Vision Pro US market demand has slowed down significantly/Xiaomi Motors responds by setting an ex-factory price of SU7 of 200,000 yuan/iPhone 15 series has dropped to a record low price


 Apple will break new ground in generative AI this year

 SEC is investigating whether OpenAI investors were misled

 Ming-Chi Kuo: Demand for Vision Pro in the US market has slowed significantly

 NetEase releases 2023 Q4 and full-year financial report

 Volkswagen and Xpeng sign technology cooperation agreement

 Meta fined for using user data for targeted advertising

Tesla applies for Cyber ​​Chinese trademark

 Gaohe opens quick exit channel for employees

 Adobe releases new generative AI for music production

 Xiaomi refutes rumors that the ex-factory price of the car may be 200,000 yuan

⬇ Alibaba Cloud cuts prices by 20% on hundreds of products

 Meta plans to release LLAMA 3 in July

☎ Meizu 21 Pro open AI terminal released

 All iPhone 15 series officially reduced to lowest price

 GTA 6 development enters final stages

 One Piece × PUMA Suede Series Released

 Nintendo: Leap Year Annual Passes are valid for 365 days

 The director of "Dune 2" will attend the premiere in China.

 "Kung Fu Panda 4" trailer revealed

 "Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils" is released today


Apple CEO Cook: Apple will break new ground in the field of generative AI this year

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company will launch a new round of generative artificial intelligence technology in 2024 to improve user experience.

Apple plans to introduce new generative AI features in iOS 18, including upgrades to Siri and Spotlight.

In addition, Apple is also exploring the use of AI technology to generate Keynote presentations, Apple Music playlists and Xcode coding suggestions. This move reflects Apple's commitment to promoting the development of AI technology and integrating it into products and services.

Tim Cook also claimed that he will disclose more about the progress of self-developed AI "later this year".

Apple will take a strategic approach to gradually provide customers with generative AI applications. With the release of more and more generative AI papers and open source models written by Apple engineers, Apple is increasing its focus on this field, a move that will significantly improve the user experience of the Apple ecosystem.

SEC is investigating whether OpenAI investors were misled

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating whether OpenAI’s recent developments misled investors.

The investigation focuses on OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's internal communications with the board of directors, especially after he was fired as CEO in November.

The SEC has issued a subpoena to OpenAI and requested that internal documents be preserved for review. The investigation stems from Altman's dismissal due to concerns about the transparency of his communications with the board. Although he was later reinstated, the SEC's interest showed deeper scrutiny of potentially misleading information. This review highlights the importance of transparency and accurate communication in dealings with investors. As the investigation progresses, more may be revealed about the nature of the misleading information and its impact on OpenAI stakeholders.

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Ming-Chi Kuo: Demand for Vision Pro in the US market has slowed significantly

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued an article on the 28th, saying that the demand for Vision Pro in the US market has slowed down significantly: Vision Pro's shipping time has improved to 3 to 5 days (arrived in early March).

Although early adopters were so enthusiastic that the product sold out, demand declined rapidly and has not improved to this day. The supply chain has expanded, but shipment growth in the U.S. market has been limited. Global availability timing will be subject to supply improvements and regulatory changes.

Vision Pro has a return rate of less than 1%, with no exceptions. But 20-30% of returns are due to users not understanding how to set up.

Regarding new models, Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will launch a low-priced version with lower specifications and an upgraded version, but there is no official news yet.

The new Vision Pro is expected to be mass-produced from the fourth quarter of 2025 to the first quarter of 2026, focusing on improving supply chain production efficiency.

Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Vision Pro’s market impact is still limited and will have little impact on Apple and most suppliers.

NetEase releases 2023 Q4 and full-year financial report

Yesterday, NetEase released its fourth quarter and full-year financial reports for 2023. The full-year performance was solid and it increased investment in technology research and development.

Total revenue in 2023 will reach 103.5 billion yuan, and the net profit from continuing operations attributable to the company's shareholders is 32.6 billion yuan; in the fourth quarter, revenue is 27.1 billion yuan, and the net profit from continuing operations attributable to the company's shareholders is 7.4 billion yuan.

NetEase's game business generated annual revenue of 81.6 billion yuan, Cloud Music achieved annual profitability for the first time, and Youdao Education Model 2.0 achieved better-than-expected results, with annual revenue of 5.4 billion yuan.

The financial report shows that NetEase will increase its self-research on key technologies such as AI in 2023, with a record high of 16.5 billion yuan in R&D investment throughout the year. At the same time, we will accelerate the implementation of AI technology in businesses such as gaming and education, as well as in scenes such as industrial manufacturing and national exhibitions.

Volkswagen and Xpeng sign technology cooperation agreement

Volkswagen and Xpeng Motors have signed a technology cooperation agreement for joint platform and software development, aiming to jointly quickly develop two smart electric models, the first of which is an SUV model. The two parties reached a long-term strategic partnership in July last year.

This cooperation agreement marks the official launch of specific actions in technical cooperation between the two parties, accelerates the research and development of cooperative models, and is regarded as an important milestone in the strategic partnership between the two parties.

By integrating superior resources and optimizing cost structures, Volkswagen and Xpeng Motors will delve into the Chinese market and accelerate the joint research and development of two new cars, laying a solid foundation for broader and in-depth strategic cooperation in the future.

Meta fined for using user data for targeted advertising

European consumer groups have filed complaints against Facebook parent company Meta.

The company allegedly failed to obtain appropriate consent before collecting large amounts of data about Facebook and Instagram users in order to target the ads they saw.

The complaint alleges that Meta violates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and criticizes its new subscription model, calling it "pay for your own rights."

The European Court of Justice has ruled that Meta's processing of user data for targeted advertising is illegal. The European Data Protection Board fined Meta 390 million euros and required it to re-obtain user consent based on previous complaints.

Consumer groups worry that Meta's high privacy fees will set a precedent for other companies, making online privacy protection too expensive.

Tesla applies for Cyber ​​Chinese trademark

Recently, Tesla Co., Ltd. applied to register a "Tesla Cyber" trademark, which is internationally classified as a means of transportation. The current trademark status is under application.

Tesla applied to register the "CYBERTRUCK" logo trademark in May 2021 and successfully registered it in July 2022.

In February this year, Tesla Cybertruck started a tour in 11 cities in China. Deliveries of this model to US customers began in November last year.

Gaohe opens quick exit channel for employees

Gaohe Automobile issued an internal employee announcement stating that, considering the short-term financial constraints and uncertainty about the timing of restructuring, it will provide employees who want to leave during the shutdown period with a quick negotiation channel to terminate the labor contract.

According to the announcement, Gaohe Automobile will pay economic compensation, payment in lieu of notice and unpaid wages to employees who signed the agreement before March 1, that is, the statutory "N+1" provided to employees when the employer terminates the labor relationship. "compensation.

This compensation will not be paid to employees immediately. Based on the current financial situation of Gaohe Automobile, the compensation will be paid at a monthly payment ratio of 25% from September to December this year.

New product

Adobe releases new generative AI for music production

Adobe has announced the development of Project Scribbler, a new prototyping generative AI tool that it calls the "Photoshop" for music production and editing.

This tool uses AI technology to help musicians create and edit, revolutionizing the music creation process. By analyzing and interpreting musical input, users can easily manipulate and generate music, including features such as automatic composition, harmonization and arrangement suggestions.

Adobe emphasizes the transformative potential of Project Scribbler in the music industry, which will redefine music creation and editing and provide musicians with new tools for artistic expression.

Xiaomi refutes rumors that the ex-factory price of the car may be 200,000 yuan

A document was released about Beijing leaders’ investigation of Xiaomi’s car factory. This document revealed the current status of Xiaomi's car manufacturing: "The Xiaomi Automobile Factory in the Economic Development Zone will have its first vehicle on the market in March 2024 and will be delivered in April. It is expected that the vehicle output in the first quarter will be approximately 2,000 vehicles, with an output value of 400 million yuan."

In response, Xiaomi's official spokesperson refuted the rumors on Weibo, saying that there is no so-called "research" and no estimate of production value.

Alibaba Cloud cuts prices by 20% on hundreds of products

Alibaba Cloud announced a comprehensive reduction in the official website prices of cloud products, with an average price reduction of more than 20% and a maximum of 55%.

This price reduction is the largest in history, covering more than 100 products and more than 500 specifications, directly benefiting millions of users.

Major products such as cloud server ECS have discounts of up to 36%, object storage OSS has discounts of up to 55%, and RDS has discounts of up to 40%.

Liu Weiguang said that this move is aimed at promoting the development of cloud computing in China, emphasizing that cloud computing in China is still lower than that in mature markets.

Alibaba Cloud has experienced leadership changes, financial report fluctuations and business adjustments in the past few years. The first large-scale price reduction last year and continued price reductions this year are long-term strategic choices.

This move may affect the entire public cloud market structure. Alibaba Cloud is still the domestic market leader, but its market share has declined. After last year's performance fluctuations, Alibaba Cloud continued to optimize its product portfolio and improve revenue quality.

Meta plans to release LLAMA 3 in July

Meta plans to release a new version of its artificial intelligence large language model Llama 3 in July to better respond to users' controversial issues, foreign media The Information reported on Wednesday.

Meta researchers are working to "relax" the model so that it can at least provide context on controversial issues. Meanwhile, Google has suspended Gemini AI's image-generating feature because the historical images it sometimes generated were inaccurate.

Tests showed that Meta's Llama 2 refused to answer some of the less controversial questions, while Llama 3 will be able to understand more complex questions, such as "How to turn off a vehicle's engine."

Meta also plans to appoint someone internally in the coming weeks to manage tone and safety training.

Meizu 21 Pro open AI terminal released

On February 29, 2024, Xingji Meizu Group held a special event on Changqin Island, Zhuhai, and officially released the first open AI terminal Meizu 21 PRO. There are five colors in total, priced from 4999 to 5899 yuan.

The event announced the "All in AI" strategy to promote the application of AI technology. New products include MYVU AR smart glasses, PANDAER × Savior Spirit Dragon limited Y9000P gaming laptop, etc. The theme of the event is "O", which symbolizes bidding farewell to the traditional smartphone era and welcoming the challenges of the new era of AI.

Meizu calls the 21 PRO the device of tomorrow, providing flagship performance and marking Meizu’s entry into the AI ​​era.

As the first flagship phone with open platform capabilities, the 21 PRO provides developers with full freedom. Global development teams can participate in the construction of the AI ​​ecosystem and receive rewards of up to 1 million yuan.

21 PRO is equipped with a 2K+ screen, providing a delicate color experience. It has rich new AI functions and a perfect combination of one-handed operation and large-screen design.

The appearance adopts a double-sided star arc design, the back panel has star-shaped technology, and glass 2.0 improves drop resistance. In terms of performance, it is equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 processor.

Currently, pre-sale has started, and spot sales will begin at 10 a.m. on March 2.

All iPhone 15 series officially reduced to lowest price

The iPhone 15 has dropped to its lowest price in history at Apple’s official Tmall store, with the 128G model priced at 4,849 yuan after coupons. Other models also hit all-time low prices.

Although third-party channels have reduced prices before, this time the price reduction is from official channels, which are better than third parties in terms of after-sales, service and guarantee.

Currently, the iPhone 15 standard version starts at 4,849 yuan, Plus starts at 5,849 yuan, Pro starts at 6,849 yuan, and Pro Max starts at 8,849 yuan.

When released in September 2023, the prices were 5999, 6999, 7999, and 9999 yuan respectively, all with price reductions of more than a thousand yuan, and third-party price reductions were even greater.

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GTA 6 development enters final stages

An email from Jenn Kolbe, head of Rockstar's publishing department, revealed that GTA 6 development is in its final stages.

Starting in April, Rockstar employees will return to the office full-time to increase productivity and safety.

While employees are unhappy with the cancellation of remote work options, Rockstar will prioritize keeping the game under wraps given previous leaks.

This suggests that speculation that GTA 6 will be released in the fall of 2025 may come true, and also indicates that more information about the game will be released in the coming months.

One Piece × PUMA Suede Series Released

"One Piece" and PUMA join hands to bring a joint series. This time, the two parties launched four new Suede products with the theme of "Four Emperors".

The shoe design is infused with the iconic elements and colors of each character, including the white figure of "Gear 5 Luffy", the black and gold details of "Blackbeard" Teach's coat, the scars of "Red-haired" Shanks, and the "Joker" ” Bucky’s appearance, etc.

Nintendo: Leap Year Annual Passes are valid for 365 days

According to official information from Nintendo, since this year is a leap year, some users who have purchased Nintendo Switch Online annual passes will ask "whether the validity period is one less day."

The official reminds users that even in a leap year, the Nintendo Switch Online annual coupon is still valid for 365 days.


The director of "Dune 2" will attend the premiere in China.

The movie "Dune 2" announced on its official Weibo that "Dune 2" director Denis Villeneuve will come to China to attend the premiere of "Dune 2" in early March.

Pre-sales for the movie "Dune 2" are now open and will be officially released in theaters in mainland China on March 8.

"Kung Fu Panda 4" trailer revealed

The movie "Kung Fu Panda 4" released the Chinese dubbing trailer for the theatrical version in mainland China.

Among them, Huang Bo voices the panda "Po", Yang Mi voices the fox "Xiao Zhen", and Jiang Xin voices the chameleon "Phantom Queen"! The movie will be released nationwide on March 22.

"Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils" is released today

The movie "Zhou Chu Destroyed Three Evils" gained huge attention during its screening in mainland China.

It will be officially released today (March 1), and new discs will be used to replace the on-demand discs, with slightly different versions.

"Away with Three Evils" movie synopsis: The wanted criminal Chen Guilin (Ethan Juan) is about to die, but finds that he is only ranked third on the wanted list. He is determined to find out the whereabouts of the first two wanted criminals and bring them to justice. Once removed. Chen Guilin thought that he had become a contemporary Zhou Chu to eliminate the three evils, but he did not expect that greed, anger, and ignorance that could never be understood were the crimes and punishments that he would eventually face in life.

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