vivo X100 standard version experience: starting from the flagship

The standard model of the flagship series is like a small transparency standing in the corner of the campus prom. It has the most affordable price and does not attract the most attention.

When I was eighteen years old, I stood there like a slave at the dance at my alma mater.

Everyone’s attention is naturally on those Pro+, Ultra and Max models.

In the past strict system of standard version, Pro and Pro+, the core experience of the standard version was always far different from that of Pro+ and even Pro, such as downgraded performance configuration, lack of telephoto, etc., making it embarrassing to be called a flagship.

The vivo X100 standard version has impacted such a strict system. Since it is in the flagship series, it should not be willing to play a supporting role, but should be responsible for the flagship experience.

Wearing the flashiest shirt, she acted very emotional. When someone came to take pictures, she had to remember to insert her pockets.

Standards are high standards and the highest standards

It can be said that the vivo X series of mobile phones is one of the mobile phone series with the most design heritage and family genes among flagship mobile phones. Since the vivo Based on the design concept of "realm", the vivo X90 series cancels the square module, making the circular lens module more free and broad, the square is boundless, and the circle becomes more prosperous.

With the generation of vivo X100, the design concept has evolved into "sun, moon and cloud steps". Different from the rising sun of the previous generation, this generation of vivo X100 looks like a crescent moon in the sky.

The camera decorative ring made of austenitic stainless steel forms a "moon ring" that is as fine as clockwork and as strong as stainless steel armor. It surrounds the lens module. On the one hand, it adds visual interest with slight asymmetry, and on the other hand, it provides real protection. The lens module is less affected by scratches.

Zhaozhao is as bright as the sun and moon, and separation is like the movement of stars.

Not only is the design concept derived from the sun and moon, but the color matching of vivo X100 is also inspired by the sun, moon and stars, which are: sunset orange, white moonlight, star trail blue and night black.

Vivo is a master at making white bodies. The previous-generation X90 Advertising color was this year’s hot model. This time, the vivo X100 White Moonlight we have is another kind of white, which is more glossy and has a texture like the white keys of a piano.

For users who are accustomed to the design of the vivo X family, the appearance of the vivo The design details also take into account vivo’s tradition and characteristics.

This is the standard of vivo design.

If this generation of vivo X100 standard version gives me the biggest surprise, it is undoubtedly the addition of the periscope telephoto lens. This is also the first time that the standard version of the vivo X series has been favored by the periscope telephoto lens. Moreover, this is not a It is a decent telephoto lens. Its image sensor is the same OV64B as the previous generation vivo X90 Pro+. However, the vivo X100 telephoto lens has been blessed by Zeiss. At the same time, the aperture has been upgraded to a larger f/2.57 aperture, and the amount of light input has increased by 85.5%. Nearly doubled, the algorithm upgrade has also given this telephoto many epic updates, such as supporting telephoto macro, telephoto portrait, and 100x digital zoom with better imaging.

Another change in the imaging of vivo X100 is the cancellation of the 50mm portrait lens. Instead, it uses a 50-megapixel super-sensitive VCS bionic main camera to cover the focal length below 70mm. Together with the new telephoto lens, vivo X100 is perfect for portraits. It forms five golden focal lengths for portraits: 24mm landscape portrait, 35mm street portrait, 50mm natural portrait and classic portrait, 85mm portrait and 100mm close-up. Each point can be combined with a Zeiss lens package and matched with the style recommended by the master, in portrait shooting. Blocks are enough to meet the needs of professional players. It is not difficult to get started and the space for exploration is huge.

It can be said that in terms of image configuration, vivo X100 has set a higher standard. The focal length coverage and portrait playability are a big step forward compared to the previous generation. After solving the problem from scratch, vivo simply got it right in one step, giving it real Flagship-level imaging experience.

On the standard version of vivo X100, there are also places that are implemented according to the highest standards in the market, such as chip flash memory and memory performance iron triangle. The combination of vivo X100 is Dimensity 9300+UFS4.0+LPDDR5T (16GB+1TB version), that’s it For a generation of models, there is no higher performance configuration on the market.

Including a 5000mAh battery and 120W fast charging, in terms of basic hardware configuration, vivo X100 can be regarded as a standard version rather than a low-end version, and the starting model is a flagship model.

It can be said that the vivo X100 Standard Edition explains from a unique perspective what a standard is. It is a high standard in design, image and experience, and is also the highest standard in performance.

In a word, in previous years, no one would have thought it inappropriate to add a Pro suffix to the vivo Cup Coupon", you can get the full experience of the large cup model for the price of the medium cup model.

Performance, running scores are strong, and gaming is also strong

Since the Dimensity 9000, MediaTek has started to truly impact high-end processors. With the Dimensity 9300 generation, MediaTek simply abandoned the small core and adopted a full large-core architecture of 4 super large cores and 4 large cores.

On the one hand, it is to overtake competing chips. On the other hand, due to innate constraints, small cores have less and less room for use today when performance loads are getting larger and larger. The full large-core architecture can be used very well. Cope with high-load scenarios of flagship phones.

Vivo X100 is the first model of Dimensity 9300. It topped the Antutu benchmark list in its debut. The official said it can reach 2.24 million points. It is estimated that it is a low-temperature laboratory environment, but if it is at room temperature in early winter, it will run close to 2.24 million points. A score of 2.23 million is not that difficult.

If we take the antutu running score in a normal environment, the overall performance of the vivo X100 can indeed be ranked among the best.

In the GeekBench 6 test, which only considers CPU performance, it also benefits from the all-large-core architecture. Without the hindrance of small cores, the Dimensity 9300 can run single-core 2144 and multi-core on the vivo X100 under the same room temperature conditions. With a score of 7743, it can be said that the multi-core score is unique.

Running points belong to running points, and experience belongs to experience. But "Genshin Impact" can be said to be another benchmarking software in the name of experience.

When faced with this game, which currently puts the greatest pressure on mobile phone performance, vivo X100 performs quite well. Under the highest image quality, the average frame rate is 59.5fps, which means it can basically run at a smooth frame rate of 60fps. The frame stabilization coefficient is 4.7, which is a satisfactory level. In some scenes, the frame rate will drop to about 50fps.

In addition, judging from the fact that "Genshin Impact" takes up 42.5% of the entire CPU and some cores run at high frequencies, we should indeed understand why MediaTek has to use a full-scale core to cope with heavy loads, and superimpose WeChat videos in the face of heavy-loaded games. , or when broadcasting software, small cores may indeed become a performance bottleneck.

Overall, it is no longer a problem for the current flagship chips to conquer "Genshin Impact". The new problem is whether they can do more heavy lifting after dealing with "Genshin Impact".

The pressure caused by "Honor of Kings" on the vivo X100 is negligible. Under the highest image quality conditions, it can maintain a frame rate of 120fps throughout the entire process. Except for frame drops during settlement, you can see that the frame rate curve of the game is very smooth. , it can be said that there is no lag and silky smoothness.

Overall, the CPU usage of "Honor of Kings" reached 29.2%, but because the game performance pressure is not too great, the overall CPU running frequency is not high, leaving a relatively large leeway.

The performance of another MOBA game "League of Legends Mobile Game" produced by Goose Factory on vivo X100 is basically the same as that of "Honor of Kings": the same stable frame rate of 120fps, the same CPU usage of less than 30%, and the same overall performance Lower CPU operating frequency.

It can be said that vivo X100 can handle mainstream MOBA games with ease.

So far, in the test to test the performance of the flagship machine, the vivo X100 has performed quite well. As the first model of the Dimensity 9300, it has shown top performance in both running scores and games.

Image, the main camera can shoot, the telephoto can also shoot

The progress of vivo in imaging in recent years is obvious to all, so for this generation of vivo X100 series, even the standard version, I had high expectations, but even if I raised my expectations, the performance of vivo X100 exceeded expectations.

Because I am a vivo X90 Pro+ user, I take it for granted that the telephoto performance of the vivo X100, which uses the same image sensor, should be exactly the same as the previous generation true flagship.

The result is that the X100 with the Zeiss super telephoto does indeed perform better.

As can be seen in this set of telephoto samples, in the afternoon with normal light conditions (cloudy weather), even at the 10X 233mm focal length after digital zoom, the detail performance is still quite good, and the protective mesh texture of the Guangzhou Tower is still clearly visible. .

After continuing to zoom in to the 26X 600mm focal length, the details are still good, the basic resolution is retained, there is no smearing, and the image quality is still usable.

The reason why I say that the telephoto performance of vivo X100 is better than that of the previous generation true flagship is because this generation of vivo has maintained good consistency in multi-camera. As you can see from the above set of pictures, the color temperature is relatively close overall and will not appear. The main camera is normal, but the telephoto is warm.

In addition to ensuring the basic quality of telephoto, vivo has also developed a lot of ways to play with telephoto, such as telephoto macro and telephoto close-up.

When taking macro shots of insects and other animals, if you still use the wide-angle and main camera, it will definitely disturb the animals. If you use the telephoto, you can shoot at a relatively safe distance, and the success rate will be greatly improved.

The combination of telephoto and Zeiss portraits is also interesting. The vivo X100’s close-ups of portraits at the 100mm focal length have two commendable features. One is that it captures the light in the eyes of the characters and makes them more charming; the other is that the out-of-focus is charming. The light spot shows the texture of a professional Zeiss lens.

The 85mm portrait, which is still equipped with telephoto, is more natural, with bright colors and better emotional expression of the portrait.

Night scenes are the specialty of vivo's flagship phones. Especially when the main camera shoots night scenes, the overall picture purity is very high. Even in the default mode, the ISO will not be forced to increase the brightness of the picture.

The versatility of the main camera is also reflected in various scenes, such as backlit HDR environments, still life close-ups, etc. Vivo X100 can guarantee good direct-viewing effects.

In addition, vivo X100 has many image-level updates this time. For example, the "Telephoto Sunset" function can help users directly shoot the sunset with a telephoto lens. Not only is the shape of the sunset accurate, but there are no glare ghosts. However, due to the recent weather, The reason is that this function cannot be used in suitable scenarios.

The main camera performance of vivo X100 is excellent as expected. The new telephoto camera can also perform its duties well. It fulfills its duty as a flagship and some exceed expectations. In terms of image configuration and experience, vivo X100 has given a very good sincerity. This allows users to get a flagship-level imaging experience without having to pay for a top-tier flagship.

All-rounder, not supporting role. Although there is a price difference between vivo X100 and X100 Pro, in my opinion, they are two models with their own merits. They are not necessarily strictly superior and inferior, nor does it say who is the foil. who.

In a weight of just over 200 grams, vivo has packed so many things into the X100: full-focus imaging, 120W charging + 5000mAh battery, the best performance combination on the market, dual speakers, IP68 dustproof and waterproof, X-axis linear motor , memory starting from 12GB…..

It can be said that the past "medium cup, large cup and extra large cup" may no longer apply to the vivo Strengthen the standard version so that the standard version and Pro can fly side by side, each with its own characteristics.

This is the standard version of this generation of vivo X100, which is a flagship from the beginning.

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