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  • Uniqlo's flagship product, you can get it for free with a hug?
  • Apple may become the first major technology company to have equal representation of men and women on its board of directors
  • Change the height of the wheelchair just a little, and the feeling will improve a lot
  • Miu Miu launches recycled denim collection
  • Bookshop.org: an online book shopping platform that supports independent bookstores

Uniqlo's flagship product, you can get it for free with a hug?

The HeatTech thermal series, which has been around for more than 20 years, has already become part of Uniqlo's iconic products.

HeatTech's special fabric absorbs water vapor emitted by the human body and converts it into heat energy, thereby achieving a "self-heating" effect.

Obviously, in addition to HeatTech, which can keep you warm in the cold winter, a big hug can also do the trick.

In order to promote the concept of this series, UNIQLO France set up a magical machine "Hug to Unlock" on the streets of Paris – as long as people stand in a specific position and hug, the machine can be triggered to pop up HeatTech products.

In the promotional video, we can see that in addition to friends in the same group hugging at the "invitation" of the machine, strangers will also hug together out of curiosity to see what the machine will do.

The most unexpected thing is that maybe someone actually thought of standing at the unlocking point and hugging their dog.

As people hug, the "thermometer" on the machine will also rise from "warm" to "super warm" as the hug time gets longer – also echoing the different warmth levels of HeatTech products.

Although this machine is far away in Paris, when the first cold wave of 2024 is about to hit, we might as well find an "excuse" to give a warm hug to the people around us (cats/dogs/everything you love) .

Apple may become the first major technology company to have equal representation of men and women on its board of directors

Recently, Apple's board of directors has experienced rare changes: former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and former Boeing CFO James A. Bell both reached the age of 75 and officially announced their "retirement."

Apple's chosen successor candidate is Wanda Austin, the former CEO of Aerospace Corporation. This proposal will be voted on at the shareholders' meeting in February.

If the vote passes, Apple will become the first major technology company to have an equal number of men and women on its board of directors – four men and four men each.

The lack of diversity on the boards of Silicon Valley's biggest companies has long been criticized.

In 2014 , the average share of women on technology company boards was only 7.1%, the second-worst rate among all industries.

The board of directors plays a very important role between investors and CEOs, and the decisions it affects may shape corporate environmental strategies, employee subsidies, data privacy security, family vacations and reproductive health.

The board's influence will filter through to employees, shareholders, customers, supply chains and communities.

Jocelyn Mangan, founder of the social enterprise Him For Her, explained and said that for this reason, it is particularly important that the board composition is sufficiently diverse.

In order to change this situation , California in the United States has even introduced new regulations requiring locally managed listed companies to have at least one female director by the end of 2019, and those companies with a total of no less than 5 board members will need to end this in 2021 elect more female directors before.

This new regulation and other factors have led to a certain increase in the number of female members on the boards of large companies. However, in the past two years, the overall culture of Silicon Valley has shown a tendency to roll back to "brotherhood" , which has even made many people doubt. Has this industry changed at all?

A recent example is the change in the board of directors of OpenAI, the biggest star in Silicon Valley today – two female directors withdrew and were replaced by a board of directors composed of three white men, one of whom once infamously said something like "STEM field" "There are fewer successful women because of inherent differences between genders."

Margaret O'Mara, professor of history at the University of Washington, is the author of the book "The Silicon Valley Code: How Technological Innovation Is Reshaping America." She believes that the transformation of OpenAI's board of directors represents the swing of technology companies in multiculturalism-either to choose a more socially responsible image, or to return to a more tough work style:

It means, "OK, we don't want to think about feelings anymore now." Whether it's Musk's "extremely hardcore" demands or Marc Andreessen's recent remarks, the gist is that if you ask people to stop and consider potential dangers or complain about a lack of representation, it's not about their business.

Although Apple has received a lot of criticism for its lack of representation in the past, in this context, the direction of Apple's board of directors can be considered a good change.

The remaining male members of Apple's board of directors include: Art Levinson, 73, CEO of biotech company Calico; Alex Gorsky, 63, former CEO of Johnson & Johnson; Ronald Sugar, 75, former CEO of security company Northrop Grumman Corporation; and, of course, Apple The company’s CEO, Cook.

The current female directors are: 65-year-old Andrea Jung, former CEO of Avon; 65-year-old Sue Wagner, co-founder of asset management giant BlackRock; 67-year-old Mónica Lozano, chairman of the board of directors of ImpreMedia.

Change the height of the wheelchair just a little, and the feeling will improve a lot

For people with lower limb disabilities, easy-to-use wheelchairs make traveling relatively convenient, but the height of the wheelchair makes it necessary to raise your head when communicating with others.

Recently, the robot company Chronus Robotics created a height-adjustable wheelchair "Kim-e", which not only makes life more convenient, but also enhances the user's dignity with more "eye-level" opportunities.

Kim-e can be controlled with your phone and features ergonomic seat, back and leg supports. It can operate at a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour, has a range of 30 kilometers, and takes 4 hours to fully charge.

With standard tires, the Kim-e can clear obstacles of approximately 2 inches, or 2.75 inches with off-road tires, and can climb 20° slopes.

When not in use, the Kim-e can be easily folded and stored in the car and weighs 84 pounds.

Currently, Kim-e is looking for potential users to participate in the test experience, and the launch price and time have not yet been announced.

Miu Miu launches recycled denim collection

Recently, Miu Miu announced the launch of a new Upcycled series of products.

The Miu Miu Upcycled series, born in 2020, is the brand's circular design product line. Each new product has a specific theme and uses antique clothing to promote the concept of circular design.

The main material of this new product is recycled denim, including jeans, work jackets, bra tops and shorts, supplemented by baseball caps and headbands.

Miu Miu sources vintage denim garments from around the world, deconstructing and transforming them in a handmade way with as little fabric waste as possible.

In addition to clothing products, Upcycled also includes handbag products for the first time, using leftover leather from other Miu Miu products as design materials.

Bookshop.org: an online book shopping platform that supports independent bookstores

Brick-and-mortar bookstores and online book-purchasing platforms seem to have always been in competition. Sometimes, even when readers want to support physical bookstores, they may choose e-commerce because of convenience or price.

Bookshop.org has found a way to live together:

We believe local bookstores are necessary community centers that nurture culture, curiosity and a love of reading.

We are determined to help them develop.

If you click on the Bookshop.org online page, the purchasing process is similar to buying something at an e-commerce store, except there is one more step – choose the independent bookstore you want to support.

Part of the fee paid by the user will be transferred to the bookstore. If the user does not choose a specific bookstore, this part of the amount will go into a large pool for use by all cooperative bookstores.

There are also bookstores that will introduce links to Bookshop.org in their stores, so that if consumers don’t want to take so many books with them on site or need to mail them, they can also buy them online, and the bookstore itself will also get income from it.

Bookshop.org was born during the epidemic. At that time, people could not go out, but many readers would miss the bookstores around them, so this platform became a platform for readers to connect with bookstores.

▲ Andy Hunter, founder of Bookshop.org

The books on Bookshop.org do not come from bookstores, but from a centralized warehouse, and the platform independently completes delivery and after-sales.

The platform claims on its official website that 80% of its revenue is used to support independent bookstores.

In August last year, the platform had reached cooperation with more than 1,900 bookstores in the United States. These stores earned a total of US$2,600 in revenue from the platform.

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