Vaccination certificate and Green Pass directly on smartphone

For some time now there has been talk of the possibility of a certificate designed specifically for those who have already received the vaccine for Covid-19 , those who have just carried out a swab with negative results or those who have already contracted the virus and are cured to circulate freely in the peninsula. The Minister for Digital Innovation Vittorio Colao has announced that it will come into force from 1 July in an official manner.

In the case of a certificate obtained following a negative swab, it will have a lower deadline, but the same value as the other two ways with which it can be obtained. The certificate will be issued by the region or by the competent ASL.

What is the vaccination certificate?

The so-called green pass will not be a passport , but a certificate , and will allow free circulation and the possibility of using various services. It will be issued in view of an EU Covid-19 Certificate valid in all EU countries and established by the European Union itself.

“We are happy with the results of the European version that we have already tested. It's a certificate, not a passport and maybe we won't even have to download it but a notification will arrive and whoever has the Io App will have it in there. "

Vittorio Colao

The Minister of Health: Roberto Speranza. Source: adnkronos

Minister Speranza, on the other hand, spoke by videoconference at the meeting of a group of EU health and European affairs ministers.

"More coordination is needed in view of the formal entry into force, from 1 July, of the Digital Green Certificate to encourage a safe resumption of the movements of European citizens".

Roberto Speranza

In some regions, cards that act as a "vaccine passport" have already been distributed , for example in Campania about 4 million cards have already been issued or ordered . According to President De Luca, the objective is to use this “passport” in order to relaunch entire economic sectors , particularly the tourism sector , which form the basis for the economy of many Italian regions .

How to get the pass and what will be possible to do

The green pass will allow you to participate in weddings and ceremonies and will be necessary to travel to Italy , allowing you to move between the orange and red regions and not only through the yellow and white regions. In particular, it will be conferred in the event of:

  • Vaccination against Covid-19 occurred;
  • Healing from Covid-19 infection;
  • Report of a rapid molecular or antigenic test for the detection of Covid-19 that reports negative results and that was performed in the previous 48 hours.

It will be issued in paper or digital format , in the form of a QR Code, and will also be available in the electronic health record of the person concerned. One of the many technological innovations aimed at fighting the spread of Covid-19 . Naturally, those who have already completed the complete vaccination course , upon the entry into force of the decree can request certification from the facility where they received the vaccine.

Furthermore, there is a novelty linked to the first dose of the vaccine , in fact, as reported in article 14, the green pass will be issued "even at the same time as the administration of the first dose of the vaccine and is valid from the fifteenth day following administration until the scheduled date. for the completion of the vaccination cycle " . While those who have completed the vaccination cycle will have a certificate with nine months of validity and those who are cured of the virus will have a certificate lasting six months . The duration in the case of a negative buffer is much shorter as it will be 48 hours.

The green certificate will be used , in addition to the ceremonies mentioned above, also to visit the elderly in retirement homes and , it is assumed, also to attend concerts and shows .

The European green pass

The European pass, on the other hand, or rather the European digital Covid certificate, as it has been renamed, will allow to restore greater freedom of movement in the EU, again starting next July.

The regulation will be effective once approved by the European Council and published in the EU Official Journal. The European Union, however, is not a federal state and has limited powers and cannot totally control the laws that restrict travel. The competences, in fact, remain mainly national and this inevitably entails complications at the legislative level, even if the certificate will be governed by a regulation, a provision that has the force of law in all States.

The green pass with the vaccination certificate represents a step towards the search for normality with an eye always turned to people's health with a view to being able to spend a quiet summer after the winter characterized by general lockdown.

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