Tsinghua’s “Introduction to Fishing” has exploded across the Internet. Why is 996 becoming more and more disgusting?

Who said that young people really lie flat? The young man is shrewd.

It is precisely because they have seen through the coldness, scumbag and irresponsibility of the 996 capitalists that more and more young people no longer believe in PUA in the workplace. They randomly switch between performance-based overtime and multi-threaded fishing , and use positive and negative confrontations. Negative and positive.

How hot is fishing now?

After the "Guangming Daily" criticized 996 as illegal, fish fishing culture first appeared in the highest institutions. "Introduction to Fish Fishing", an online course offered by Tsinghua University students, became popular across the Internet and instantly boarded Zhihu. Number one in the most searched, with nearly 7 million views.

Come to Tsinghua, learn to fish

After the course was on the hot topic of Zhihu, a Tsinghua student who opened an online course "Introduction to Moyu Learning" answered on Zhihu. He said that as an "ordinary" Tsinghua student, "Suddenly discovered (Tsinghua University) The) Lotus Pond Rain Classroom actually provides us with an open environment. Everyone can create a course, and everyone has a podium. So I half-jokingly built an "Introduction to Fishing" course." .

The online course "Introduction to Fishing" offered by Tsinghua students half-jokingly. Picture from: Gu Jielian (Zhihu)

The popularity of fishing is far beyond his imagination. "The group of 500 people quickly fills up. There are more people choosing courses in the Lotus Pond Rain class, and the class capacity has been expanded from the original 500 to 2,000. Up to now More than 1,300 people have already chosen courses.”

▲ Interaction between class and class group. Picture from: Gu Jielian (Zhihu)

In order to make the course more realistic, it also has corresponding courseware, learning materials, homework and other elements. In fact, no class has been started, but a "joke class."

▲ At first glance, the course looks quite formal. Picture from: Gu Jielian (Zhihu)

Peng Kaiping, dean of the Tsinghua School of Social Sciences and dean of the Department of Psychology, said in an interview with The Paper, "This student actually turned his attempt into an attempt to reform the school, that is, everyone can start classes." For various reasons, now College students are under a lot of psychological pressure, and some may also experience anxiety, tension, and even irritability and depression. Peng Kaiping supports this attempt by students and believes that it will help students relieve stress.

Fishing is popular

In an interview, Peng Kaiping, Dean of the Tsinghua School of Social Sciences and Dean of the Department of Psychology, mentioned: "He (the student who opened the course) did not emphasize "fishing" too much. In fact, he wanted to use a more down-to-earth and more suitable for young people. The way of taste demonstrates the idea of ​​positive psychology.”

This shows that fishing is still a sensitive topic in mainstream public opinion.

However, young people who are accustomed to PUA in the workplace and who have experienced real-life beatings have increasingly regarded fishing as a positive way to hedge against 996 .

Summarize fish fishing skills, develop fish fishing software, believe in the concept of "going to work seriously does not make money, fishing is the only thing", and spread the culture of fish fishing, etc., and the culture of fish fishing is blooming everywhere.

▲ The open source fish fishing artifact software has realized functions such as reading novels in excel form and stock trading in the status bar on the computer, and has obtained more than 3,300 stars on GitHub

▲ The open source software that recognizes the boss’s face and automatically switches the desktop. Picture from: Director (Zhihu)

Fishing has even developed different genres, such as "real fish and watch fish", "micro-break", "big fish without fish", etc., and there is a corresponding theoretical basis, which has become a kind of collective psychology. It is a comprehensive discipline with multiple disciplines such as science, game theory, software development, and marketing.

▲ Game analysis of inward rolling of real fish and watch fish. Picture from: Big cousin in Zengmu Ansha (Knowledge)

Whenever someone refutes fishing, someone will use the "two-way foil warning"-without fishing, where did the "Three-Body" that convinced the world's science fiction fans?

What are you touching?

The word "fishing" comes from the idiom "fishing in troubled waters". It is a derogatory term that is a metaphor for profiting from chaos. However, as the 996 work system became more and more daring, Moyu became a commendatory term in some contexts.

Even foreign companies with "roots are red" have realized the essence of domestic workplace culture. In the latest Apple Watch advertisement, we saw a day of "beating workers" 996. She would get up at 6 o'clock and squeeze the bus. On the subway, I relied on coffee to refresh documents on the way to work, repeated the same job on the same desk, severely insufficient exercise, running during work to grab the meeting room, and friendly discussions with colleagues (si) and (bi) meaningless content After working overtime, it is difficult to get a taxi and I can only ride a bicycle home. When I get home almost 11 o'clock, I fall asleep without taking off my makeup.

▲ Girl, how can you laugh? Picture from: Apple Watch advertisement

▲ Hijackers tied up by their desks. Picture from: Apple Watch ads

▲ Difficult to get a taxi after working overtime. Picture from: Apple Watch advertisement

▲ Go home and fall asleep at 11 o'clock. Picture from: Apple Watch advertisement

It is possible that the machine's downtime in the factory is longer than the rest time of this "beater".

996 The wishful thinking of enterprise squeeze crackled, but smart young people always have countermeasures. "Squat in the toilet for 10 minutes a day, and 5 more days off a year", "Adjust your mentality and prepare snacks, make a cup of tea for a while, pull a few more if one is not enough, and tear it slowly", "Go to eat after get off work at 6 o'clock. Fitness, come back at 9 o'clock to perform and then check in again" and so on.

Young people are fishing, it seems a bit interesting, in fact, only four characters can be seen: helpless.

The cost of living continues to rise, and social resources, especially jobs, are further concentrated in 996 companies in big cities. Young people have to succumb to reality .

Unlike fishing in troubled waters, it is not private interests, but silent protests in disguise. For the sake of five buckets of rice, many people have to speak up and be forced to do business.

Let employees fish is the best 996

The "Three-Body" that shook the world of science fiction was created by Liu Cixin by fishing while working at a power plant.

Of course, this kind of behavior is wrong. You should do work-related things during work, but the truth behind it is worth exploring, that is, creation requires relatively free time, otherwise it can only be mechanically output.

Humans are complex social creatures. They need time to struggle and time to rest. Eating, drinking, and playing does not seem to be working, but they are actually accumulating energy for creation.

Even if it is a machine, there are times when it is stopped for maintenance and lubrication. However, some companies hope that the machine will never be stopped, and they do not treat people as humans in the bottom of their hearts.

▲ 996.ICU website

The rise of fishing culture reflects the behavior of capital trying to alienate people into machines that do not need to be overhauled. There is no essential difference between today’s 996 companies and factories a few centuries ago. The biggest difference may be that the machines are broken and factories are needed. The boss spends money on overhauls, and the people are abolished, just change a group of people .

The final result of this short-sighted choice is lose-lose and fall into a vicious circle of harming each other.

996 can indeed improve efficiency in a short period of time at the beginning, but when 996 becomes the norm, people’s creativity and productivity will begin to decline. The more they feel that the efficiency is not enough, the more they deepen the level of 996 and upgrade to 9117 or even 007. More and more companies Joining the 996 army ignores the path of innovation and optimization of structure to release productivity.

▲ A 16-year-old female worker who was exploited by an old social factory talked about the 8-hour work schedule. Picture from: "Women's Liberation History" documentary, Bao Ge nonsense (bilibili)

At the same time, the struggle has shifted from the dark side to the bright side. When the demographic dividend of the entire society gradually disappears, the fish-fishing culture will rise. If it develops further, fishing-fishing may really become a part of Tsinghua University. At that time, except for some companies with extremely tempting incomes, most 996 companies will no longer have the qualifications for self-willed PUA employees.

Nowadays, smart companies have begun to help employees fish, encourage creativity to improve efficiency, avoid meaningless overtime, provide employees with social space, improve the office environment, take employees to contact nature, innovate office models, etc. The clarion call for "supply-side reform" has long been sounded, instead of focusing on direct output.

Of course, different companies have different requirements for different positions, which should be based on actual conditions.

Isn't it good to treat people as people?

In the past few years, the whole society advocated struggle, and now it is popular to fish. In just a few years, public opinion has changed quickly and quietly.

Is the problem with the young people themselves? It's certainly not.

The education system is getting better and better. Young people will only receive more and no less correct three-view education. It stands to reason that generations should be more vigorous than generations, and they will not talk about fishing openly like they are now.

As long as a young man who has some thoughts about his life, he is unwilling to play with the positive and negative aspects of fishing, unless his subconscious has lost hope by default.

Hope, what a precious thing.

▲ Hope is precious. Picture from: "The Wandering Earth"

It can allow a child in a poor mountainous area to study hard and pass Tsinghua Peking University. It can allow young people in a fifth-tier city to work hard for their careers in a first-tier city, and it can allow young middle-aged people to maintain their youth. heart of.

Now something like this is happening — I hope, under the high housing prices and rents, heavy living costs, and uncontrolled squeeze, they are gradually moving away from many people. The life of a salted fish that can’t be seen at a glance, it’s better to lie flat. Strive for more economical behavior.

Just like a person who is hungry all day long, he must accurately calculate the calories burned every time he goes out for food. If the action is not worth the loss, it is better to do nothing.

Now, the negative confrontation reflected in the fishing culture has sent a strong signal: Is it not good to treat people as people?

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