Universiade Motorcycles, which has entered the motorcycle manufacturing industry, will no longer have the chance to “take the world by storm”

The world is prosperous, and the motorcycle has great luck.

As the exclusive motorcycle supplier for the 2008 Olympic Games, Universiade Motorcycles has a high reputation in our country.

On the poster of Universiade Motorcycle that looks quite contemporary now, Cecilia Cheung is wearing a helmet and dressed in black, riding a Universiade motorcycle. Next to it is the autograph of "International Superstar: Cecilia Cheung". I'm afraid you don't know who this is. .

It is full of ancient flavor, but it also shows the hard power of money, which represents the profits brought by the high sales volume of Universiade motorcycles.

At its peak, Dayun was an enterprise with an annual output of 2 million motorcycles, 2.5 million engines, and annual export sales of 2 billion. In 2008, Universiade Motorcycles became the exclusive supplier of motorcycles for the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, enjoying great success.

After enjoying success in the motorcycle industry, Dayun moved into the heavy-duty commercial vehicle market. The shocking "truck hits a python" advertising segment made many people in front of the TV aware of Dayun heavy trucks.

We have built cars with two wheels, and we have also built cars with six or more wheels. Universiade will also be involved in the four-wheel passenger car market.

It's just that on the road of building "four wheels", Universiade has not yet found a broad road.

Aiming at the D-class luxury car market, Yuanhang’s ideals are very rich

On November 8, Yuanhang Y6 officially rolled off the production line, with a pre-sale price of 329,800-529,800 yuan.

First, let’s get to know Yuanhang and Yuanhang Y6.

Yuanhang, a new energy high-end brand under Universiade, at the 2022 Chengdu Auto Show, Yuanhang moved out 4 vehicles at once, all targeting the mid-to-high-end pure electric market. Four cars were lined up on the booth, with the words "Win the future with wisdom, Yuanhang Automobile" in big letters on the back.

Many cars are driving together with great fanfare. This scene can't help but remind people of the situation of a certain real estate car manufacturing power in those days.

Among the four cars, there is the Yuanhang Y6, which has just rolled off the production line. This is also the first car to roll off the assembly line. Yes, after a year, the four cars at the 2022 Chengdu Auto Show finally have one. The platform successfully landed.

According to expectations for 2022, this new car should have been launched in the middle of this year, but no matter what, it has arrived late.

From the appearance point of view, the overall design of the Yuanhang Y6 is rounded. The headlights are not the popular "squinting" linear lights, but the through-type taillights still continue the fine tradition of independent new energy vehicles. Needless to say, these taillights are also A bit like the old BYD Han.

Entering the car, the placement design of the instrument screen and central control screen is similar to that of NIO, but as a new car in 2023, the thick frame of the screen that can "run an aircraft carrier" still seems a bit underpriced.

But apart from that, the interior design of Yuanhang Y6, whether it is layout or color matching, at least does not fall into the "ugly" category. The "145° super large reclining Nappa leather seats" in the rear also have a luxury car feel.

Yuanhang Y6 currently offers two power configurations: single-motor rear-wheel drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive. The maximum power of the dual-motor four-wheel drive configuration reaches 500kW, and the fastest 0-100km/h only takes 3.5 seconds.

In terms of battery life, Yuanhang Y6 currently offers two battery capacities of 88kWh and 100kWh, with a CLTC cruising range of up to 810km and support for the 800V platform.

In addition, the Yuanhang Y6 also has a "Yuanhang Edition" equipped with a 150kWh battery pack and a CLTC cruising range of more than 1,000km, but this version is not currently displayed on the official website.

At present, Yuanhang Y6 does not have many customized configuration options. In addition to the model version, only the exterior and interior are available for optional options. After selecting, you will go directly to the ordering interface.

It is worth mentioning that on the rendering page of the interior, the front seats are missing, leaving only the floor with a similar carbon fiber pattern. Seeing this scene, whether his expression can be tense or not is another matter for now. He definitely can't sit still.

▲ Yuanhang Y6 official website rendering

What is more interesting than the parameters is the way the Yuanhang Y6 is built.

Perhaps because it doesn’t have much experience in building high-end passenger cars, the Yuanhang Y6 focuses on being equipped with all the good things that can be bought.

The car engine and cockpit system use Qualcomm 8155 and Ali Zebra AliOS smart cockpit respectively; the electrical architecture and assisted driving system are handled by Bosch.

Although it has nothing to do with the "self-developed" label that current new energy car companies love to create, the Yuanhang Y6 has still managed to build a new car with acceptable configurations by relying on the supply chain.

At the offline ceremony, Yuan Qinshan, chairman of Universiade Group, said this:

From the very beginning, we brought our suppliers together, integrated the best parts of them, and continued to improve them, rather than purely "borrowing" them.

But whether to take the essence and discard the dross, or to patch up a car, the market will give the answer.

The reality of newly built cars lacking brand building is very skinny

As a large sedan with a length of more than 5 meters, the Yuanhang Y6 positions itself as an "ultra-luxury D-class executive sedan." In some communications, we even saw comparisons with million-level executive sedans (to put it simply – It’s the Mercedes-Benz S-Class)

Of course, apart from the gimmicks, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is not a real competitor of the Yuanhang Y6. After all, on the level of unclear identity, there is not much comparison between the two.

The actual rivals of Yuanhang Y6 are independent brand high-end sedans such as NIO ET7.

However, even compared with Li Weipeng, Yuanhang Distance clearly still lacks a lot to become a mature new energy vehicle company.

Let’s move on to “use-ism”.

In the context of new energy car companies, "borrowingism" is definitely a derogatory term for treason and "violating the decision of our ancestors."

Only self-research is the vocabulary that has its own halo in this context.

With the trend of new cars pushing the definition of segmented products to new heights, self-research means that they are not affected by other supply chain companies to the greatest extent, and can also maximize the definition of products, and then get closer to consumer needs, which translates into sales and brand Tonality.

The so-called "involution" atmosphere in car manufacturing is essentially that consumers are becoming more stringent and have clear needs. If car companies do not involute, they will not be able to win the market. If you want to build a good car in the current sense, you can only rely on "self-research" to deeply define the product. It is also the market segment products promoted by self-research that promote the overtaking of the Chinese automobile industry.

The ideal "family", NIO's battery replacement and high-end products, and Xpeng's technology labels are all supported by self-research.

Gree Electric Appliances, which has recently become popular on social media, has long had the foresight to adopt "Mastering Core Technology" as its brand motto. In a sense, pure electric vehicles also belong to the category of electrical appliances, and naturally they must have Such awareness.

Not to mention that the narrative of "self-developed" already suits the appetite of many consumers. To put it bluntly, everyone is not willing to buy a new car from an "assembly factory" brand – even though all cars are assembled. of.

In such a fierce and high-investment market environment, it is difficult to create a "hot model" by relying solely on the supply chain.

For a "new" brand, it shouldn't be so harsh. New cars are blooming, the more the better. Consumers have more choices, the industry has injected more vitality, and automotive editors have more topics to choose from. It couldn't be better.

But the undeniable fact is that at this time, it is not easy for car companies like Dayun Yuanhang to enter the new energy vehicle manufacturing industry that have not yet completed brand building.

The automotive industry has never welcomed new players. For a long time before the explosion of new energy brands, almost no new mainstream brands were launched in the automotive industry. The so-called second half knockout is nothing more than the car-making industry gradually returning to its original appearance.

The other side of singing the "new energy second half" milestone is that the window to enter the car manufacturing industry has narrowed, the cost is high and the success rate is low. Even with the reputation and appeal of Xiaomi Motors, it is difficult to guarantee that the new car launched in 2024 will be a hit.

From the current point of view, Dayun's past success in commercial vehicles and motorcycles, apart from bringing some brand recognition with brainwashing advertising slogans, cannot bring much actual benefits to Yuanhang. Not to mention that it is now difficult for these two to create the glory that the Universiade once had.

From making motorcycles to making cars, there are two other car companies with similar trajectories to Universiade, one is called Lifan and the other is Geely.

Lifan's transformation was not successful. In 2018, Lifan transferred its entire car-making subsidiary to Li Auto, which obtained car-making qualifications. In 2022, Lifan and Geely, which also started out as a motorcycle manufacturer, jointly announced the joint establishment of Ruilan Automobile, successfully "selling themselves".

Nowadays, the story about Lifan, except for the anecdotes about Mr. Yin and his supercar, has dispersed with the wind, while Geely has become a backbone force in China's car manufacturing industry.

In the eyes of Universiade, voyage is the next auspicious sign of Nirvana and rebirth, but in the eyes of others, voyage may be more like the second Lifan.

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