Vivo S16 Pro first experience: a gentle and jade-like weapon for portraiture

The invention of modern photography is known as the product of "optics" and "chemistry", so "light" is particularly important for images.

If "painting with light" is used to describe the process of image creation, it could not be more accurate.

In the same way, for portrait photography, how to obtain and control light is also the most important thing.

The vivo S16 Pro, which focuses on portrait photography, understands this truth well, and has already prepared an ideal portrait light.

One reverse, two positive, soft light on both sides

Hidden design has always been considered a very clever design method, and the vivo S16 Pro cleverly hides the "front micro-slit fill light 2.0" in the frame on the top of the fuselage.

Although the black border area at the top of the screen is only a very narrow width of 1.75mm, vivo engineers still dotted two symmetrical micro-slit fill lights here. Only when the front soft light is on, you will notice its existence.

Through the refraction treatment of four free-form surfaces, the light path is guided from the inside to the outside, and then the light is softened with fine Fresnel patterns, so that the front micro-slit fill light reveals soft and white light with a color temperature of 6000K.

▲ vivo S16 Pro front camera shooting, portrait mode, soft light On

Such soft and white light makes the skin texture more delicate, and the facial features appear more three-dimensional. The soft light effectively avoids the oily feeling on the face and replaces it with a transparent watery light feeling.

▲ Vivo S16 Pro front camera shooting, portrait mode, HD portrait On

This time, vivo has equipped both models of the S16 series with a 50-megapixel JN1 photosensitive element, both of which have added an AF autofocus motor and upgraded to dual super PD focusing. Therefore, the vivo S16 Pro supports close-object focusing, and it can take clear and moving shots no matter how far or near.

This generation of vivo S16 Pro continues to optimize the beauty algorithm, and the optimization of skin texture is more delicate. While covering blemishes and removing spots, zooming in to see still retains the texture of the skin surface, no longer blindly pursuing the algorithm of smearing , which looks more natural.

The image module on the back of the fuselage is still the one we are most familiar with. The rear three cameras continue the vertical arrangement that emphasizes the sense of order. The "original color soft halo" dotted on the side will extend our focus, pay attention To the back of the entire fuselage, it is not only the visual agility, but also the flash of the image.

This "original color soft light ring" can not only soften the light of the fill light, but also subtly turn the point light source into a surface light source to achieve longer-distance soft light coverage.

At the same time, vivo S16 Pro re-customized this soft light cover. Specifically, vivo uses a diamond cutting process on the center and outside of the lampshade to generate fine Fresnel patterns to gather light, and then uses matte sandblasting on the outer ring to make the light in the ring softer by blurring the particles , and make the overall light tend to be uniform, so as to effectively avoid the oily skin caused by direct hard light, and maintain the watery and transparent feeling of the skin of the portrait.

In the actual experience, the original color soft light ring of the vivo S16 Pro is also smart enough. Every time the soft light is turned on, it can automatically detect the light intensity of the outside world, and then dynamically control the brightness of the light ring to ensure soft light. Light fill follows the environment, covering a light field tailored for portraits.

The soft light ring of the vivo S16 Pro is comparable to the effect of fluorescent lamps, and it can make the skin color appear more vivid and fairer when it is reflected on the face. With the blessing of the algorithm, the vivo S16 Pro can effectively solve the problems that the portrait may be dark and the details are blurred when shooting with a single light source in a dark light environment. The soft light ring can make the face of the portrait receive more uniform light and prevent the appearance of yin and yang faces.

It can be said that the vivo S16 Pro makes the fill light return to its proper image value, and is no longer reduced to a flashlight only for lighting. It is indeed an ideal light for portraits.

Back to the back of the fuselage, the vivo S16 Pro is equipped with a rear 50-megapixel IMX766V wide-angle main camera. The special suffix means that this is a custom-optimized sensor with a thinner custom filter. Better photosensitivity.

In addition, this set of rear three cameras also has an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel macro lens.

The orientation of the “portrait mode” of the rear main camera is also very obvious. While focusing on the beauty of the portrait, it will create a natural and soft blur effect on the background. In the case of sufficient light, the beautification strength of the human face is just right, not only maintains a watery and bright makeup, but also has all the details of the texture, and the details of the eyeliner are also clearly visible. The background behind the hair is also accurately identified, providing a nice depth of field effect.

More rear main camera proofs:

Vivo S16 Pro ultra-wide-angle lens proofs:

It can be seen that the ultra-wide-angle lens of the S16 Pro basically continues the white balance and color accuracy of the main camera, and the detail restoration is also remarkable. This performance is really a surprise.

Generally speaking, the familiar IMX766 should have been thoroughly researched by Blue Factory. With OIS optical image stabilization, the rear main camera of vivo S16 Pro has a very stable performance in most scenes, and also has a very Excellent focus capture speed. Whether it is in a daylight scene with sufficient light or a dark indoor scene with complex lighting, it can maintain a high degree of picture purity while retaining rich picture details.

In the default shooting mode, its color style is adjusted in the direction of pleasing the eyes of the audience. The color reproduction is relatively gorgeous, which is more in line with the tastes of young people or the general public. Basically, the original film can be directly edited without post-production. Post on social networks. The only regret is that the lack of a telephoto lens leads to a 50-megapixel main camera that basically zooms in and crops when a 2× viewfinder is required. At this time, the resolution of the picture may be slightly insufficient.

If you evaluate the vivo S16 Pro from the perspective of a casual shooting device, it will undoubtedly get an excellent public score.

The design of "warm and moist like jade" can be seen and touched

In the past, we would use "warm and moist as jade" to describe a good feel, but when we first saw the vivo S16 Pro, this word must first be used to describe its appearance design.

The main color in our hands is called "Yan Ruyu". As the name suggests, its appearance is just like jade, gentle and elegant, calm and composed.

In order to restore the texture of jade on the glass material, the vivo CMF team has been trying for several months, and finally selected the green and white jade material that best caters to people's association with jade as the background color of the fuselage from hundreds of kinds of jade. .

This is a low-saturation color between white and light turquoise, which can exude a suet-like delicate feeling from the inside to the outside, which is in line with our ideal perception of jade.

At the same time, in order to make this "Yan Ruyu" show a transparent look, the back of the vivo S16 Pro also applies 14 layers of nano-coating, so that this round glossy glass back cover presents a more transparent visual look.

Yan Ruyu's color seems to have more than one side. Vivo has re-introduced photochromic technology on the S16 Pro. The color tone on the back will gradually transition and darken with the light, from clear and light blue and white jade to dark green jasper.

Ink-colored Danqing, warm and introverted, full of green mountains and full of vitality, is also the eternal image and quality of jade, full of vitality and energy.

Since then, the vivo S16 Pro is not only the greenness of bamboo leaves, the greenness of lakes, but also the beauty of distant mountains.

Carrying lightly, the performance can be reused

Vivo S series This S seems to have the meaning of Slim & Sleek, which is thin and fashionable. The vivo S16 Pro has once again broken its own record in the pursuit of a thin and light feel, becoming the thinnest and lightest curved screen phone in the S series so far.

Thinness is also our first feeling when we get started with the vivo S16 Pro. Although it has a 6.78-inch screen, it is only 7.36mm thick and weighs 182g, making it feel light in the hand.

With a body as thin as 7.36mm, the vivo S16 Pro is equipped with a 4600mAh battery, and a single cell supports 66W wired flash charging.

In addition, according to vivo's statement, this battery uses innovative battery material technology, including bionic repair electrolyte and high-viscosity separator, with intelligent healthy charging algorithm, the remaining capacity after 1600 charge-discharge cycles is still More than 80%. This means that based on the charging and discharging frequency of one charge per day, it is enough to guarantee the long-term use of 4 years.

As for performance, the vivo S16 Pro did not drag its feet, and directly became the first batch of mobile phones equipped with Dimensity 8200 SoC. The Dimensity 8200, known as the new generation of "God U", adopts a leading 4nm process technology and has an 8-core architecture consisting of 4 A78 large cores and 4 A55 small cores. The performance has basically surpassed the Snapdragon 888, and the AnTuTu running score measured at room temperature is 875,000 points.

The fluency of daily use is naturally not a problem. The vivo S16 Pro can provide "full frame play" performance when facing mainstream games such as "Yuan Shen", "Peace Elite", and "Glory of the King". It is worth mentioning that the vivo S16 Pro also supports memory fusion technology, which can increase the capacity of virtual memory by up to 8GB, and background multitasking can also be continuously switched without interruption.

On the basis of thinness and smoothness, it is the free expression of soft light portraits

Focusing on portrait photography and focusing on young people seems to be the product label of the vivo S series as always. However, in order to satisfy young people's ever-changing attitude towards trends, each generation of S-series models must submit new answers to cater to new trends.

For a long time, the vivo S series has been connecting young users' intuitive feelings about trendy aesthetics and the expression of inner emotions. Since in recent years, "jade" has become a fashion element with a high-end sense of oriental aesthetics, it is most appropriate for the S16 Pro to use "jade texture" to present contemporary young people's pursuit of "relaxation".

To satisfy young people's pursuit of a light and smooth experience, the vivo S16 Pro also provides a sufficiently thin and light body design, supplemented by reusable flagship performance, and has achieved a good balance between performance and thinness, and strives to be comprehensive. Also contented.

The S16 Pro's understanding of soft-light portraits has also reached a deeper level. On the one hand, it is based on the improvement of hardware, and on the other hand, it benefits from the optimization of software. The two complement each other to meet the current aesthetic needs that are increasingly emphasizing natural beauty. Start with the light source and always be ready for the ideal portrait light.

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