Vivo is out of order! “Blue Friends” is Zeiss

Vivo’s happiest thing recently is to get rid of being single and have "blue friends".

No kidding, this "blue friend" is the little blue standard we are familiar with-Zeiss. Vivo and Zeiss held a global imaging strategic cooperation signing ceremony on December 17, and the two officially announced that they will formally join hands.

▲ Lanchang X2

It is worth noting that the cooperation between Vivo and Zeiss is not "in a form", such as a brand certification and a label. In vivo's words, the cooperation between the two parties is a "long-term, software and hardware combination, and solid technical cooperation."

Although it is very general, the actual results will arrive soon. The new vivo X60 series, which will be released at the end of the month, is the result of technical cooperation between the two.

Specifically, among the projects that have already landed, the "Vivo Zeiss Joint Laboratory" is more eye-catching. In terms of hardware, vivo stated that it will work with Zeiss to overcome the technical difficulties of "miniaturization and differentiation of optical lens modules" and push the optical quality of mobile phone lenses to a new level with a limited volume.

▲ Vivo Zeiss Joint Imaging Laboratory officially listed

What is looking forward to is that Zeiss’s exclusive T* coating will also be seen on the new X60 series. This is of great help to color restoration, control distortion, dispersion, ghosting, etc.

If you have been exposed to photography, you should have heard of Zeiss Biotar lenses. This series of lenses was originally designed for movie cameras in 1927. When it debuted, the price was equivalent to two months' salary of a German engineer. Even today, the lenses in this series are still one of the most expensive vintage lenses.

The biggest feature of this lens is that the out-of-focus spot is very beautiful, and the swirling out-of-focus pattern looks fantastic. Almost every portrait photographer wants to collect a Biotar lens.

▲Photographed with Biotar 75mm lens. Picture from: casualphotophile

The point is here. Vivo said that with Zeiss, through computational photography technology, it has realized the "Zeiss Biotar Portrait Style". This means that we can experience this classic portrait optical effect on the new X60 series as soon as possible.

In addition to product-level cooperation, vivo will also work with Zeiss to build long-term co-constructions on content topics, such as creating "Vivo Zeiss Master Image" to provide a larger display platform. The world under everyone's lens can be shared and shown to others. Everyone deserves to be seen by the world.

Vivo said at the press conference, "The direction of our image innovation is to help consumers "restore what they see, go beyond what they see" and create "humanized professional images". I believe that the addition of Zeiss will make vivo feel like a fish in water. On the track of moving images, vivo is stable.

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