Vivo released the new OriginOS, its system is no longer ugly

Since the APEX2018 concept machine in the previous year, vivo's reputation on the Internet has improved a lot, mainly because vivo has become increasingly aggressive in terms of hardware standards and technological innovation. But there are always complaints. For example, Funtouch OS's backward aesthetic and messy interaction logic have always been unlovable.

Therefore, after the X series are no longer low-priced and high-priced, and become high-priced and high-priced, vivo's current largest slot has also been put on the agenda for correction.

Thus, OriginOS came into being.

In the words of vivo executives:

The mission of FuntouchOS has always been to serve users well, and has gained the trust of users over the years. However, we have not stopped exploring on mobile operating systems. In the era of 5G and the Internet of Everything, especially in the next 3-5 years, mobile phones are still the core and most irreplaceable entrance to the digital world. What pain points and needs can be solved? Today, OriginOS brings us a new interpretation and interpretation of user needs, it is the product of the pursuit of the ultimate user experience.

To translate it, the historical mission of FuntouchOS is almost complete (but offline users will continue to use it). OriginOS is a future-oriented design for those who like tossing on mobile phones and also like to share the discussion experience online.

Compared with the previous system, this time OriginOS is not a routine upgrade, but a brand new refactoring. In addition to deep customization based on the Android system, it has nothing to do with the previous FuntouchOS. This is reflected in all aspects of the new system, such as desktop application architecture, interaction, notification system, theme wallpapers and so on.

First of all, "Huarong Grid" reconstructed the arrangement system of desktop icons, saying that it can be like small components, but the thinking dimension is more holistic. After all, the design of application small components does not consider the coordination of the system too much.

In the "Huarong Grid", the "atomic component" can start from the smallest desktop unit to determine the presentation mode of notification content and the interactive mode of system functions.

In short, the customization of icons and component sizes is quite high, and the choices are quite rich, so users can customize the desktop that best suits their aesthetic and usage habits. Of course, you can also say that it is similar to iOS14 and even the ancient Windows Phone. Kind of like.

Not everyone will accept the new vision and interaction of OriginOS, so it gives two solutions. One is the "deformer", which provides different window styles and icon styles to meet the aesthetic needs of different user groups. The other is "one-click traversal", you can return to the traditional desktop style with one click, regardless of the future design concept.

It’s not just icon components that can be customized. In terms of interaction methods, OriginOS also gives super-high customization permissions, called "interaction pools."

Under this function, OriginOS can be combined and reproduced as long as the user is familiar with and likes the interaction method from the operation gesture, the call-out position of the control center to the system navigation method. This is actually a very high cost of learning and setup, but also very profitable function. Correspondingly, there is also the "Super Card Pack" function, which is used in daily life, but some of the deep-entry functions, such as scanning, payment code, bus code, etc., can be used in non-interest screen conditions. Call out "Super Card Pack" for quick use.

The above is the new answer from OriginOS in visual interaction. In addition to these big changes, it also has some new, less obvious but ingenious functions. These design-oriented functions can reflect the designer's life and experience. Feelings can also reflect the spiritual core of an Android custom system.

What OriginOS wants to do is to bring the temperature and perception of life to the screen.

This is the "original view window" function, which can be seen as a bridge between the mobile phone and the real world. Without affecting the operation of the main screen, users can feel the weather and environmental changes synchronized with the outside world.

In fact, it has three forms of expression: sky window, time window and performance wallpaper.

The sky window can let users feel the weather and environment changes synchronized with the outside world without affecting the operation of the main screen. The time window is in 16 scenes from sunrise to sunset, and users can clearly perceive the brightness, light and color temperature of the environment at different times. The behavioral wallpaper is to set your daily goal number of steps, every step you take, the flowers bloom one more step.

Finally, the animation of OriginOS has also been redesigned. It no longer aims at stupidity, but strives to conform to the laws of nature, which is the transformation from linear animation to non-linear animation as we often say.

In fact, we can evaluate this new OriginOS like this: the aesthetic changes are quite large, and it will certainly not satisfy everyone, but compared to the rusticity of FuntouchOS, the aesthetics of this version is much more advanced, but in some places There is also the problem of over-design. This is not a problem of imitation or flatness, but a problem of uncoordinated system level. There are more options for interaction and higher user authority, but the learning threshold is also higher, and it is not so friendly to novice users. In addition, in terms of function, OriginOS has not changed much. This version of OriginOS seems to be mainly to solve aesthetic problems, and there are many places to continue to improve in the future.

In the plastic greenhouse of destiny, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too much pesticide has a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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