Vivo S16 photo tour: Yan Ruyu, gorgeous flowers

In Chinese culture, jade culture is the most characteristic and symbolic culture. Therefore, the Chinese never hesitate to express their love for jade.

From the jade dragon ornaments carved by the Hongshan culture 5,000 years ago to the gold inlaid jade medals of the modern Beijing Olympic Games, the jade culture that has been passed down for tens of thousands of years is still the essence and soul of Chinese culture.

According to the interpretation of the word "jade" in the ancient book "Shuowen Jiezi" of the Eastern Han Dynasty, it means "the beauty of stone".

It means that jade is taken from the essence of the stone, precious and flawless, so people also endow it with attributes of personality and conduct, that is, "jade has nine virtues".

Later, the concept of "a gentleman is more virtuous than jade" has become more and more popular, and it has long driven people to worship, love and admire jade.

Saying that a gentleman should be as warm as jade means that a gentleman should be gentle and kind, with a character like jade. The jade worn close to the body is a symbol of a gentleman's extravagant character, and he is always urged and warned to be more virtuous than jade, gentle and modest.

The latest generation of vivo S16 not only rejuvenates the beauty of jade, but also inherits the quality of jade.

Our highest praise for describing "good touch" is to use the word "warm and moist as jade".

But in addition to describing the quality of things, this word is mainly used to describe people's inner temperament and self-cultivation in a synesthesia way.

Wenrun is used to describe jade, which means its fine texture and soft luster;

Wenrun is used to describe a person, and it refers to a person with a gentle personality, a humble temperament, attitude, speech, etc., and generous, which makes people feel cordial.

For a long time, the vivo S series has been connecting young users' intuitive feelings of trendy aesthetics and the expression of inner emotions. It is most appropriate to use jade biscuits to represent the pursuit of "relaxation" among contemporary young people.

But it is not an easy task to restore the warm texture of jade on the glass material. To this end, the vivo CMF team has been trying for several months to select the green and white jade material that best meets people's associations with jade as the background color from hundreds of jade varieties.

This is a low-saturation color between white and light turquoise, which can exude a suet-like delicate feeling from the inside to the outside, which is in line with our ideal perception of jade.

In order to make the glass look transparent, 14 layers of nano-coating are applied to the back of the vivo S16 to make the glass back cover more transparent.

At a glance, Yan Ruyu looks like a natural beauty.

The mythical charm of jade can be traced back to the mythical story of Nv Wa mending the sky in "Lie Zi·Tang Wen". Nv Wa collected five-color jade stones, melted them in a raging fire, and used them to repair the cracked sky.

Although there are hundreds of jade producing areas in China, and there are as many as 173 different jade names recorded in the "Kangxi Dictionary", in our intuitive impression, the color that best represents jade should be green.

It’s just that there are many kinds of green, and the flowing green of green and white jade is just one of them. It is difficult to perfectly interpret the good wishes and the character of jade.

Perhaps after a long period of contemplation, the creator of the S16 suddenly came to his senses:

Since it is impossible to choose one out of ten thousand, it is better to cover all.

As a result, the vivo S16 introduced photochromic technology again, and the color tone on the back gradually transitions and deepens with the light, gradually turning from clear and light blue and white jade to dark green jasper.

Clear and clear, emerald neon clothes, the flawless texture under the translucent emerald color, seems poetic and picturesque, with an indescribable beauty;

Ink-colored Danqing, warm and introverted, full of green mountains and full of vitality, is also the eternal image and quality of jade, full of vitality and energy.

Since then, vivo S16 is not only the greenness of bamboo leaves, the greenness of lake water, but also the beauty of distant mountains.

Looking back at the design and texture of the previous vivo S series, it is not difficult to see that this series has been pursuing an uncertain and ever-changing beauty.

If the glass is divided into two different surfaces, one side can be shiny and the other can be frosted. The other side of the S16, which is embodied as Yan Ruyu, is the "firework" on the matte surface.

Its technology and craftsmanship are based on the original 3D three-dimensional spot gradient, and then through the fine double-layer film process, the spot texture is innovatively superimposed on each layer of the film. At the same time, with nano-scale processing technology, it creates deeper light and shadow effects and richer color changes, and realizes the visual effect of three-dimensional depth of field in the plane.

In the end, the fireworks that should have bloomed in an instant were permanently sealed on the back of the vivo S16. Under different light angles, the colorful rays of light are constantly stretched and smudged, like fireworks shining hot in the air.

It is the end of the year and the beginning of the year, which is quite appropriate.

The S of the vivo S series seems to have the meaning of Slim & Sleek thin and light fashion, and the vivo S16 has once again set a record for vivo's thin and light.

The body thickness of 7.36mm, combined with the body weight of 182g, does provide a comfortable and light grip feeling, making it more and more handy to control.

The waistline is a 2.3mm ultra-narrow middle frame, which connects the front and back sides with a 60° micro-curved arc, which not only brings a more comfortable and rounded grip, but also prevents the edge of the curved screen from being skewed due to the immersive boundless field of view. color problem.

Recording the radiant beauty of portraits is still the original intention of the vivo S16 double-sided soft light portrait.

On the front of the fuselage, the black border area at the top of the screen of the vivo S16 is only 1.75mm extremely narrow, but the engineers of vivo still embellished two symmetrical soft lights here.

Guide the light path from the inside to the outside, and soften the light with fine Fresnel patterns, creating a front micro-slit fill light with a color temperature of 6000K.

The image module on the back of the fuselage is still familiar. The rear three cameras continue the vertical arrangement that emphasizes the sense of order. The "original color soft halo" dotted on the side will extend our focus and focus on the whole the back of the fuselage.

It is not only the visual agility, but also the shining point of the image. As for the large blank space, it is an easy expression.

In recent years, with the increasing favor of international big names and original designers, jade has completed the transformation from an aesthetic symbol to a current trend item.

Covering the back of the phone with jade biscuits naturally caters to young people's keenest avant-garde sense of fashion trends.

The design team of the vivo S16 series told Ai Faner:

The perception of jade is born with a kind of soothing power, which keeps the inner peace of the mind, keeps things calm, and achieves a soothing state of the same appearance. It can also confirm its own character, restrained but not ostentatious, calm but not tense.

It is the pursuit of most mobile phones to feel as warm as jade in the hand; but it is very rare to be as warm as jade in terms of appearance. vivo S16 endows the traditional glass material with a very fresh aesthetic expression, making "warm and moist like jade" from an abstract adjective into tangible and accessible:

This is the internal unity pursued by the spirit of jade and the external appearance of jade. It is the mutual confirmation of perception and texture, and it is also the best proof that vivo S16 practices both internal and external cultivation.

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