Video number live streaming view is low? The public account will solve this problem

If you often read the pictures and texts of the official account, it is easy to find a new change-the official account and the video account live broadcast are connected.

Simply put, after you enter the subscription account information flow, you will see a prominent official account live broadcast button, click to enter the live broadcast room, and this time the live broadcast button is displayed in more places than expected, except for the frequent reading at the top In addition to the prominent button labels in the column, there are corresponding displays in the push information stream and the official account homepage.

There will also be a corresponding official account button in the lower left corner of the video room, and you can also enter the official account by clicking it. Currently, both the Android and iOS terminals of WeChat support this function.

This is obviously a huge traffic entrance, allowing many users who originally only have the habit of reading pictures and texts to further enter the live broadcast ecosystem. At the same time, it is also conducive to official account authors to better build their own video accounts and drive the migration of fans.

Yesterday, the video number Pan Luan just caught up with the feature update during the live broadcast. Under the influence of the new live broadcast reminder button, the live broadcast room set a new record. More than 200,000 people watched it. Obviously, the new update is for creators with unique styles. , Is a direct and effective way of live streaming.

Wechat has laid a lot for the connection between the official account and the video account. From the early video account content, the official account graphic link is embedded, the official account graphic inserts the video account content, and the official account inserts the video account live broadcast trailer card. The latest official account is bound to the video account.

▲ After the official account is bound to the video account, the official account entrance will appear on the video account homepage

The mutual binding is one of the prerequisites for realizing the connection between the official account and the video account. So far, the video account has been able to connect most of the WeChat ecosystem traffic such as official accounts, mini programs, and communities. This is for creators. It is undoubtedly a new bonanza.

Every time this kind of function that connects products in WeChat goes online, it will trigger a wave of new operations. This time is no exception. There have been many official accounts that have fixed time to promote readers’ reading habits and strengthen readers’ reading habits. the relationship between.

Although the official account information flow is no longer in strict chronological order, the habit is still there. For creators who have both an official account and a video account, it is also current to set the push time and the live broadcast time to a similar time period. One of the mainstream operations.

In this way, a single WeChat push can attract many viewers. This is a new type of live broadcast promotion method in addition to appointment cards and community push. The continuous live broadcast of the official account like Peace Elite is equivalent to opening up a continuous traffic portal.

As for more new gameplay, it is up to the authors of the official account to develop it.

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