Ultraman, who couldn’t afford it when he was young, how could he still not be able to afford it when he grew up?

If you want to choose the most popular IP, in addition to the announcement of the end of "Attack on Titan", it is probably the enduring Ultraman. In fact, since last year, Ultraman has been a frequent visitor to dominate hot words on the Internet. What's interesting is that people don't feel bored.

After watching the Ultraman trends such as "Wild Ultraman Brewing", "Boys Must Believe in Light", "Ultraman as Mobile Phone Product Ambassador" and so on, my childhood memories have also been awakened, and I want to buy a genuine Austrian Austria. Terman Toys responded to this distant call from the Kingdom of Light, after all, a man is a teenager until his death.

As a result, I searched Taobao and found out that the Ultraman toys that I couldn't afford when I was young, still couldn't afford them when I grew up.

200% premium, why?

Recently, thanks to the unremitting efforts of major app recommendation algorithms, my mobile phone was successfully "occupied" by Ultraman: I clicked on the video software, and the episode recommended on the homepage was Ultraman; I opened Weibo, and the first one was swiped. The advertisement is Ultraman as the product ambassador; brushing the vibrato and swiping are all editing and imitating videos of Ultraman.

Compared with saving the planet in front of the TV screen in the past, Ultraman, who is connected to the Internet, is now too busy.

Among these, the most frequent Ultraman is Tiga. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Ultraman Tiga. In order to commemorate the birth of Tiga, the official announcement of a series of commemorative activities, the most eye-catching is the "True Bone Carving" Tiga launched in cooperation with the toy manufacturer Bandai. Ultraman movable model.

"Real Bone Sculpture" is a small-size doll developed by Bandai that pursues shape, movement, and condensation. The reason why it is called "Real Bone Sculpture" is because the design and production process starts with bones.

Bandai invited Tiga Ultraman's holster actor Mr. Gondo as a reference to produce the skeleton structure of this movable Tiga. From the production level, it can be said to be a sincere and high-standard work. .

What is even more exciting is that Bandai invited Tiga’s actor Hiroshi Nagano to shoot the commercial for "True Bone Sculpture" Tiga. Hiroshi Nagano and Tiga’s 25-year goodbye, just the ad’s “Long time no see” made countless Tiga fans willingly open their wallets.

People are always plagued by things that are not available to teenagers. Looking at the Ultraman toys that parents did not allow to buy when they were young, the "young people" who have the autonomy of consumption have expressed that this childhood dream must be made up.

But to the surprise of Tiga's fans, it is not that simple to get this piece of work that pays tribute to childhood.

On the day when the pre-sale started, many fans found that the pre-sale goods at the original price were sold out in an instant, and the pre-sale price rose steadily, from 400 yuan to 700 yuan or even reached 1,000 yuan, a premium of more than 200%.

▲ Angry fans

Fans who have not been able to buy their favorites turned to second-hand trading platforms, but the prices in the secondary market have also risen. What this group of fans who believe in light didn't expect was that they escaped the frying Maotai and shoes, but not the Ultraman frying.

The "True Bone Carving" Tiga that was out of the circle made everyone realize that the special photo circle might really be on fire.

The closed loop of Ultraman consumption

The popularity of the "True Bone Carving" Tiga model is an emotional outburst of Ultraman fans, and this nostalgic emotion has begun to show in people's online shopping records last year.

In the ranking of Taobao's top ten hot products in 2020 announced by Taobao last year, the different style of "Ultraman" has caused heated discussion. This 55th anniversary of the old IP was ridiculed by netizens as the new "top stream" of fashion. .

From dusty childhood memories to the hottest hot toys, Ultraman's fire is not only related to its increasingly sophisticated production level, but also because of its wonderful reaction with the Internet.

Mob Research Institute has summarized the four major economic directions of the consumer Internet, namely, the two-dimensional economy, the second-hand economy, the slash economy, and the self-made video economy. These four directions are interlinked, and the content surrounding Ultraman It coincides with the product in such an economic closed loop.

From 1966 to the present, Ultraman has launched a total of 48 Ultramans, covering all age groups born in the 80s, 90s, 00s and even 10s. It can be said to be a cross-age national idol. It has created a two-dimensional culture with public influence.

The IP toy products launched by toy manufacturers represented by Bandai break the boundaries between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds, and the two-dimensional culture has derived a growing pan-two-dimensional economy.

According to Tmall’s "List of Post-95 Players Choosing Hands", figure-handling has become the top of the top five most money-burning hobbies post-95. Young people are willing to spend on the emotional support of IP, which naturally derives second-hand economy and slash economy.

▲ There is no downfall in the world, or everyone is downfall

The limited nature of the figure gives it a certain scarcity and also gives it the value of second-hand speculation.

For fans of IP, the figure is a desire and love for IP to be concrete. For the keen-tactual "Lord", the love of fans has become a business opportunity to make a fortune. Panic buying and raising the price before reselling has become a common thing in the figure circle.

▲ Transformation into Ultraman has become a new hot topic

The considerable public influence has made Ultraman the subject of concentrated creation by producers who want to create hit videos. On the short video platform, hit videos related to Ultraman will pop up every few moments.

▲ "Ultraman Zeta"

For example, "Ultraman Zeta" launched this year has attracted new fans who did not pay attention to Ultraman by virtue of its sophisticated production, thereby bringing potential surrounding consumers to Ultraman products.

The blaze of Ultraman content has allowed video bloggers to produce more exciting second-creation videos, attracting more people to pay attention to Ultraman, and the product value of Ultraman toys launched by toy manufacturers has more room to rise.

So far, Ultraman has formed a closed-loop Internet economy of content-IP products-UGC video.

The new trend of consumption of adult toys

Toys are not exclusive to children. Take Bandai as an example. Its toy business sales in 2019 reached RMB 16.394 billion. Among them, adult toys accounted for about 40% of toy business sales, and the proportion continues to grow. People have become a consumer group that toy manufacturers cannot ignore.

As a group of Gen Z adults and enter the society, the growing consumption power of Gen Z is the main reason to promote the growth of the adult toy market.

The "White Paper on the Consumption Power of Generation Z" shows that the per capita disposable income of Generation Z has reached RMB 3,501. Generation Z, including those at work or at school, have strong purchasing power. Compared with millennials, generation Z’s consumption The idea should be more advanced.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory divides the needs that humans need to complete into five levels. Generation Z, who is full of food and clothing at birth, has basically surpassed the physiological needs and safety needs, and has begun to pursue higher levels of social needs and respect needs. And self-actualization needs.

Generation Z’s enthusiasm for figurines and toy culture is actually not much different from the previous generation’s recognition of liquor culture and antique culture. The latter agrees with the historical stories and social values ​​of liquor and antiques, while the former also agrees with hands. The content meaning and emotional value of IP.

▲ Tiga Mobile Ultraman

The Z generation is not playing with exquisite models made of plastic, but the emotions projected by the animated IP on the entity, just like their previous generation drank liquor, not for the sake of alcohol.

Gen Z recognizes the sense of belonging brought by the circle of interest. This strong sense of belonging makes Gen Z willing to pay for their interests. According to the "2020 Generation Z Consumer Attitudes Insight Report" released by CBNData, generation Z in the COSPLAY category has contributed nearly 40% of the marketing value, and the proportion of consumption continues to rise.

The strong consumer power of the market also gives toy manufacturers the confidence to develop high-end toys. For example, Bandai has created a Premium BANDAI series to produce high-standard toys that are different from the conventional product line to meet the entertainment needs of adults (money money).

▲ CSM Transformer of Kamen Rider Sword

For example, Bandai has launched an adult version of the CSM belt for one of the special photo series that have the same longevity as Ultraman, the Kamen Rider series, which satisfies the dream of adults who want to become a Kamen Rider.

These CSM transforming belts are often expensive, and the selling price alone ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 yuan.

And the number of these exquisite belts on sale is limited. If you miss the pre-order activities before the sale, you will often have to increase the price by several thousand yuan in the secondary market. Some popular knight belts have a price increase that is even more crazy than luxury goods.


TOMICA, which is famous for its small car models, also has a Premium series for adults with high-standard collections. The black gold packaging, as well as the perfect reproduction of the car details, plus more exquisite painting, has also become a popular toy among adult players. .

The rush to buy "Real Bone Sculpture" Ultraman is the epitome of the expansion of adult toys. The familiar IP has attracted more attention to the domestic hand-made market that is gradually moving towards the mainstream.

After the popularity of Bubble Mart's blind box gradually cools down, high-standard IP figures and models are likely to become the next hot spot in the toy market.

▲ Guangzhou X11 Fashion Store

Trendy play shops represented by TOP TOYS, X11, etc. are becoming standard stores in new shopping malls. Different from toy stores for children such as Toys R Us in the past, the main customer groups of these hand-run stores are more acquainted with the two-dimensional culture Generation Z.

Jeff, the operation director of X11 Chaowan Store, said that Chaowan Store creates a lifestyle beyond the experience for users, a sense of identity for the culture itself. This consumption of cultural identity is becoming a new trend in the cultural industry and content industry.

Jeff also mentioned that the internal factors driving this trend are related to the emotions of young people.

Faced with the pressure of work and study, young people’s emotions become more and more depressed, and the best way to release their emotions is to project them on memories that can cause positive emotions. For young people who grew up watching cartoons , IP Trendy Play is the best emotional carrier for this memory.

Indeed, spending a few hundred yuan to buy an exquisite Ultraman toy and retrieving the impression of believing in light is a more cost-effective business for adults who lack fairy tales and fantasies than using alcohol to numb themselves.

Higher and higher

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