Victoria’s Secret Angel is outdated, and now the most popular “strong” models with fat

It's another day late for Rihanna to release a new song. Since her lingerie brand Savage X Fenty is already looking for an IPO, what could be more fun than releasing an album?

Of course, there is a sentence in front of the new King Dangli: "The old king is dead." The other side of the rise of new underwear brands is the suspension of the Victoria's Secret show, the decline in stock prices, and the decline in sales. A tragic word sums up the overall situation. The new brands in the rising period focus on inclusivity and authenticity, and will invite models of different statures, and Victoria's Secret, which has turned its bow and started to follow up, has also invited plus-size models. There is no doubt about what the trend is.

Therefore, if you see that a clothing brand chooses a model with goodbye meat and a small belly, you can also sigh that this brand is enough to keep pace with the times and the trend is close enough.

Plus-size models are coming, and window display cabinets are also plus-size

Models are often used to describe beauties with A4 waists, who tend to be slender and tall, with well-proportioned breasts and hips.

It's not that they are not beautiful, but this kind of beauty is too far away from ordinary people. Therefore, the admiration of "devil's body" by mainstream public opinion and commercial brands has also become the devil itself-they make ordinary people who are mediocre feel inferior.

It’s just that users will get tired of it. When the concept of perfect body launched by the brand is no longer attractive, or the user is getting farther and farther from the definition of perfection, everyone will lie down. While lying flat, I went to buy those brand products whose promotion concept is not so far away. Just like Huang Ling sang in "Devil's Body":

Regardless of the presence of weight, regardless of beauty barriers.

Be yourself, whether you like it or not, it's up to you.

Instead of saying that the user is lying flat, it is better to say that the user does not want to look at the L size they need and wear it on a model that is more than enough for XS. It's a pointless model display that doesn't help anyone who really wants to buy it.

▲ Even if you put on Victoria's Secret underwear, you also understand that your figure is not like the picture

Then the first plus-size model appeared. The model at the entrance of a shopping mall in Shanghai has a small belly like yours. It is not as exaggerated as a pregnant belly, but pants that are too close-fitting still inevitably have a convex arc. There are also bye-bye meat on the arms. These little fats that are eaten in one bite will not sway slightly when exercising like you, because the model itself is still.

This model is a good example of what it would look like to wear the brand's clothing in a close-to-normal body. After someone shared the photo of this model on a public platform, it quickly aroused discussion, and many platforms directly referred to this particular model as a "strong model".

But to be fair, this is even a medium-sized figure, far from being strong.

It's just that this kind of model that is slightly close to ordinary people is enough to surprise people. Compared with the original model with almost no meat, it has made ordinary consumers feel friendly.

This is also a model that has received a lot of praise and attention – just because it has a little more meat, many people like it.

Previously, the model's legs were thinner than my arms, which was not at all realistic.

A model that looks good in clothes like this must look good on me too!

I doubt it's done as I do, and the evidence is solid.

This body is so good! The proportion is appropriate and the meat is full, and it is recommended to promote it nationwide.

Brands that fight against body anxiety are getting more and more popular

Victoria's Secret's annual show was canceled, and the appearance of meaty models in mall stores was met with praise. If you are a Victoria's Secret audience, you may be puzzled, what's wrong with this world? Do you not like to see beautiful women?

But everyone loves to see beautiful women, but more and more users don't want to agree that only that is beautiful.

Modeling is a job, and maintaining a standard slender body is one of their jobs, so they can spend a lot of time in fitness, shape, and diet. It also takes a lot of time and energy for ordinary people to achieve less than 18% body fat, but very few people spend their spare time on fitness.

▲ Keeping in shape is also part of a model’s job

While thinking about losing weight, I can't resist the temptation of fried chicken. I know that I need to exercise, but I can only sit for a long time at work. This is the normal state of ordinary people, so most of them "rise up" and stop selling us the illusion of perfection with those harsh data. We are fine now.

Rihanna's brand, Savage X Fenty, took off in this change. The development period of this brand that has suddenly emerged can almost directly correspond to the decline period of Wei Mi, which once promoted the perfect body. Basically, Victoria's Secret, a declining brand, doesn't do anything, it does what it does.

Ed Razek, the former chief marketing officer of L-Brands, the parent company of Victoria's Secret, once said in an interview that transgender models and plus-size models should not appear in the brand's annual underwear show, because underwear shows should "give people fantasy". Ed Razek, who doesn't think transgender and plus-size models can be fanciful, drew outrage and was forced to apologize publicly.

▲ Savage X Fenty show style is different

On the other hand, the Savage X Fenty underwear show, its models are a group of different types of women, not only plus-size models, but also transgender, disabled… The display of these models shows the diversity and inclusiveness of the brand. Its product design is also different from Victoria's Secret. Not only the underwear has the size of 32AA-44DD, but the underwear also has XS-3XL, focusing on the needs of slim women.

Even the meaty models who have only recently gained attention in China, Rihanna tried it on her own clothing brand Fenty in 2019. At that time, the still model with a slightly raised belly also received a lot of praise on social networks, and many plump users liked it one after another.

▲ Fenty's plus-size model

The founder's own experience also makes the brand's positioning very tenable, because she has never been the skinny singer. When he gained weight, he was also attacked by reporters who "looked like 180 pounds (about 81 kilograms)" like wearing a sumo suit. So when creating an underwear brand, her speech is more convincing:

I want my brand to represent all women. I want every woman on my show to have a different energy, they represent different races, body types, and different stages and cultures of women.

▲ Rihanna has also been evaluated as wearing a sumo suit

Different from Fenty, whose founder's tonality is very suitable, it is highly praised for doing a little innovation. Brands like Nike will still cause great controversy.

Nike placed a fatter model in the London store for display, and compared to the "strong" model mentioned above, it is a true plus-size model – it seems that it needs to lose weight properly for health.

Tanya Gold, a reporter for The Telegraph, said: "By every angle, the model is fat and can't run in a Nike tracksuit. She's more of a pre-diabetic patient and on her way to a hip replacement. on the way." Tanya believes that the appearance of this model represents that the war against obesity has failed, and Nike is telling everyone that obesity is right.

▲ The plus-size model at the Nike London point

But there are more people who go against the reporter's point of view. They think that this is discrimination against fat people. This kind of thinking thinks that fat people are not worthy of sports.

Most people think this is a good change, telling everyone that exercise will not make you the perfect body right away, but you can still enjoy the joy of exercise. There are also many people who go to the store where plus-size models are placed, and take photos with this uncommon model.

Users are showing their support for brands with great diversity and inclusion in action.

▲ The user punches in the plus-size model

When BM becomes popular, it "disappears", and users have to please themselves

Just the opposite of this wave is Brandy Melville, which exploded in China last year. It can be said that it has come to the opposite of the trend of the times. What inclusivity, diversity? We don't need it, we insist on One Size Fits All (one size fits all), if you don't like it, just say you don't fit our brand.

BM is very similar to the previous Victoria's Secret, taking the perfect body route. Even in the circulating BM girl height and weight table, a 175cm girl should be 55kg, which is also an average weight among Victoria's Secret models. Even though many people think it represents a narrow aesthetic, there are still many users who tuck themselves into this small size to show off their figure.

▲ BM girl

Two years after the explosion of BM, more and more real voices began to appear. Some people say that its design can't even compare to Forever 21, and its quality can't compare to HM. Many clothes are completely one-off, and their popularity depends entirely on marketing. Others have directly turned it into a PUA brand, gaining user loyalty by fighting against those who can't fit in BM.

The hottest days are over, and BM's marketing magic is on the wane. In the first half of this year, BM directly closed its official website in China, saying that "based on the impact of the epidemic, the official website and app will be temporarily closed from now on." However, the epidemic has always made online e-commerce more popular, and BM closed because of the epidemic. The official website and app are even more strange.

This may also be the epitome of users' gradual loss of interest in the body issues created by single-size brands like BM.

There are countless data to prove that people who can penetrate into BM are always in the minority. It's just that these few consumers are always more willing to share their lives on social media, which also makes the real needs of most consumers ignored.

According to Racked, 5.08% of plus-size models are at New York Fashion Week this year, a huge improvement over past fashion weeks. But 5.08% is far from enough when compared to the group that actually wears clothes. In the apparel industry in the U.S., a size 14 is generally considered plus-size to begin with, and Plunkett Research found that 68% of U.S. women wear a size 14 and above.

When more than half of women wear clothing that is called plus-size, clothing makers can start to wonder if their sizing is the problem. And when the plus size has begun to become the average "one size", the plus size women's clothing market will be more prosperous.

▲ image description. Picture from: xxx plus size model

It can be frustrating to realize that "I will never be able to be as thin as a model in my life", but there is some comfort in watching a model's body gradually become more human. At least you will know that there is not only one standard perfect body in this world. Your limbs are not so slender, but you do not meet the standard of obesity. As long as you feel beautiful, that is the best body.

So the new models we see also have small bellies and goodbye meat, and they are not in the best shape all the time – just like you and me around you.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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