UI big changes, Windows 11 has a facelift? The new taskbar is coming

The Windows in your hands can be updated immediately.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that it would release a new Windows on June 24. Judging from the invitation of the Microsoft press conference, the new generation of Windows is likely to be named Windows 11.

Just yesterday, Baidu Tieba user @sdra_owen posted two screenshots of the system and called the system "Windows 11 Beta". You can also see the words "Windows 11 Pro" in the screenshots released.

▲Picture from: Baidu Tieba@sdra_owen

Judging from the currently leaked pictures, Windows 11 has undergone a very big change in vision.

The most obvious change is in the taskbar . Microsoft moved the icon from the left to the middle, and the overall visual center of gravity is more centered. Of course, you can also change it back to its original appearance in the settings.

▲Picture from: IT House

For the start menu on the taskbar, Microsoft replaced it with a new icon. In fact, not only the start menu, Microsoft is bringing the new icons on Windows 10X to Windows 11. In addition, many new features on Windows 10X are also retained.

For example, the start menu mentioned above.

Click on the start menu of Windows 11 and you will find that the familiar dynamic tiles have disappeared, replaced by neatly arranged application icons. Click the button in the upper right corner to browse all applications.

Below the application icon, you can see the "Recommendation" column. The recommendation logic is similar to "Recently Opened" in "Explorer".

▲Picture from: IT House

▲ "All applications" in the start menu, the picture comes from: IT Home

On the right side of the start menu are two newly added icons, followed by "search" and "widgets".

Among them, the newly added "widgets" menu has many built-in widgets, you can easily get the weather, stocks, news and other information you need in it, and the function is similar to the "news and interests" on Windows 10. For devices that support touch, you can also swipe from the left side of the screen to the right to call up the menu.

▲Windows 11 search bar, picture from: The Verge

▲Newly added "widgets" menu, picture from: The Verge

Open the Explorer, you will find more new Logos appear here, and the layout is no different from the current Windows 10.

However, if you look closely, you will find that Microsoft uses rounded rectangle designs on all Windows 11 windows , and also adds a macOS-like floating effect to the windows, and the overall visual effect is more consistent with the new pseudo-materialized icon style.

▲Resource manager, picture from: The Verge

At the same time, Microsoft optimized the split-screen operation of Windows 11 . Right-click on the full screen button and you will see several different window arrangements. You can easily adjust the window size here. The function is similar to the "Magnet" in macOS.

It is worth mentioning that when you use a higher resolution screen, the arrangement of windows will become more diverse.

▲Picture from: The Verge

In addition, according to media reports, Microsoft is improving the application store and Xbox experience in Windows 11. New Xbox applications can already be seen in Windows 11, but the application store is still not much changed.

▲Picture from: The Verge

Since the system is only a developer preview version, there are still many updates that have not been installed, and we can only snoop on one or two from it. The strength of Windows 11 will not be known until the 24th press conference.

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