VoIP technologies: all the advantages for companies

All companies need to obtain a telephone line : although today alternative communication channels are becoming more and more widespread, think for example of e-mail, instant messaging from various Apps, social networks and more, the telephone remains an essential point of reference . Let's see what advantages VoIP technology offers.

It must be said, however, that today's telephone line can be profoundly different from the past, offering far superior performance and even greater efficiency.

VoIP technology: the best solution available

In practice, therefore, a company that today wants to get a telephone line to manage its contacts can choose to refer to VoIP services .

VoIP services, on a technical level, are essentially telephone lines that exploit Internet connectivity , and this can guarantee enormous advantages as the company does not have to perform specific infrastructural installations ; specifically, in fact, the VoIP lines use an IP protocol rather than the canonical PSTN telephone network.

This, in reality, is only a first aspect for which VoIP services deserve to be considered an optimal solution for companies: a particularly complete and exhaustive list of advantages is specified on the page dedicated to VoIP on the official website of LwLink , a specialized company in connectivity and web services.

The ability to handle multiple calls at the same time

VoIP technology
VoIP technology

In addition to savings , which is undoubtedly a very important factor, it is emphasized that with a VoIP line it is possible to manage several calls at the same time extremely effectively .

With classic telephone lines, obviously, in the event of a busy line, the caller hears the typical "busy" acoustic signal, and this implies not only the loss of several calls, but also an inefficient service destined to be negatively evaluated by the public. .

Using a VoIP system, on the other hand, even several simultaneous calls can be managed without any kind of problem, being sorted, if necessary, to different operators, and offering the caller recorded messages in which the need to wait a few minutes is communicated.

VoIP: calls can be managed without problems even remotely


It is also very important that the use of a VoIP line allows you to manage phone calls from any physical location , and this is crucial in a historical period like this, in which it is increasingly common for offices to be dematerialized and in which smart working has now become a widely consolidated reality.

With the classic telephone line, the reception of calls and the relative management, in fact, can only be performed by being physically present in the office, with all the limitations that this entails, unless one opts for complex and now completely inefficient call transfer systems. .

Above-average audio quality

Furthermore, the fact that VoIP systems ensure a much better audio quality than that of the telephone line is certainly not secondary, obviously provided that an adequate bandwidth is used.

Beyond the technical aspect, presenting yourself to the potential customer with a noisy line and unclear audio is really a bad business card.

Many strengths, all very important

Summarizing, therefore, the reasons for opting for a VoIP-type business telephone line are many and all very important: greater practicality and savings, no need to perform complex infrastructural achievements, audio quality, optimal opportunities for managing multiple calls and also the ability to receive and manage phone calls from anywhere, without the need to be physically present in the office.

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