Virtual reality and much more: what future for the gaming world

The world of online gaming has seen the introduction of numerous innovations in recent years, which have led users to live increasingly complete and compelling experiences. Progress, however, does not stop and many other interesting innovations are planned for the near future: let's see together which ones.

The impact of the web on the world of videogames

Before going into the details of what will be the most important innovations of the next few years in the world of gaming, it is interesting to observe what has happened in recent times and how much technologies such as the internet before and the development of mobile devices have changed the way of experiencing the game. in a very short time.

If until a few years ago, in fact, video games were mostly the prerogative of fans , who delighted in their favorite pastimes at home via PC and console, the innovations mentioned above have led to a real revolution, with the spread of games that can be played online even in multiplayer , i.e. simultaneously with other users, even from smartphones and tablets, all by simply using the internet connection.

The world of gaming is evolving more and more allowing users around the world to have fun, thanks to augmented reality.
The world of gaming is evolving more and more allowing users around the world to have fun, thanks to augmented reality.

This has opened up completely unimaginable opportunities until recently, with the success of portals dedicated to online gaming and the spread, thanks to apps for mobile devices, of some categories of video games even to users less accustomed to technology.

Cloud gaming: what is it all about?

One of the news we hear about most often today is cloud gaming. By "cloud" (ie "cloud") , in general, today we mean a virtual space in which it is possible to store data and information: to be clear, a server on the network that allows the storage of files and other contents without the need for have a physical disk, as happens for example with Dropbox services or with data backup solutions provided by leading smartphone and tablet manufacturers.

Cloud gaming is nothing more than the same concept applied to the world of video games, that is an online space where games are stored and to which users can connect at any time to participate in them. If in the past the game was linked to the purchase and use of cartridges, floppies, CDs or other media, today everything travels on the net and anyone can choose their favorite pastime simply by accessing the web. A phenomenon already partially active, that of cloud gaming will certainly be the protagonist in the future of the sector: just think that recently even Google has launched its cloud gaming service , called Stadia, which presents itself as an incredible element of break with the old modes diffusion of video games.

Virtual and augmented reality for ever more complete experiences

The real “next big thing” in the gaming world seems to be, however, made up of virtual reality and augmented reality, real innovations ready to upset the sector. Considered until some time ago almost something of science fiction, virtual reality is now a certainty, ready to offer gamers increasingly complete and, in fact, realistic experiences.

Augmented reality headsets are an example of how technology can be used to fully enjoy the experience of amateur gaming
Augmented reality headsets are an example of how technology can be used to fully enjoy the gaming experience.

Taking advantage of the special viewers, virtual reality allows you to enter the proposed scenario in first person and to move exactly as if you were part of that parallel world, transforming the simple game into an experience to be lived.

Among the portals now ready to use virtual reality for playful activities, those related to the world of casinos and poker stand out. Precisely this sector, which despite being linked to a strongly traditional category of games has been able to move well in advance on many aspects of innovation, is in fact at the forefront of the introduction of VR technologies for participation in live tournaments as well as games individual, with the aim of transporting the player even more in a more realistic setting.

Not only digital casinos, however, are at the door to kick off a massive use of virtual reality: categories of games such as sports or so-called MOBAs, for example, are among those that could most benefit from the potential of these systems. , as well as in other sectors far from gaming – see museums and tourism – VR technology opens up to increasingly interesting and engaging scenarios.

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