vivo S18 Pro experience: Portrait phone is the polaroid of this era

Have you noticed that going to a photo studio to take a set of festive New Year photos before the Chinese New Year has become a "New Year custom" for many people?

There is an indescribable sense of ritual in photo shoots – you dress up carefully and become the protagonist in front of the camera, and every expression and movement becomes a witness to your personal life. This also explains why last year's "Duck Camera" became popular all over the country.

Since the invention of the camera more than 200 years ago, portrait photography has been one of the core driving forces for the development of imaging technology. Taking good and beautiful pictures of people is the most primitive need of mankind in inventing cameras – who doesn't like beauty?

Mobile phones are already the most popular cameras in this era, and vivo has been studying how to use mobile phones to take beautiful photos of people for ten years.

▲vivo Xshot

In 2014, it was still an era when 8-megapixel main cameras were all the rage. The vivo Xshot that was born at that time was already equipped with an 8-megapixel front camera and a full-spectrum LED fill light. The rear main camera was a 13-megapixel Sony IMX214 CMOS and F1.8 large aperture—— This made the vivo Xshot the best imaging phone at the time, especially for taking portraits.

▲ vivo S18 Pro appearance photos

Ten years have passed since then, and vivo has become one of the most popular manufacturers in the mobile phone imaging industry. With the vivo S18 Pro, we can also see that vivo has a new way of thinking about taking beautiful photos of people.

To take portraits, you need to understand the art of using light, as well as the technology of using light.

Before the evaluation, let us review the three elements of portrait photography-color, composition, and light.

Regarding color and composition, these elements are everywhere in our daily lives. You may not be familiar with professional color principles (such as warm and cold tones, contrasting colors, complementary colors) and composition methods (such as the golden section, leading lines), but you can still take photos even by using simple three-color combinations and the rule of thirds. Create eye-catching photos. However, in photography, the role of light and shadow is often overlooked.

For portrait photography, the contrast of light and shadow is the key to shaping the depth and three-dimensionality of the human face. Without a clear contrast of light and shadow, no matter how tall and tall the bridge of the nose is, it will be flattened by the lens.

But in daily life, even if we turn on the flash when taking photos, it is difficult for us to take a photo that looks like a magazine cover. This is because the light intensity, light quality and controllability of mobile phone flash are far inferior to those of studio headlights, and the improvement to the picture is very limited.

In order to solve these problems, vivo uses a larger and more uniform soft light ring on the S18 Pro. Not only is the area 19 times that of an ordinary flash, it also achieves a 50-fold increase in brightness, just like building a miniature studio on your mobile phone. , to help you better control the light.

Let’s do an experiment and take a set of sample photos taken with the vivo S18 Pro with the soft ring flash turned on and off respectively.

It can be seen that since natural light enters the room from the left side, uneven lighting on both sides of the face results in dark shadows and inaccurate skin color, especially under the eyes and near the bridge of the nose, destroying the three-dimensional sense of the face.

After turning on the soft light ring, the overall visual effect and facial details have been greatly improved.

After the facial details originally hidden in the shadows are illuminated by soft light, not only the skin becomes fairer and smoother, but also the edges such as the eyes, nose and lips are clearer, and subtle facial expressions such as the arc of the smile or the luster of the eyes are also enhanced. Evenly distributed light becomes more apparent.

The soft halo not only brightens the characters, but also balances the relationship between the characters and the background, shifting the focus of the photo from the buildings on the left to the characters on the right. The following set of more extreme sample comparisons can better illustrate this point.

Just looking at the picture on the right, you might think that this is a close-up photo taken in front of a white wall. In fact, the background behind it is a glass window with strong light. Since backlighting takes priority to ensure the correct exposure of the characters, the background has to be Overexposure becomes a "white wall", which is a "death angle" for any equipment.

In this extreme light ratio environment, the soft light ring is particularly important. The soft light ring can well balance the light contrast between the portrait and the background, so that both can be properly exposed, and can illuminate the face evenly, making the skin color look more natural, thus making the atmosphere of the entire picture look more natural. Warm and bright.

Compared with the "lamp bead" flash on conventional mobile phones, the ring light strip of vivo S18 Pro has a larger light-emitting area, so at the same shooting distance, the light ring will be much softer than the hard light emitted by the lamp bead.

If in the past, mobile phone flashes could only satisfy the need for mobile phones to "see clearly" in dark light, then the soft light ring of vivo S18 Pro meets the further need for "beautiful shots". Light is not only a tool to illuminate objects, but also a brush to outline beauty.

In addition to shooting portraits, when you are shooting food, turning on the soft light ring to fill in the light can also brighten the texture, layer and gloss of the sauce, enhance the color saturation of the food, make the colors richer, and the food looks more attractive. .

In order to better capture this hard-won light, vivo has prepared a "lens package" for the S18 Pro that can be used at both distance and near – the same 50-megapixel flagship main camera (IMX920 sensor) as the X100, 50-megapixel Ultra-wide-angle lens, and the same 12-megapixel professional telephoto portrait lens as the X90s.

The main camera adjustment of S18 Pro inherits the consistent style of vivo imaging, which not only retains clearly visible details, but also restores bright and bright colors. Thanks to the high resolution of 50 million pixels, everything from the facial details of the character to the fibers of the sweater are clearly visible in the main photo sample.

For complex light and shadow environments, the dark light algorithm of the S18 Pro main camera can also handle it with ease. The edge transition between light and dark is smooth, and sufficient details are retained for objects in the shadows.

Portrait photography has always been the signature skill of the S series, and the 2x telephoto portrait lens equipped with the S18 Pro this time did not disappoint us. Through telephoto cropping, the portrait lens can produce a stronger background compression effect, creating a more prominent portrait of the character.

After turning on the portrait mode, vivo's consistently excellent portrait algorithm can bring natural background blur to the subject in the photo, and the character is keyed down to every hair, creating a beautiful depth of field effect.

Even if you don’t turn on the portrait mode, this flagship telephoto lens can meet your daily close-up needs. The clear enough resolution and unified color adjustment allow you to easily take beautiful photos that will hit the social media.

During this evaluation process, this 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, which is comparable to the main camera, gave me the biggest surprise.

For novice photographers, an ultra-wide-angle lens with lens distortion can be said to be one of the most difficult lenses to control. However, as can be seen from the sample photos, vivo has excellent control over edge distortion, retaining the exaggerated visual effects brought by the ultra-wide angle. There will be no weird line distortions.

In well-lit outdoor scenes, the resolution and color accuracy of the ultra-wide angle are almost as good as those of the main camera. Therefore, I highly recommend you switch to the ultra-wide-angle perspective to explore the fun of photography.

In addition to the three major lenses for far, medium and near, the S18 Pro also has a secret weapon – a 50-megapixel front-facing lens with a maximum f/2.0 aperture. The S18 Pro inherits the well-received front dual soft light of the previous generation, and combined with the screen's bright fill light, it can brighten every detail of the face anytime and anywhere when taking selfies.

Judging from the samples, the S18 Pro uses this unique front soft light system to still restore the character's fair and rosy skin color and accurate makeup color in a dark indoor environment, while also bringing appropriate color to the skin and eyes. Excellent gloss and natural imaging.

Comparing the actual shooting samples, it is not difficult to find that no matter whether you choose the main camera, ultra-wide angle, telephoto or front camera, the S18 Pro achieves a highly unified color style and detailed performance between different lenses, without obvious picture jumps, and it is easy to You can take photos with a full sense of portraiture easily.

The ideal benchmark for portrait photography, more than just lens flash

When you press the shutter, a photo is taken, but for a professional photographer, this is just the beginning of a beautiful photo.

To make the photos you share more outstanding, decoration and embellishment are indispensable. For this reason, the professional portrait post-production function provided by S18 Pro is like a virtual studio, bringing richer creative freedom to meet photographers' image editing needs.

Taking photo watermarks as an example, vivo S18 Pro is different from conventional black and white photo frame watermarks by launching the "Dopamine Film Photo Frame" function – using AI algorithms to intelligently analyze the color and content of the picture, and calculate the best color matching scheme for each photo. Match photos to create unique film frames.

The cherry pink taken from Christmas decorations, the sunny yellow of winter sweaters, the wavy blue of the blue sky, the forest green of the green plants in the pots… Each photo has its own unique tone, and each tone gives the photo a unique emotions, and the "Dopamine Film Frame" that changes with the content of the photo can deepen the audience's perception of this emotion.

When doing post-processing of images, we often encounter the problem of passers-by accidentally appearing in the photos. At this time, the Blue Heart AI large model equipped on the S18 Pro can come in handy. Through deep learning of a large number of images, the Blue Heart AI large model can easily remove and fill in the cluttered elements of the picture, eliminating the tedious effort of P-pictures, and is both easy to use and practical.

vivo S18 Pro also inherits the SLR-level character blur effect of the flagship X series. After turning on portrait mode, users can easily separate the person from the background and highlight the subject. Whether it’s cutout accuracy or blur effects, the S18 Pro has reached flagship-level performance.

Various photography methods are inseparable from powerful performance. In terms of core performance, vivo S18 Pro also performs well.

The S18 Pro is equipped with the Dimensity 9200+ chip jointly developed by vivo and MediaTek. It uses a 4nm process technology and its energy efficiency ratio has been greatly improved compared to the previous generation. S18 Pro can support a maximum memory combination of 16+16GB through virtual memory fusion technology, ensuring smoothness and stability in daily use.

In addition, despite its thin and light body, the S18 Pro also packs a large battery with a capacity of up to 5000 mAh and supports 80W flash charging. Even if you are traveling for a whole day of shooting, there is no anxiety about battery life.

Portrait phones are the polaroids of this era

When talking about the ritual of taking photos, many people may think of Polaroids.

The invention of the instant camera was inspired by his father, Edwin Land, founder of the Polaroid Company. On a family vacation, his daughter asked him why he couldn't immediately see the photos he had just taken. This question inspired Rand's exploration of instant imaging technology, which eventually led to the birth of the Polaroid camera.

Polaroid allows us to take a photo at an important moment and freeze the time into a physical photo held in our hands. This sense of ritual is hard to see in the digital age.

However, Polaroid did not originally develop Polaroid to create this sense of ritual. Polaroid's first Land Camera 95 camera was used for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering during the Cold War.

It was not until 1972, when Polaroid launched the SX-70 model based on observations of the home imaging market and the concept of instant shooting, that Polaroid truly entered the lives of ordinary people, allowing people to use it to record the beautiful moments of life.

People have given the Polaroid camera a ritual connotation. Today, this sense of ritual is being inherited by smartphones.

Since its launch, vivo has been hoping to help users record the beautiful moments in life through its S series mobile phones. vivo S18 Pro inherits the S series' persistent pursuit of photography, connecting young users' intuitive feelings and inner expressions of trendy aesthetics, which is directly reflected in the industrial design of S18 Pro.

The S18 Pro adopts the oriental design aesthetics that Vivo has inherited from its flagship models. A three-dimensional "flower" blooms on the back cover of the phone – a petal texture is cut out of the frosted Yunjin glass using 13 million rays of photolithography. Lines, vivo named this color scheme "Flower Like Brocade".

Thinness and lightness is another symbol of the S series. The S18 Pro weighs only 187.g. Even a girl can hold it with one hand without any burden. She can pick up the light phone at any time to capture the warmth of being with family, friends and partners. time.

When people try to use tools to capture beauty, a sense of ritual is created in the process.

In the past, this tool was a paintbrush, a Polaroid, or a photo studio, but in this era, smartphones have become a new carrier of ritual. vivo S18 Pro truly uses light to depict beauty and images to tell stories, allowing users to record every bit of life with ease and share youthful memories with friends.

Love style makes the future within reach.

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