Videogame for Mac: many news concerning Mac owners gamers

Have you ever heard of gaming on Mac? Probably not and this is because in recent years there have been no Mac versions of the most popular and played video games. But that wasn't always the case. Few people know that PC gaming was born on Mac or, better, on Apple computers. Here is how it really went.

Video games for Mac: the origins of Apple gaming

In the past, Apple computers did not have a system incompatible with third-party programs, or that had not been written properly for them, and they enjoyed graphics superior to their direct competitors; so it was natural that this platform was favored for gaming . At a certain point, however, Apple decided to close like a hedgehog and focus everything on a somewhat closed system and which therefore did not allow the execution of programs that had not been written specifically for this system. And so followed a long period of oblivion with few releases that even had a version dedicated to the Mac system.

We also add the fact that, while in the case of compatible PCs it is possible to adapt the hardware to your needs, for example by adding more performing video cards (just to mention the most popular modification in the gaming field), in the case of Macs it is not possible. intervene on the hardware of the machine, which makes them intrinsically "limited" to the potential established by the manufacturer.

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From Civilization to Sparta War of Empires

So it's easy to see how Mac users were more than thrilled when Civilization VI came out. After some time a milestone of strategic games was finally available right away for the MacOS system . It goes without saying, therefore, that the success was enormous.

Macs, however, continue to be a "niche": both the prices, which are on average higher, and the closed system, make them significantly lower, in terms of quantity, compared to classic and more accessible personal computers.

However, this has not limited the diffusion of games for Mac and today it is possible to find a good variety of games also for this operating system, above all thanks to the versions available via browser game. Among the most loved games we certainly find Sparta War of Empires , a strategic game set in ancient Greece. Although it is not a video game with particularly advanced graphics, it is in fact technically a 2d, it boasts beautiful landscapes with pleasant animations, features that become even more appreciable if you think that it is a free game .

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An increasingly open system?

It must be said that, although the Mac hardware would not prohibit certain games from running, computers whose operating system is MacOS have never been considered as gamers' computers.

Gaming and Mac, so they can get along well together, but if your main goal is to buy a Mac to play with, maybe it's best to consider. Another matter is if you have a Mac for a completely different purpose, but you wouldn't mind being able to play with it.

As far as gaming is concerned, it seems that, finally, even those who have a Mac can enjoy the most popular games of the moment. So can we think that Mac is becoming a more open system in order to better embrace the evolution of virtual reality? At the moment it still does not seem like this: with the launch of the new products there does not seem to be any news in this respect (and indeed, we still remember the well-known dispute between the EU and Apple for battery chargers). However, it must be said that many digital distribution platforms are trying to meet Mac users who are certainly not few and who so far seemed to be snubbed by the software houses, engaged in the development of video games.

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