Twitch and the others: The phenomenon of game streaming

The eSports sector continues to record important numbers, establishing itself as one of the fastest growing companies in the world of video games. Thanks above all to game streaming platforms, the main tournaments and leagues linked to the most popular video games are followed by millions of fans from all over the world. A clear example of this is the final of the 2020 League of Legends World Cup , the first event to inaugurate the Pudong Stadium in Shanghai, with over 100 million people connected live.

Esports are establishing themselves as the new frontier of entertainment, so much so that they are considered events worthy of participating in the Olympics. In fact, they have already been included in the 2022 Asian Games and are being considered for inclusion in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

game streaming
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A big contributor to the popularity of eSports comes from platforms such as Youtube, Twitch and Znipe, where users from all over the world can watch live streaming games at any time.

Precisely for this reason, talking about eSports means above all talking about Twitch, the platform born in 2011, and now a reference point for the live broadcasts of the major electronic sports competitions. To ensure its success is above all the community of millions of enthusiasts, who find here the space to interact, discuss and develop new projects. On Twitch, each person can freely open a channel and broadcast their games live: it will then be the player's skill, as well as the ability to entertain and create engagement with the public, to decree the success of a streamer, and to raise him to star. of the web.

In Italy, the home of football, there are many users who learn to dribble, and to perform other particular plays, in FIFA and PES through videos shared by other players. More generally, in the various streaming sites, the most viewed titles of all are: Minecraft, GTA and Fortnite , true phenomena in the sector. Also on the rise are some more classic games such as poker and blackjack, which are very popular through popular online platforms such as NetBet casino .

Earn money with game streaming

Part of the success of streaming platforms comes from being able to make a profit as soon as followers start to rise. This is a long process, as it takes a certain number of followers to make a channel productive, and to get them you have to regularly produce content. There are several ways to become a successful streamer and get a financial return thanks to streaming platforms:

  • Sponsorships – Make commercial agreements with companies to obtain products to advertise on the channel.
  • Spontaneous Donations – The channel's most active and loyal fans often contribute with voluntary donations.
  • CPM (effective cost per impression) – Every 1,000 views the streamer is awarded a percentage of revenue, which varies by platform.
  • Affiliate link – The streamer can insert a sponsored link in the description of his videos, for the purchase of certain products. When his followers make a purchase through that link, the streamer receives compensation.
  • Advertisements – When a channel has reached a certain number of followers, it is possible to insert advertisements within the video, thus obtaining a profit.

Twitch and Others: The Game Streaming Phenomenon Comes from Tech CuE