VAIO’s new SX12 experience: small but beautiful, light and versatile

At the beginning of this year, VAIO released the new flagship VAIO Z, and the strong personality of Japanese notebooks has been intensively displayed. It is its mission to achieve lightness and thinness in the same size.


It is true that it has done it, but it was exchanged with a two-letter and five-digit high price. For most consumers, the experience threshold is too high. By the end of the year, VAIO will offer users a surprise. The specific methods It is to bring that personality to the SX12 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the new SX12), and recreate a seemingly ordinary business notebook that can be used everywhere.

Rich Japanese style

When I first started using this machine, I was really shocked by its small size. With a 12.5-inch screen and a weight of 947 grams, VAIO set a distinctive tone for it: a small and beautiful mobile office tool. .

This new SX12 inherits part of the appearance design of VAIO Z. The A side adopts a layered design with a reinforced antenna. There is a small or small VAIO logo in the center of the front. The entire carbon fiber panel presents a blue-purple color. This is called "Sheng Sei" in Japan.

At the bottom of it is a golden decorative strip extending from left to right, which looks like the rear wing of a sports car, protruding and high-profile.

There are two transparent rubber protrusions at the tail of the decorative strip. When I open the cover, the shaft sinks. The rubber protrusions can just lift the tail of the machine up and form a small angle of about 10° with the desktop. In view of the fact that there is no D surface at the bottom Air intake / cooling vents, so this design is more likely to fit ergonomics. The new SX12 slightly lifts the key surface to make typing easier, again emphasizing its mobile office attributes.

▲ It is easy to open the lid with one hand

Its B side is a 12.5-inch full HD screen with a not too narrow forehead, which contains a 2.07 million pixel camera, infrared sensor and noise reduction microphone. The new SX12 thus has a Windows Hello face Humanized functions such as recognition and black screen when leaving the seat.

In addition, there is a curtain door switch on the top of the camera, and the user can manually block the camera to completely avoid the possibility of privacy leakage. VAIO considers that users like me may always block the camera, which will affect the efficiency of face recognition and unlocking. Therefore, the new SX series is equipped with a fingerprint recognition function. The recognition module is integrated on the switch key. It feels more convenient than face recognition.

There is an air inlet at the shaft, the caliber is small, the advantage is that it is not easy to enter the dust; the disadvantage is also obvious, the new SX12 runs at high power, the fan noise is louder, and thanks to this relatively aggressive cooling strategy, the new SX12 is in In most cases, the control of heat is very good.

In addition, the interface configuration of VAIO this time is both modern and practical. There is no simple and rude switch to the USB-C interface. It can be seen that it has been well thought out.

Because the left side of the fuselage is set as a heat dissipation vent, it occupies a large space, so there is only one keyhole, one USB-A and one 3.5mm audio interface on the side; there are two Thunderbolt 4 interfaces on the right side , A network cable interface, an HDMI 2.0 interface and a USB-A.

This basically caters for the usual interface needs of business people, but for me, maybe multiple SD card slots will be more divided.

Next is the C surface that users touch the most. The gaps between the keys are arranged properly, and it is not easy to cause false touches. When we look closely, we will find that the keycaps are slightly recessed, just to hold the fingers, and minimize long-time tapping input. Of fatigue.

The keystroke is moderate but the hand feel is soft, and the keyboard backlight module has been redesigned to prevent light leakage and not glaring at night. However, the touchpad area is slightly smaller and cannot be pressed. It is a little troublesome for us to operate. Fortunately, the texture of pressing the left and right buttons is acceptable, which is a plus.

The new SX12 basically replicates the design ideas of VAIO Z: wide forehead, high tail lift, modern interface configuration, and MIL-STD-810H level protection certification. While reducing weight, the carbon fiber top plate strengthens the fuselage. The official claims this machine Passed the drop test at a height of 127cm from the ground, indicating that at least in the face of unexpected scenes that can be encountered in daily life, the new SX12 can easily cope with it.

Keep up with the mainstream

VAIO's hardware configuration on the new SX12 is very kind. The processor is equipped with the 11th-generation Core i5, and all systems have obtained Intel EVO certification, which means that it is also equipped with the Iris Xe integrated display.

And the specifications of the "Sheng Se" version in hand are as follows

Processor: Core i7-1195G7, silent frequency: 2.90GHz
Graphics card: Intel Xe Torch Memory: 32GB Dual channel capacity: 2TB
System: Windows 11 Professional Edition Features: Windows Hello, privacy camera, 180° opening and closing

What kind of experience is it to be fully configured on a small, extremely thin and light business notebook? In short, when the new SX12 opens more applications, I feel at ease, after all, it has 32GB of memory as a firm foundation for multitasking.

▲ The continuous read speed of the hard disk can reach 5.3G/sec, and the continuous write speed can reach 3.15G/sec

And when I want to use professional software such as Ps or Lr for light-to-moderate design work, it can also do it. Maybe you may find that small screens can’t afford this kind of design work. Then connect the monitor. I’m in the company and This is done at home, and it is convenient to have a full-size HDMI interface.

But I prefer the screen that comes with it. The color display is accurate. The test result with Spyder X Elite shows that the screen color gamut reaches 98% sRGB and the color range is wide, which provides a basis for design work.

In addition, the surface of this screen is covered with a thin matte layer to reduce the impact of reflections on the look and feel of the screen. At least I can see the content on the screen clearly when outdoors.

Now that the new SX12 has been certified by Intel EVO, I also want to try its limit. In addition to running points, I even used it to play "CS:GO". It can run smoothly in medium quality mode. It's okay to play at least two games.

▲ Running scores in performance mode after power-on

Of course, I use the game to test it, not as a game notebook, I just want to know if I can take it on a business trip and play two in a hurry. Facts have proved that it can meet my small requirements.

Earlier, I called it a small and beautiful mobile office tool. It does live up to expectations. It is not difficult to commute with it. The small size can even be put in a tote bag by me, even if I encounter customers during shopping on weekends. For urgent needs, just find a place to sit down and start work immediately.

This sounds a bit sour, but considering that the line between life and work of most people is becoming blurred, 12 hours a day on standby has become the new normal. In this way, computers like the new SX12 may be It is the most suitable tool for most office workers.

Lightweight office is still the ultimate mission of the SX series

Finally, let’s talk about battery life. Its 12.5-inch body size has been replaced by thinness and lightness while discarding large-capacity batteries.

The new SX12 has a built-in 53Wh lithium battery, the capacity is really not that big, but the official claims can support up to 15.5 hours of video playback.

However, as we all know, the official data is for reference only. In actual use, the endurance performance of the new SX12 is similar to that of the previous generation. Under moderate and mild tasks such as browsing pages, playing streaming media, and codewords, it can survive 7 For more than an hour, I can do without a charger during a short business trip. Moreover, both Thunderbolt ports can be charged. If I bring a large-capacity power bank during my business trip, I can recharge it.

▲ The factory is Windows 11 Professional Edition system

The new SX12 comes with a 65W original gallium nitride power adapter, which is lighter in weight, but still larger than a third-party charger of the same specification, so I personally recommend buying a more powerful multi-port charger for business trips. You can charge it and your mobile phone at the same time to reduce the burden on business trips as much as possible.

VAIO has also tailored some special features for business people. For example, after opening the B/C side of the new SX 12 to 180°, press Fn + number 2 to flip the content displayed on the screen, making it easier to sit and follow. Share PPT or other content with the customers opposite you. This function may be more useful for the new SX14 equipped with a touch screen.

In general, VAIO's transformation of the new SX12 is not unsuccessful. From the design to the configuration to the interface, it emphasizes practicality. In some small details of the workflow, it still retains the style of a Japanese notebook.

Perhaps such a VAIO can gain the hearts and minds of more people.

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