Vivo X50 Pro+ aw joint limited edition picture tour: outstanding texture, explaining what is “colorful black”

Friends who are familiar with the fashion circle should be familiar with Alexander Wang. As one of the most popular and young Chinese designers today, his brand alexanderwang is very popular and well received.

At the vivo X30 press conference in December 2019, vivo announced for the first time a collaboration with alexanderwang to launch the vivo X30 Pro AW joint limited edition, which will be officially launched in February this year. Vivo has also become aw's first and so far only Chinese brand in cooperation.

▲ Alexander Wang and vivo X30 aw customized version

Less than a year later, vivo once again joined hands with alexanderwang and launched a limited edition of vivo X50 Pro+ aw. Unlike last time, this time there will be a limited number of 1,000 units, which will not be restocked when sold out.

As a limited sale model, each vivo X50 Pro+ aw joint limited edition has an exclusive number, adding a sense of ceremony.

Compared with the normal version, the aw co-branded version uses a new CMF (Color Material Finishing) design language. The main color of the fuselage is matte black, and the back is still made of AG glass. This advanced frosted texture looks a bit like metal, but it feels much softer than metal.

The most eye-catching is the logo "wang" with a huge back, which is the iconic symbol of alexanderwang. Friends with the surname "Wang" will have a tailor-made feeling.

In terms of perception, the "wang" logo is not "obtrusive", but it "gets on" well with the dark back. This is because the surface of the Logo is covered with a layer of deep color coating, which enhances the unity of the back color, which looks deep and mysterious.

Due to the engraving process of phantom holographic texture, different colors can be seen through the changes of light from different angles, which can be said to be "colorful black".

On the bottom of the back of the phone, the logo of vivo x alexanderwang is also engraved. The font is small and the color is very close to the background, so the back information does not appear to be too complicated. And since the engraving is performed under the surface glass, there will be no unevenness to the touch.

Although the color of the phone frame is also dark, the brightness is higher than that of the back, and the matte texture is stronger, a bit like the texture of titanium. The power button and volume plus and minus buttons are polished. There are uneven textures on the power button, which is convenient for "blind operation".

The top is a piece of glass without AG treatment, so it has a strong gloss. The "5G" logo and "Professional Photography" are printed under the glass, proving that the phone's imaging capabilities are good.

In addition to the body, the accessories of the alexanderwang co-branded version have also been specially customized. The packaging box, charger, data cable, and earphones are all in black as the main color, which is different from the normal version of white.

It is worth mentioning that the joint information is also printed on the card pin, which is full of exquisiteness and can even be placed in a wallet as a small accessory.

When it comes to black, we will not only think of mysterious and cool, but also associate it with words such as bold, brave, and uncompromising. The vivo X50 Pro+ aw joint limited edition may want to express the unruly blackness, injecting black into the "soul" of the phone from the outside to the inside.

Vivo has designed an aw customized theme for this limited edition phone. Dark wallpapers and icons make the front of the phone look very simple and pure. However, in terms of aesthetics, I personally feel that it is a bit general, and the eyes will be a little tired after a long time. After the taste, I switched to other themes.

Vivo’s X50 series has a very unique design, which is the "two-color cloud level." It partitions lenses of different thicknesses in the form of steps, and the color matching presents a gradient from dark to light from top to bottom.

In this way, the monotony and thickness of the top of the mobile phone are visually reduced, and a large black square will not protrude from the back of the mobile phone, and it looks more orderly and refined.

Of course, as a photography flagship, the vivo X50 Pro+ aw joint limited edition has satisfactory photo performance. The following is a JPEG straight-out photo of the machine.

Regarding the hardware parameters of the vivo X50 Pro+ aw joint limited edition, I won’t go into details here, because the hardware configuration is the same as the normal version of the vivo X50 Pro+. If you are interested, you can move to the related evaluation articles that Ai Faner has posted before .

In terms of price, the vivo X50 Pro+ aw co-branded limited edition is the same as the regular edition. The price of 12GB+256GB is 5998 yuan. It will go on sale at 0:00 on September 17.

​Alexander Wang once said, "Anyone can dress up brightly, but personal taste is revealed in daily wear." Today's smart phones are becoming more and more sophisticated, and a mobile phone with a good design can be used as a daily accessory to show personal taste.

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