Twitter: goodbye to the character limit, Notes is coming

It's official: soon Twitter will say goodbye (or almost) to the limit of characters per single post. Notes , this is the name of the new feature, will allow users to share long posts, including images and special formatting. A feature , according to Twitter, designed for those who want to share more "important" content with their community, such as articles or extracts. A way to make it easier for users to express themselves and enrich their social experience, sharing more complete and easier to use content.

Twitter says goodbye to the character limit with Notes

Twitter will say goodbye to the character limit with Notes and allow you to share long posts with various media. To announce it is the company itself with a tweet on the platform of the same name, through a gif in which the operation of the new feature is illustrated. Each user will be able to post notes in which there is no character limit and insert images, videos or even links to tweets. Once published, the post will appear in the feed with users' regular tweets .

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The current limit of posts is 280 characters, double the initial 140. Twitter is about to take another big step, eventually adapting to other social networks. The platform, at this point, is about to lose the element that distinguished it most from other social networks, as well as the initial meaning behind its name. In fact, "Twitter" means " short barrage of irrelevant information " and also " birds chirping ", and it symbolizes, in fact, the shortness of the posts. Born to be an “immediate” social network, now with Notes it could change drastically. It is possible, however, that the algorithm is adapted accordingly to favor the visibility of classic tweets . But what will users prefer?

When will it be available?

Notes is currently in beta and is only testable by a select group of users in the United States . Even if you are not yet enabled for the feature, it is still possible to see, read and interact with the new type of post. If the tests are successful, Notes may become available globally as early as the end of the summer.

This new type of post will completely change the user experience on Twitter: it will no longer be necessary to break your thoughts into multiple tweets , but you can write everything in one post.

A bit of history

The idea of ​​Twitter was born from Jack Dorsey , entrepreneur and computer scientist who in 2006 wanted to develop a service that would allow him to communicate with a small group of people via SMS. On 15 July the platform was opened to the general public, soon experiencing enormous success and becoming the favorite social network of many thanks to its immediacy and ease of use.

The initial limit of 140 characters stemmed from the need to be compatible with SMS . Even though Twitter has become a real social and now few use it for texting, it has maintained this feature for a long time. Over the years, users have begun to complain about this restriction, and in 2017, Twitter extended the limit to 280 characters.

Twitter was the first social network to use so-called hashtags and make them famous . The hashtag, associated with a word, creates a hyperlink that leads to all messages tagged with the same quote. In this way it is possible to trace all the tweets related to a particular event, character or topic. From here the "trends" were born, that is the list of the most tweeted hashtags in a day, week or month.

Twitter is often used for politics and propaganda, leveraging this trending mechanism that helps build interest in one or more topics. Social media is also used to quickly spread news or appeals, often proving to be a much more effective tool than normal media and other social platforms.

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