Unreal Engine 5 with MetaHumans Creator: never so (photo) realistic

Almost a year has now passed since the first demo of Unreal Engine 5 released by Epic Games , and in a few months the new graphics engine developed by the US company will be officially available on the market. It is ready to present itself forcefully as the protagonist of the new generation of video games with the new MetaHumans Creator , as indeed were its predecessors.

Since the first development, which dates back to 1998, Epic Games' graphic engines have been a constant in videogame development thanks to their extreme versatility (initially, in fact, Unreal Engine 1 was designed exclusively for the Unreal shooter) and ease of use, while still guaranteeing an excellent graphic rendering. Unreal Engine 5 thanks to the new MetaHumans Creator tool will give the possibility to develop video games with increasingly photorealistic graphics .

MetaHuman Creator: a new innovative tool that will be available soon to create your MetaHuman in minutes.

These peculiarities are also the basis of the development of MetaHumans Creator , this modeling tool is extremely innovative and the goal of Epic Games is to provide a complex of tools to developers to reach peaks of realism never before seen. And the material released by the Carolina videogame development house .

A MetaHuman is a high quality digital character created and uploaded online to the cloud and can be downloaded like any resource. They consist of data collected in subfolders and can be immediately loaded into your game project.

Unreal Engine with MetaHumans: not so much "unreal"

MetaHumans Creator will allow you to create photorealistic human faces together with Unreal Engine 5. Photorealism is simply that ability of some products, not only video games, but also paintings for example, to reach a level that looks like photos (or videos) and to extension to somehow simulate reality.

Until now, one of the obstacles of photorealism had been the computing power and the need to have specially designed scanning structures, the US company has however stated that the tool will use the cloud as the main resource, guaranteeing all developers its use. On the other hand, as the official Unreal Engine website says:

Imagine in-game characters that will blow your players away, digital duplicates on the latest virtual production set that will stand up to close-up shots, virtual participants in immersive training scenarios you can't tell from reality – the possibilities for creators are limitless.

And looking at the photos and videos presented it is clear how the skilful use of shaders and textures allows to obtain digital characters with absolutely "human" features, not only from a static point of view, but also during the animations of facial expressions. The realism of the engine reaches very high levels when simulating details that give “character” to the human face: wrinkles, puckering of the lips, skin defects, etc.

With Unreal Engine 5 and Metahumans Creator Epic Games enters the next-gen by force.
With Unreal Engine 5 and Metahumans Creator Epic Games enters the next-gen by force.

Are we facing the future number one?

The technology of photorealism was widely used in movies, such as in Avatar, but in that case the computing power available was not indifferent, unlike what can happen to the average user. For this reason it will be necessary to wait for the first game images to understand the real effect it will have on the home consoles . It will also be necessary to understand the effective versatility of use and the breadth of the library made available to users. None of the trailers give clear information about the actual use of motion capture and therefore how everything can actually be integrated into the videogame development process.

Yet the company guarantees use with a PC running Windows 10 and an NVIDIA graphics card compatible with ray-tracing. It also provides specific Pose Assets for both male and female characters, which can be used during the development process. Whatever happens, we are facing the beginning of the new videogame era . If it is not thanks to Epic Games , we will soon have a real revolution that will involve the development and the gaming experience guaranteeing consumers an ever higher level of realism, a revolution that has already begun with the release of Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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