Turin and Milan, capitals of technological innovation

In recent days it was made official the news that sees Turin as the seat of 'INSTITUTE Lister for' The ntelligenza A rtificiale briefly I3A. The operation will allow the creation of a high-profile research hub in the Piedmontese city. In fact, it will be able to count 600 operational units , chosen from among the most promising Italian and international realities and 80 million euros a year. The work to be carried out will see the active collaboration between the center and other research structures and universities. The institute will be at the center of numerous issues such as manufacturing, robotics , IoT , health, mobility, agrifood, energy, public administration, culture, digital humanities , aerospace and Dab.

Thanks to these new initiatives, Turin and Milan will be able to contribute to making Italy a competitive country thanks to new technologies
The choice of these two cities will have as implication the advancement in the technological field of the whole of Italy.

If on the one hand Turin will be the I3A, on the other hand Milan is the candidate city as the third pole of the European patent court after Paris and Monaco. Following the exit of London, due to Brexit , Milan could become the new headquarters of the patent court. The decision has not yet been made, but everything bodes well for achieving this new goal. The institute deals with the granting of patents at European level, under the supervision of the Board of Directors.

The goal of this choice lies in the will to

"Create a synergy between the two cities and the Government and, at the same time, consolidate the north-west axis of the country: a strategy that would make Milan and Turin and, with them, Italy even stronger"

These are the words spoken directly by Palazzo Chigi.

The government's strategy

A Mise document concerning artificial intelligence underlines the need to give a certain sprint to the technological development of the country. The dossier describes what the country's strategy will be for the coming years. The contribution of a pool of selected experts made this possible. University professors, entrepreneurs and members of the public administration provided their personal visions regarding the technological future of the country.
The document in question is available at the following link .

The document produced by the MISE shows which are the strategies that will be brought into the field by the government
Credit: www.mise.gov.it. The document published by the Ministry of Economic Development aims to describe the strategies to be implemented in the future.

One aspect that will be studied will also be the social impact of the advent of new technologies. One of the principles on which the use of forces will be based will be that concerning the anthropocentric vision of AI. With these words we mean a vision of AI that is complementary and functional to human intelligence and not the other way around.

The issues to be dealt with in this area therefore seem very extensive. The interest placed on these issues must lead us to think that the development of new technologies will certainly be the economic engine of the coming years.

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