Lower odor characteristics.

Its appearance is the best embodiment of Volvo Cars' tribute to the young spirit and the new world.

If you set the clock back to two years ago, no one would have expected that today's world would face so much uncertainty, all kinds of new trends and trends are coming, and the more and more developed Internet, brand-new dissemination Ways, novel business models, all these trends and trends are even more powerful.

"ALL IN! This is Volvo's attitude and determination. Facing the new world, we will do our best to act!" said Yuan Xiaolin, President and CEO of Volvo Cars Asia Pacific at the C40 RECHARGE conference.

Whether it is a successful IPO or the debut of the new Volvo Pure Electric C40 at the Guangzhou Auto Show, it is visible to the naked eye that Volvo has specific plans in terms of brand, R&D system, products, and business models, whether it is for itself or the market. Clear judgments are also following their own rhythm and are moving forward steadily and steadily.

*Picture from: Volvo

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