vivo X60 Pro+ evaluation: successfully scheduled to take pictures of the “machine king” in the first half of the year?

"Is this a super big cup? Why is it so light?" Editor-in-Chief He sent out such a sentiment after getting started with X60 Pro+.

Indeed, when the "super big cup" became synonymous with the crazy stockpiling of various brands, the mobile phone and my wallet were the opposite, becoming more and more heavy.

From the configuration point of view, the extra-large cup of the vivo X60 series has also piled up a lot of materials: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, dual outsole main camera, second-generation micro-head, UFS 3.1, LPDDR5 memory, 55W fast charge, linear motor… … It can be said that there are too many elements.

However, under the output of vivo, X60 Pro+ still restrained the 190g specification, so the editor-in-chief sighed at the beginning.

However, lightness is not the focus of this phone. Before its arrival, vivo has repeatedly hinted that it will be a beast in the mobile photography industry. So our evaluation will start with its photographic ability.

Image flagship, never come to nothing

After getting the X60 Pro+, the first thing I did was to turn the phone to the back and observe its camera.

The difference between the X60 and X60 Pro is that the X60 Pro+ has a huge camera module, not only with a small blue label, but also with a conspicuous T* coating, which seems to be proudly proclaiming itself as "True Choi".

As the first super cup after the cooperation between vivo and Zeiss, the four rear lenses of X60 Pro+, the parameters are very bluff:

  • 50 million pixel GN1 main camera lens (f/1.57)
  • 48 million pixel IMX598 second-generation micro-head ultra-wide-angle lens (f/2.2)
  • 32 million pixel 2X portrait lens (f/2.08)
  • 8 million pixel 5X periscope lens (f/3.4)

Such hardcore parameters should be the most luxurious super big cup currently.

The parameters of the main camera are basically the same as those of the previous generation X50 Pro+. The size of the GN1 sensor has reached 1/1.3 inch, and its imaging characteristics can be summarized as fast, accurate and stable.

In a well-lit environment, the high dynamic range brought by the outsole makes the straight-out look very pleasing. The 100-megapixel mode also provides a lot of space for post-cutting and secondary creation.

Since the aperture has been increased from f/1.85 of the previous generation to f/1.57, it has further improved its sensitivity and has excellent noise control.

For night scene shooting, X60 Pro+ provides different algorithms for extreme darkness, urban night scenes and super-backlit night scenes. In particular, the addition of Zeiss T* coating is very suitable for ghosts and glare, which is very suitable for night scenes with complex lighting.

The ultra-wide-angle camera uses a 48-megapixel IMX598 sensor, which is equivalent to 14mm. At the same time, the second-generation micro-head is used, which can realize the four-axis photo stabilization effect (X-axis translation, Y-axis translation, YAW and PITCH jitter).

In a well-lit environment, although its picture quality is very good, compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the sense of hierarchy is still weaker.

▲The picture above is X60 Pro+, the picture below is iPhone 12 Pro Max

But at night, its details and purity are obviously better than iPhone 12 Pro Max.

▲The picture above is X60 Pro+, the picture below is iPhone 12 Pro Max

Such a comparison seems a bit of a lack of morality. Compared with its predecessor X50 Pro+, the picture quality is also significantly improved, and the viewing range is wider.

▲X50 Pro+

The ultra-wide angle is very practical for architecture and landscape photography lovers. The ultra-wide angle of X60 Pro+ is not an exaggeration to say, it should be the ceiling in the current mobile phone camp.

The 2x portrait lens is basically the same as the previous generation, both are 32 million pixels, equivalent to 50mm, and the imaging is very solid.

However, the X60 series has an important feature, that is, the "Zeiss Biotar" style has been added to the portrait mode. Compared with ordinary portrait mode, its biggest feature is the rotating out-of-focus effect, which looks very dreamy.

To my surprise, the periscope telephoto lens of X60 Pro+ has shrunk, from 13 million pixels of the previous generation to 8 million pixels.

In actual shooting, the zoomed-in detail quality of the X60 Pro+ is obviously not as good as the previous generation, but the color and overall look and feel are slightly better than that of the X50 Pro+. It should be optimized at the software level together with Zeiss.

The front camera is 32 million pixels. Because the position is moved to the middle, the eyes are more natural when taking selfies. In addition, the skin tone and details are well restored.

▲The young lady who didn't have beauty

In terms of video shooting, the performance of the second-generation micro-head of X60 Pro+ is very stable. After turning on super anti-shake, the panning picture can only be described as "silky".

▲ Gif image compression is serious, please watch the evaluation video for details

This time the Super Cup also brought a brand new "Video HDR" function and "Super Clear Night View Video".

Simply put, after turning on the "Video HDR" function, the layering of the picture will be richer. The video recording function of "HDR 10+" can provide better dynamic range and color transition.

"Ultra-Clear Night Scene Video" will mobilize the hardware capabilities to a greater extent, increase the ISO and maintain a small amount of noise, making the night scene more bright.

▲The picture below is a screenshot of the video with the "Super Clear Night Scene Video" turned on

On the whole, the camera card was played by the X60 Pro+ with the effect of "King Explosion". Whether it is taking pictures or videos, it has been significantly improved compared to the previous generation. Especially in the case of straight out, it can be called a new benchmark for imaging.

Oversized cup, the design is still online

At the beginning of 2020, vivo upgraded the brand's slogan to "Camera & Design", which is enough to see the direction of its machine: camera and design.

In terms of design, X60 Pro+ has a strong family style. The sleek body and the iconic two-color cloud-level camera are all familiar flavors.

This time, X60 Pro+ has a special feature, that is, the back cover material is only available in plain leather, without AG glass. What we got is the deep sea blue color, the texture and feel are online.

Compared with the AG glass material, the plain leather is not so slippery, and it does not feel cold when used in winter. But in theory, its heat dissipation effect may not be as good as glass. The specific performance, we will test in the performance part later.

It is worth mentioning that even if the plain leather material is used, its thickness is controlled at 9.1mm. In contrast, the data of the X50 Pro+ plain leather version is 9.48mm. It's lighter and thinner. X60 Pro+ is a super big cup and feels very good.

After careful play, I found that the X60 Pro+ is much more refined than the previous generation of super cups. This is because vivo has chamfered and polished every button and even every opening, which looks very shiny.

Even though the design of X60 Pro+ is still excellent, you can feel a hint of compromise. This is mainly because the camera module has become larger and more convex due to stacking materials. On the table, the iPhone 12 Pro Max looks much flatter.

▲ X60 Pro+ on the left, iPhone 12 Pro Max on the right

When holding it with one hand, the index finger can easily touch the corners of the lens, which also seems to slightly disrupt the coordination on the back.

The design includes not only the appearance, but also the inside. This time all X60 series are equipped with OriginOS system as standard, discarding the much criticized FuntouchOS.

OriginOS uses a tile-style design. If you are an old Windows Phone user, you should be familiar with this style of painting. The size of the icon, the richness of the information, the style of the icon and the window can be adjusted at will, which is very suitable for those who like to toss and engage in machines.

If you are not used to this style, you can also change to the common Android layout with one click. Although OriginOS has made a big step forward in terms of aesthetics, there is still room for improvement in terms of efficiency.

How is the performance?

Let's take a look at other configurations of X60 Pro+.

The first is the screen. Although this 6.56-inch AMOLED display supports 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz touch sampling rate, 800nit peak brightness, P3 color gamut, HDR 10+ display, but due to the existence of the “goalkeeper” of Xiaomi 11, it The parameters still seem a bit mediocre.

What is gratifying is that this generation of super big cups has improved the anti-mistouch algorithm, and we can adjust the sensitivity on both sides of the screen in the settings. I adjusted it to the lowest level, which greatly reduced the possibility of false touches caused by the curved screen.

X60 Pro+ uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, standard UFS3.1, LPDDR5 memory. We used AnTuTu, GeekBench 5 and other software to test the running scores. The data is better than the Xiaomi Mi 11, which is also Snapdragon 888, and it is not a small distance away from the same junior X60 Pro.

▲The running score is for reference only, and the score is not directly linked to the actual experience

In the "Peace Elite" game, after the picture quality is fully full, no freezes or frame drops are found. However, there seems to be room for improvement in the tuning of "Original God", showing that Xiaomi Mi 11 is difficult to distinguish. In the first 10 minutes, the smoothness of 60 frames can be basically maintained, but as the body temperature rises, the frame rate begins to fluctuate frequently.

▲ Test results of "The Original God"

After playing "The Original God" for 20 minutes, we observed it with a thermal imaging camera and found that the hot area of ​​the mobile phone was concentrated on the right side of the camera. -47 degrees) are lower, the plain leather material of X60 Pro+ does not seem to be a burden for heat dissipation.

This time the X60 Pro+ is finally equipped with a linear motor, and it can be said that it has come out after a thousand calls. "Buzzing" finally became "Da Da Da".

How does this motor feel? It depends on which model you compare with. Although it can't match the tuning of iPhone, OnePlus, Meizu and other mobile phones, it is a huge improvement compared to the previous generation. At least I will no longer be shocked by the vibration of messages from my mobile phone.

X60 Pro is equipped with a 4200mAh battery and supports 55W wired fast charging. It is measured that the battery can be charged from 0 to 90% in 36 minutes, and it takes 51 minutes to fully charge.

After the 3-hour standard battery life test, this super-large cup still has 68% of the power left, which is better than the Xiaomi Mi 11 and iPhone 12. The daily battery life should not be a problem.

to sum up

As an old X50 Pro+ user, I honestly have high expectations for the X60 series of super cups. And the X60 Pro+ did not disappoint me either. Those big and small regrets, such as linear motors and anti-missing algorithms, are basically complemented in this generation.

However, the shrinking periscope telephoto lens, the lack of dual speakers, and the lack of support for wireless charging may be regarded as new regrets.

From the perspective of product line positioning, after all, the power point of X60 Pro+ itself is the image. If harsh seek all aspects of balanced, perhaps we can look forward NEX series.

After the algorithm pie represented by Google Pixel and iPhone used computational photography to smash a circle of friends, X60 Pro+ uses double outsole main camera and Zeiss blessing to support such an exaggerated configuration, winning back for the hardware pie. Tone.

This is just like the century-old struggle between Jianzong and Qizong of the Chinese Mountain School of "Swordsman": the algorithm school is indulged in moves and polishing, while the hardware school strives to enrich its internal strength. Who can represent the ultimate direction of the development of mobile photography? We can't jump to conclusions yet.

But the snipe and the clam are fighting, and we as consumers are always the happy fisherman.

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