VAIO Servant 14 Experience: About making the notebook lightweight

When I wrote about the VAIO SX12, a computer with a 12.5-inch screen and an i5 weighing only 899 grams, at the beginning of the year, I gave this computer a definition: the body is extremely light and the interface is extremely complete.

Many computers can be said to have a light body and complete interfaces, but it is not easy to name the word "extreme", but the SX12 is indeed hard to meet in these two dimensions, so it has the title of "business travel artifact". And VAIO has the first say in making notebooks lighter. After making thin and light notebooks lighter, they began to think about how to make notebooks lighter.

This is VAIO Servant 14.

The number 14 has two meanings on this model: the screen size is 14 inches, and the body weight is about 1.4kg.

Seeing the weight of 1.4kg, many people must have started to murmur: How can the weight of more than one kilogram be light? After the release of the 11th generation Core, many manufacturers have already released notebooks under one kilogram.

Just like the phrase "If you have to add a deadline for this love, I hope it will be 10,000 years", I also have an analogy: If you have to make a notebook weigh 1.4 kg, I want to add a GTX1650Ti graphics card.

Regarding light thinking, VAIO has never stopped

Without comparison, there is no harm. Without comparison, we can hardly feel the weight of a notebook with a GTX1650Ti mid-range discrete graphics card.

Let's open and select the 1650Ti graphics card. You will find that notebooks using this graphics card are generally 15.6-inch gaming laptops, which weigh between 2.2kg and 2.5kg, which is basically one heavier than VAIO 14 Around kilograms. Many people think that one kilo is nothing, until he needs to lose one kilo of fat.

Of course, this comparison is not fair. After all, most of those four or five kilograms of game laptops use standard pressure processors, and secondly, they are 15.6 inches larger.

Look for the best target in terms of weight. Of course, it is Apple's latest MacBook Pro 13, which weighs 1.4kg. If users of MacBook Pro 13 do not feel burdened when they commute with it, VAIO 14 is naturally the same.

▲ Through the hollow, you can see the fan and heat pipe

Speaking of this, many people may have to worry about whether the battery capacity and heat dissipation configuration will be castrated when the configuration is up and the weight is down. I just checked the parameters, and the VAIO 14 is still the mainstream configuration: four-core 49Wh battery, dual fans and three heat pipes for heat dissipation.

▲A noodles are not dust, they are sequins mixed in alloy, which will show small colored light spots in the sun

What may really bring about the weight change of the fuselage should be the choice of new fuselage materials. Compared with the traditional aluminum alloy that is relatively light, magnesium aluminum alloy is lighter in weight while ensuring the same level of strength and hardness.


At present, the main products sold by VAIO in China are SX12 and SX14, which are positioned as high-end business notebooks. That is to say, these two notebooks do PPT, write Word, and then process pictures or play general online games in low and medium quality. The problem is, but if you want to edit videos or play large-scale games, it is inefficient or impossible to rely on nuclear display. So this is the reason why Duxian joined.

The audience that VAIO Serves 14 faces is no longer business professionals in the absolute sense. Video workers, designers and light game players are more appropriate. Therefore, we can understand that in order to broaden the product line and the market, VAIO has made this category of thin and light performance notebooks. Thanks to the larger upgrade of the 11th generation Core and the addition of the mid-end exclusive display, to ensure that this notebook is good At the same time, through design and material selection, the weight is controlled, and a good balance is obtained between performance and portability: stronger than it is not lighter, lighter than it is not strong, in this weight range Unique performance in position.

How light is the performance?

Generally speaking, when paired with the GTX1650Ti graphics card, it is often a standard pressure processor, but the 11-generation Core i7-1165G7 with a 10nm process is already quite good, and it is even better in power consumption control. After all, VAIO The positioning of Shi 14 is not an orthodox game book, and the target user is not a hardcore game player.

This is definitely the "not accepting and running a point" link, which is still the PC MARK 10 software we are familiar with.

Before testing, first report the specific configuration of the test machine you get:

  • Processor: Intel 11th generation Core i7-1165G7, quad-core and eight-thread, default clocked at 2.8Ghz, turbo frequency at 4.7GHz
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz, reserved a card slot, can be expanded to 32GB
  • Hard Disk: 1TB PCIe SSD
  • Graphics card: Nvidia GTX1650Ti, video memory 4GB/ Intel Iris Xe set display
  • Battery: 90W AC power adapter, 49Wh four-cell battery
  • Screen: 1920×1080 resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, from BOE

In this benchmark software that measures the overall performance of a computer, the total score of VAIO 14 is 5379, which is quite good. It should be noted that VAIO Servant 14 comes with its own control software. In performance mode, it can indeed burst out good energy to do tasks with performance challenges.

Of course, in this mode, there will definitely be the phenomenon of body heating and fan spinning wildly.

When the computer is fully loaded, I use the noise measurement software that comes with the Apple Watch to stick to the air outlet. The maximum volume is just over 70 decibels (maybe not very accurate), which can be regarded as a bit noisy, one or two meters apart. Workplace colleagues will also be affected.

However, the faster the fan turns, the better the natural heat dissipation effect.

When the computer is also fully loaded, the temperature is measured by FLIR's thermal imager, and it can be seen that the C surface near the center of the air outlet is the highest temperature point, which is 43.9 degrees Celsius. Frankly speaking, at a room temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, the maximum heat generation is not bad, and the maximum temperature in the keyboard area is 42.7 degrees Celsius, and this is still the temperature of the C frame, not the temperature of the keycap. In fact, the tactile temperature of the keycaps here should be slightly higher than the body temperature, with a warm feeling, and will not cause discomfort.

Since it is equipped with a standalone display, the performance of the graphics card is also tested by the way. Of course, it is the Time Spy project of 3D Mark. The test score is 3762, which is the normal performance level of 1650Ti. It also shows that VAIO does not subtract power, memory and heat dissipation.

Finally, we tested this hard drive. Compared with the satisfactory PC Mark and 3D Mark running scores, the performance of this hard drive is slightly different from the VAIO SX12 standard hard drive we tested at the beginning of the year, which is the mainstream level in the market.

In general, in terms of performance and heat dissipation, VAIO 14 performs fairly well, suitable for users who need productivity.

In addition to being still light, the interface is still very complete

Continuing the tradition of VAIO products, the interfaces of VAIO 14 are still quite complete.

Compared with the SX12&SX14, which is the most compact and lightweight interface in history, the VAIO 14 is not much different in terms of completeness, except that the VGA video interface of the ancient era is removed.

Here are the types and numbers of its interfaces:

  • RJ45 wired network port × 1
  • Thunderbolt 4 interface (USB Type-C), can be connected to video, can be charged, can transmit data × 1
  • Non-Raiden USB Type-C × 1
  • USB 3.1 Type-A × 2
  • 3.5mm headphone and microphone combo interface × 1
  • HDMI video interface × 1
  • SD card slot × 1

As a codeword migrant worker, I actually don’t feel much about the major manufacturers cutting off the Type-A interface, but cutting off the SD card slot is always quite annoying, because the photos are transferred to the phone through the camera wireless network, and then from the phone to the computer The process is too cumbersome and inefficient. And the convenience and efficiency of direct SD card transmission is far through wireless network and software. I believe that photographers will have more experience, and it also confirmed the positioning of VAIO as a sharp tool for imaging workers. In addition, its 4K version of the screen has also passed the calibration of professional color agency Pantone, with 100% sRGB color gamut, image and design workers can give priority to this version.

It is certainly encouraged to be equipped with the latest Thunderbolt 4 interface, and it is also true that the two USB Type-A interfaces are not downgraded. The richness of the interface also makes it more convenient to transfer data and connect peripherals. After all, it is positioned as a productivity tool and part-time game notebook.

On the VAIO SX12, the most surprising feature to me is of course its compatibility with charging power: the charging can be triggered from a cell phone charger of 10W to a PD protocol fast charging of 65W. The difference is only the length of the charging time. .

However, on the VAIO server 14, the Thunderbolt interface can still be charged, but the compatibility of the charging power is not so strong. I tried many mobile phone chargers and failed to trigger the charging. Visual inspection only supports the PD protocol charging of 65W and above. It may be related to the performance model, too low power supply is difficult to meet the demand.

Thanks to the larger body, the interface distribution of the VAIO 14 is also sparser, and the left and right distributions are more even.

Although the front boasted its superiority in weight, its performance did not reach an excellent level in terms of body size control: the measurements were 323.9 mm×18.8 mm×226.3 mm. This size fits into the notebook compartment of a normal backpack without any problems, but it is a bit difficult to fit into a lady's handbag. Compare it with a 14-inch model.

There is a detail that needs to be mentioned. The workmanship of this notebook is quite delicate, and it has also changed many of the slots of the past VAIO models. On the classic VAIO S series models, the edges and corners are extremely sharp, which is visually sharp, but if you are not careful, you will be stinged. On the VAIO Servant 14, many chamfers became very round and tight, and there was no longer any pain when the body bumped with it accidentally.

Although it is a new model of the VAIO product line, there are still obvious VAIO genes in some places. For example, the green light of the power button is the inherited color of VAIO for more than ten years. The unique wide-spacing anti-misinput of the keyboard is also from the VAIO Z series. Yes, and the keyboard feels the same with a shorter keystroke and firmness, similar to the "black shaft" feel.

At this point, I can also make a summary. As a performance-oriented computer, VAIO 14 is actually quite popular at first glance, but just as its A-side magnesium-aluminum alloy is the kind of "colorful black", In addition to low-key, it is actually quite characteristic: 14 inches is still the usual size of thin and light notebooks, but VAIO is packed into the configuration of the game notebook, and the heat dissipation and performance are good. In light of this matter, VAIO has tried new possibilities. In terms of ease of use, it did not sacrifice the number and types of interfaces for simplicity in appearance.

Therefore, the word "reality" is still commensurate with this notebook. It cannot be deformed and turned, and it does not have the ultimate size and integrated appearance, but it is suitable for users who really need productivity, which is commonly known as "work machine."

In the plastic greenhouse of destiny, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too much pesticide has a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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