vivo S9 Photo Tour: Self-portrait special longevity, this time can really illuminate your beauty

In an era when the "face value economy" is gradually heating up, beauty and photo editing apps have become a must-have for contemporary young people. The effect of the front camera is already a consideration for many people when buying a machine.

It is not uncommon for mobile phones to take selfies on the market, but there are still a few with a balanced overall experience. If you want to choose one, vivo's S series is one of the representatives that meets the aforementioned conditions.

After 7 months, vivo's S series ushered in an update. We also got the vivo S9 that was just released, and it happened that I also experienced its predecessor model S7. This article will briefly talk about some of the upgrades of the S9.

As a thin, self-portrait mobile phone, first of all, the body specifications of the S9 maintain the family characteristics. It weighs 173 grams and is as thin as 7.35mm (the "Zhaolubai" and the "Impression Pickup Light" version shown in this article are 7.43mm).

The second is the comprehensive experience of the front camera, which is also the biggest upgrade point of the S9. However, from the perspective of hardware parameters, the two front cameras of S9 and S7 have not opened a significant gap:

  • The front main camera is a new generation of 44-megapixel AF autofocus lens with a maximum aperture of f/2.0, and the new pixel isolation technology increases the light input by 12%.
  • The front sub-photograph is an 8-megapixel 105° ultra-wide-angle lens with a maximum aperture of f/2.28 and supports distortion correction.

In the slogan of the vivo S9, the "extreme night soft light selfie" and "illuminate my beauty" hint at the special features of the S9. Unlike the previous model, which relied on the screen to fill light, the S9 added two LED soft lights in the gap at the top of the screen.

The brightness of these two soft lights is well controlled, and it won't make people feel dazzling. You can also manually choose to always turn on. If you feel that the brightness is not enough, you can also turn on the soft ring and the soft light at the same time to realize the double fill light of the screen and the LED light.

In addition, when the two fill lights are turned off, it is difficult to find their presence on the frame, so there is no need to worry about them destroying the beauty of the front.

In addition to the hardware level, S9 has improved a lot in the algorithm of beauty and dim light compared to the previous generation. S9 optimizes the five-fold beauty algorithm from the bottom, from the point-to-point 2D algorithm to the 3D stereo modeling algorithm.

The intuitive feeling brought by this is that the facial structure of the characters is optimized and more precise. For example, the facial features can be well recognized when taking a selfie on the side face, the beauty effect is more natural, and the details and texture of the skin are improved.

When taking selfies in a dark environment, in addition to the hardware support of the soft ring and soft light, the S9 has also improved the night scene selfie algorithm, using AI to brighten and reduce noise on the face, and repair the details of the facial features.

The linkage between software and hardware makes the selfie experience of vivo S9 very good. In terms of the playability of selfies, S9 also provides 3D light effects, multiple exposures and other modes, as well as many selfie posture teaching, which is very friendly to selfie Xiaobai.

After talking about the core upgrade, let's take a look at other changes. In fact, in appearance, the S9 and the previous generation look like twins at first glance. The bangs design of the front dual-lens and the dual-color cloud-level design of the rear three-camera retain the language of S7.

But in the hand, S9 changes are still easy to find. The material of the middle frame is changed from S7 plastic to mirror-surface aviation aluminum, and the edges are cut with diamonds. This change adds texture while maintaining lightness.

However, due to the obvious edges and corners of the frame, the grip feel is slightly lower than the sleek body of the previous generation. This change can be said to be "a mixed blessing."

Vivo S9 has also changed in the color and craftsmanship of the back cover. The main product of this generation is the "Impression Pickup" color, which is the one I have. Through the double-film double-plating process, 9 gradation colors are realized. Under different light and angles, the back shell can present a colorful and shiny gradient effect.

It is worth mentioning that the vivo S9 comes with OriginOS system at the factory. The simple and orderly Huarong grid layout is much more beautiful than the previous generation FuntouchOS.

As mentioned above, the vivo S9 is not a student who can only take selfies, but a student who is good at selfies and is relatively balanced in other aspects. This time it launched the Dimensity 1100 with 6nm process technology for the first time. Compared with S7's Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G and the common Dimensity 1000+ in mid-range machines, it has improved performance and power consumption.

In addition, 33W fast charge, 90Hz refresh rate, 64-megapixel main camera supporting OIS optical image stabilization, under-screen fingerprint recognition and other configurations are also practical.

At the press conference of the vivo S9 series, vivo also launched a wireless headset, featuring a 11.2mm large dynamic coil and 18-hour long battery life, priced at 299 yuan. But if you buy the vivo S9, the headset can be exchanged for only an additional 39 yuan.

Finally, let's look at the price of S9. Compared with the previous generation S7, the S9 is nearly 200 yuan more expensive: 2999 yuan for the 8GB+128GB version and 3299 yuan for the 12+256GB version. It is currently in the scheduled stage and will be officially launched on March 12.

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