Typing too fast is marked as cheating. What is the “supernatural power” of this keyboard?

Speaking of typing, for many people living in the Internet age, it is a daily task like eating and drinking. When they were young, they played Kingsoft’s various typing games in the computer class (such as the thief who was always caught in the beginning). ), when I grow up, I hear the sound of keyboard typing the most every day.

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Although we use the keyboard to type almost every day, many of the current input methods have association functions, but to type the words in our minds on the screen with the keyboard, it is still unavoidable to type the letters one by one in order, which is a somewhat long process. .

If you want more work efficiency, you need faster typing speed, but no matter how hard you practice, the speed improvement is limited, or we can change our thinking to make the keyboard itself more "smart".

CharaChorder, a foreign technology company, launched a keyboard called "Charachorder Lite" in 2020. Although it looks similar to a common QWERTY keyboard, it does not need to be entered in order one by one letter as usual, but with "chords". Type in the same way, press a few letters at the same time, you can output the word you want.

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For example, by pressing "OWDR" at the same time, CharaChorder's internal processor can automatically turn them into "WORD" and appear on the screen through machine learning.

CharaChorder officially stated that this input method is several times faster than on a regular QWERTY keyboard. Their goal is to increase the average user input speed from 40 wpm (the number of words per minute), which is close to the average text input speed of people, to 250 wpm, which is close to the average text comprehension speed of people.

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In addition to "Charachorder Lite", another product of CharaChorder "CharaChorder" is even more unique. Its exterior design is completely different from the traditional QWERTY keyboard. Both ends are similar to spheres, and there are 9 joysticks on each end.

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Not only the appearance, this unique keyboard is also similar to the gamepad in the use method. Each joystick above can be moved in different directions to select keys. In this way, the user does not even need to leave the keyboard. There are more than 270 inputs performed, and you can type while using other devices such as drawing tablets.

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The CEO of CharaChorder used this keyboard to reach a speed of 500 wpm on the typing challenge website Monkeytype's ranking. The speed was so fast that the website automatically marked it as a cheating.

It is worth mentioning that this "chord" input method means that there are different possible combinations. CharaChorder also allows users to customize their own chord combinations according to their own input habits and specific needs.

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I have to say that these two unique keyboards from CharaChorder are indeed very creative, and they are also quite efficient from the input demonstration. Of course, the premise is that you have to get used to this special typing mode.

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