Tsai Chongxin said Alibaba has returned to China’s top e-commerce track/Xiaomi cars will be delivered in the second quarter as soon as possible/Huawei releases the world’s first large-scale model of the communications industry


 Tsai Chongxin says Alibaba has returned to China’s top e-commerce track

✉ SpaceX sends social posts via Starlink for the first time

 Samsung joins NVIDIA AI-RAN Alliance

 EU considers suing Apple for banning PWA apps

 ChatGPT test screen widget

 Huawei releases its first large-scale model of the communications industry

 Ideal financial report: China’s first 100-billion-dollar new power car company

 Baidu Apollo’s former technical director joins NVIDIA

 Xiaomi Auto’s goal: attract 20 million high-quality users

 ThinkBook launches transparent laptop

 Xiaomi × Zhang Yimou Studio limited gift box exposed

 Nishuihan mobile game releases AI video generation tool

 Stability AI pushes image high-definition enlargement tool

 KUMO KUMO starts business partner business

☕ Tims celebrates its fifth anniversary and launches a variety of new commemorative products

 The first Wensheng Video AI animation "Ode to Thousand Autumn Poems" was launched on CCTV

 Winners of the 39th American Independent Spirit Awards announced

 Documentary "Dahomey" wins Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear


Tsai Chongxin says Alibaba has returned to China’s top e-commerce track

Recently, Alibaba Chairman Joe Tsai said in an exclusive interview with CNBC that after undergoing structural restructuring and management changes, Alibaba has now made a comeback and has returned to China's top e-commerce track.

Questions are growing about Alibaba's future after a series of internal changes, the cancellation of a cloud computing IPO and competition for its core e-commerce business.

In recent years, Alibaba has faced fiercer competition as cost-conscious consumers have turned to Pinduoduo's lower-priced products, and Douyin's growing live-streaming sales have also had a considerable impact on it.

Tsai Chongxin said in the interview, "Now, with the restructuring and new management in place, we are more confident to become one of the top e-commerce companies in China. Although we have had periods when we were not as confident as before and felt competitive pressure , but now we are back."

He also predicts that China's e-commerce penetration rate will exceed 40% in the next five years, significantly higher than the current level of 30%.

SpaceX sends social posts via Starlink for the first time

Yesterday, SpaceX, the space exploration technology company owned by Elon Musk, announced that it had successfully published the first post to the social platform X (formerly Twitter) from space through the "Starlink" satellite network.

A few weeks ago, SpaceX also sent receipt text messages from space to mobile phones on the ground. This time, posting on X was also achieved through "Direct to Cell" technology. The company plans to bring direct-to-satellite connectivity from mobile phones to the consumer market within the next year.

In response to this matter, SpaceX engineer and satellite-to-cell technology leader Ben Longmier confirmed this, saying that this is the first time the team has released information on X via satellite. At the same time, Musk also congratulated on X and emphasized that the message from SpaceX "was sent directly from an ordinary mobile phone to the SpaceX satellite, with no special equipment in between!"

big company

Samsung joins NVIDIA AI-RAN Alliance

According to Samsung’s official website, Samsung Electronics announced that it has joined the AI-RAN (Artificial Intelligence Radio Access Network) Alliance as a founding member, with the goal of promoting 6G innovation by combining AI technology and wireless communication technology.

The AI-RAN Alliance was officially established at the 2024 Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC) held recently. The alliance aims to combine artificial intelligence and wireless communication technologies, apply them to various fields, create an ecosystem, and ultimately expand new business opportunities. And carry out relevant technical research through three working groups established: AI for RAN, AI and RAN, and AI on RAN.

AI for RAN will focus on leveraging AI/ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) technologies to improve the spectrum, cost and energy efficiency of RAN. At the same time, Samsung Research believes that as artificial intelligence becomes a natural part of 6G system functions, future networks will significantly increase capacity and coverage, and achieve full automation and high energy efficiency.

A total of 11 companies and organizations have joined the alliance, including Samsung, Arm, Ericsson, Microsoft, Nokia, NVIDIA, SoftBank and Tohoku University.

EU considers suing Apple for banning PWA apps

According to the Financial Times, the European Union’s competition regulator last week issued inquiries to developers in an attempt to determine the impact of Apple’s decision to ban so-called “Progressive Web Apps (PWA)”* in the EU, a move seen as a precursor to an in-depth investigation. .

Apple says it will ban access to web apps in the European Union starting next month. The feature allows companies to create apps that are accessible as web pages and display a button on mobile users' home screens; Apple believes that cutting off PWAs is part of complying with the Digital Markets Act and considers browsing other than its own Safari software Servers will expose users to security and privacy risks that are not permitted by law.

However, Apple's approach also forces software developers to sell their products through the App Store and pay a 30% commission.

In response, the European Commission said, "We are indeed looking at compliance options for all gatekeepers, including Apple."

*PWA: Progressive web application, no need to download the application, you can get a native application-like experience when running on the web page, which is equivalent to the mini programs and quick applications on the web page

ChatGPT test screen widget

According to The Verge, ChatGPT is currently testing a screen widget on the Android platform, which is similar to a floating window on a mobile phone. You can bring up ChatGPT's widget menu by pressing and holding a blank space on the home screen of an Android phone.

Many options are available in the menu, including shortcuts for text, voice, and video queries. Android expert Mishaal Rahman said that this feature allows users to access the OpenAI chatbot’s conversation and query modes more quickly and simplifies interactions with artificial intelligence chatbots. Interaction, users can seamlessly talk to ChatGPT without closing or leaving the home screen.

This feature may be rolled out in app version 1.2024.052 and is expected to revolutionize how users interact with the platform. This also marks the latest progress in OpenAI's efforts to enhance user experience in the face of fierce competition from other AI chatbots such as Google Gemini.

Huawei releases its first large-scale model of the communications industry

Huawei attended the "5G Beyond Growth Summit" during MWC 2024 (Mobile World Congress) and pointed out that generative AI is promoting the intelligence of the mobile phone industry, predicting that AI mobile phones will account for 15% of global smartphone shipments in 2024 . Li Peng, senior vice president of Huawei and president of ICT sales and services, delivered a speech at the conference. He said that 2024 is the first year of 5G-A commercialization. Combined with the development of cloud and AI technology, operators have huge potential for commercial growth. In this regard, Li Peng deeply discussed how 5G-A can further stimulate network potential and create new growth opportunities for operators.

During the meeting, Yang Chaobin, Huawei Director and President of ICT Products and Solutions, also released the communications industry’s first large-scale model.

Huawei's communications model aims to achieve intelligence in the 5G-A era. Yang Chaobin specifically pointed out that "Huawei's communications model will provide two types of application capabilities: role-based Copilots and scenario-based Agents to help operators empower employees. , improve user satisfaction, and ultimately improve network productivity in an all-round way.”

Huawei's communications large model supports operators' intelligence goals, provides intelligent language interaction capabilities for different roles, and improves employee knowledge and work efficiency. It provides intelligent applications for different operation and maintenance scenarios, analyzes and dismantles complex processes, and orchestrates operation plans. , ensuring user experience and satisfaction.

Ideal financial report: China’s first 100-billion-dollar new power car company

Yesterday, Li Auto released its fourth quarter and full-year financial report for 2023, announcing that it has become "China's first new power car company worth 100 billion yuan" and "the world's fastest new energy car company to achieve profitability." The specific statistics are as follows :

  • Fourth quarter revenue was 41.73 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 136.4%;
  • Annual revenue reached 123.85 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 173.5%;
  • Net profit in the fourth quarter was 5.75 billion yuan, and net profit for the year was 11.81 billion yuan, achieving healthy profits since delivery;
  • In the fourth quarter, the market share of NEVs above 200,000 increased to 16%, ranking first among Chinese automobile brands;
  • In the fourth quarter, gross profit margin was 23.5%, and free cash flow reached 14.64 billion yuan;
  • Cash reserves will increase to 103.67 billion yuan by the end of 2023, with sufficient funds on hand to support the company's long-term stable development;
  • The performance outlook for the first quarter of 2024 is expected to hit a new high for the same period;
  • Delivery volume ranged from 100,000 to 103,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 90.2% to 95.9%;
  • Total revenue was 31.25 billion yuan to 32.19 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 66.3% to 71.3%.

In addition, the financial report pointed out that Li Auto will launch 2,000 supercharging stations across the country by the end of 2024, covering 18 national high-speed trunk lines with the highest nine vertical and nine horizontal traffic across the country, completing 60% coverage of core urban areas in third-tier and above cities.

At the same time, Li Xiang, chairman of Li Xiang, said at the 2023 financial report conference that there will be no models below 200,000 yuan in the product plan for the next five years, and Ideal should focus on the family car market above 200,000 yuan.

Baidu Apollo’s former technical director joins NVIDIA

According to "LatePost" news, Luo Qi, the former head of the vehicle-side overall software architecture, regulation and vehicle interaction technology of Baidu's smart driving L2+ business, has recently joined NVIDIA's automotive division as engineering director, responsible for prediction, planning and control. Report to Wu Xinzhou, head of NVIDIA Automotive Department.

Luo Qi joined Baidu in 2016 and worked at Baidu America Research Institute. In 2022, he was promoted to senior chief software architect. Before leaving Baidu, he was responsible for L2+, the overall software architecture of the vehicle end of Baidu's intelligent driving business group ANP (Apollo pilot assisted driving) business. His rank before leaving was T9 (architect level).

At present, NVIDIA's smart driving team is currently distributed in China and the United States. Wu Xinzhou, Xpeng Motors' former vice president of autonomous driving, joined NVIDIA in August last year. The smart driving China R&D team led by Xpeng Motors has more than 100 engineers. Before Luo Qi joined the team, dozens of people, including Liu Langechuan, the former head of Xiaopeng Motors' autonomous driving AI, and Han Feng, director of multi-modal perception fusion algorithms, had joined or were about to join the Nvidia smart driving team.

Nvidia began to explore the research and development of autonomous driving solutions in 2015, and reached cooperation intentions with several major overseas car customers such as Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover. However, it has been unable to deliver a complete solution. Mercedes-Benz once asked to introduce other suppliers.

Xiaomi Auto’s goal: attract 20 million high-quality users

According to CNBC, Xiaomi Group President Lu Weibing said in an interview before presenting the SU7 at Mobile World Congress, “We think this is a good starting point for us in the high-end market because we already have 20 million smartphone-based smartphones in China. High-end users of mobile phones. The first batch of car owners will have a lot of overlap with the original Xiaomi mobile phone users."

Xiaomi released the SU7 electric car at the end of December and has not announced a specific price. However, Lu Weibing said that the official price of the SU7 will be announced soon, and domestic delivery will begin in the second quarter at the earliest.

Lu Weibing believes that the electric vehicle market in 10 to 20 years may be very similar to today's smartphone market, with the top five brands accounting for about 70% of the market share. Therefore, without huge funds, he believes that Xiaomi cannot become the last player on the new energy track. of participants.

At the same time, Lu Weibing also revealed that after launching its first car, Xiaomi's next step is to build its own factory and produce key components in-house. He also believes that overseas markets are Xiaomi's "amplifier" and pointed out that the size of the overseas consumer electronics market is about three times that of China. However, regarding the overseas launch time of SU7, Lu Weibing refused to disclose, saying that this plan usually takes two to three years to complete. deploy.

New product

ThinkBook launches transparent laptop

According to The Verge, Lenovo launched a concept laptop called ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop at the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024).

The biggest highlight of this notebook is its borderless and nearly transparent 17.3-inch MicroLED display. When the screen is turned off, the transparency can reach 55%; as the pixels become brighter, the display becomes less and less transparent. This transparent The display has a peak brightness of 1,000 nits.


In addition to the transparent display, Lenovo also equipped this concept notebook with a flat transparent touch keyboard, which completely replaces the physical buttons.

The Verge believes that this concept product is more like a collection of cool technologies, aiming to find a killer application. Before that, the ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop was just a cool-looking, novel function. Showpiece.

Xiaomi × Zhang Yimou Studio limited gift box exposed

Recently, Xiaomi Gongsu’s official Weibo announced that it will jointly create a “Xiaomi 14 Ultra limited gift box set” with the famous director Zhang Yimou’s studio.

As can be seen from the official renderings, the gift box includes:

  • Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra body
  • Xiaomi 14 Ultra Konap leather protective case
  • Professional photography handle
  • Xiaomi 80W lift-type air-cooled wireless charging set

At a press conference on the 22nd of this month, Xiaomi released this 80W lift-type air-cooled wireless charging set, which is priced at 499 yuan and supports adaptive lift charging. When used with Xiaomi 14 Ultra, it takes about 49 to charge to 100%. minute.

At present, the official price information of this joint limited set has not been announced.

Nishuihan mobile game releases AI video generation tool

Recently, Nishuihan mobile game officially released a new AI video generation tool "crew mode". Players can get the corresponding character images by inputting text through this tool.

According to the official introduction, the "crew mode" function is based on the Ni Shuihan game itself and is highly involved in AI. The generation process does not require any equipment, actors, or special effects. You only need to type in any character image, actions, lines, or upload relevant pictures, and the corresponding content can be generated in real time in the game through AI and filmed.

At the same time, players are supported to adjust details, including the character’s clothing, makeup, hairstyle, personality, voice, etc.


In addition, Ni Shuihan's AI generation tool also supports "motion capture". Based on the uploaded video materials of movements and expressions, the AI ​​captures them in real time and maps them into the game, allowing the actors in the play to perform them.

Stability AI pushes image high-definition enlargement tool

Creative Upscaler is an AI-based image generator launched by Stability AI that can quickly create high-quality artworks.

This model integrates a variety of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, such as Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, VQGAN+CLIP, etc., to support the generation of images in various styles.

Users only need to provide a text description, and Creative Upscaler can automatically generate images. At the same time, it also has a creative image sampler function that can upgrade the resolution of uploaded images to 4k and enhance some new details that were not originally there.

new consumption

KUMO KUMO starts business partner business

Recently, cheese baking brand KUMO KUMO announced the official launch of business partnership.

According to sources, excluding rent and decoration costs, the investment budget for KUMO KUMO business partnership stores is approximately 348,000 (depending on different store types), which is similar to the cost of joining a new tea drink store.

At present, the first batch of about 30 KUMO KUMO partner stores have been opened, located in first-, second- and third-tier cities respectively. Among them, Harbin Xuefu CapitaLand, Ningbo Tianyi Plaza, and Shenzhen Zhuoyue Center stores are all continuously opened under an area of ​​30 square meters. Sales exceeded one million in 3 months.

Tims celebrates its fifth anniversary and launches a variety of new commemorative products

2024 is the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of global coffee chain Tim Hortons. Yesterday was also the fifth anniversary of Tim Hortons' Chinese business entering the Chinese market.

In this regard, Tims Tianhao Coffee has launched a number of new "60th anniversary" products, including the upgraded version of the strong series "Double Series" – Double Pistachio Latte, Double Hazelnut Latte, Double Matcha Latte and Double Latte; launched together Yes, there are also 3 classic returning donut products.


The first Wensheng Video AI animation "Ode to Thousand Autumn Poems" was launched on CCTV

According to the CCTV news client, China's first Wensheng video AI cartoon "Ode to a Thousand Autumn Poems" produced by China Central Radio and Television Station started broadcasting on the CCTV Integrated Channel (CCTV-1) at 18:40 last night.

"Ode to Poetry" has a total of 26 episodes, each episode is about 7 minutes long. From art design to motion effect generation to post-production, all are assisted by AIGC (generative artificial intelligence).

The first batch of 6 episodes of cartoons such as "Spring Night Rain" and "Song of the Goose" use AI artificial intelligence technology to present artistic vision with unique Chinese aesthetic characteristics, showing the feelings of family and country and the true feelings of the world in classic Chinese poetry.

According to reports, under the same budget conditions and according to the traditional animation production process, "Ode to a Thousand Autumn Poems" will take at least 8 months. By relying on large models, the production cycle is shortened to 4 months.

Winners of the 39th American Independent Spirit Awards announced

Yesterday, the winners of the 39th American Independent Spirit Awards were announced. Among them, "The Past" won the best film category, and director Celine Song won the best director for this film; "The Fall" won the best international film; Jeffrey Wright won Best Leading Actor for "American Novel" and Damien Joy Randolph won Best Supporting Actor for "Stay in School." The complete list of winners is as follows:

【Movie Category】

Best Picture: "My Life"
Best Director: Celine Song, "My Life"
Best Protagonist: Jeffrey Wright, "American Novel"
Best Supporting Actor: Damien Joy Randolph, "Stay in School"
Best Breakthrough Performance: Dominic Cessa, "Stay in School"
Best Screenplay: "American Novel"
Best Editing: "How to Blow Up a Pipe"
Best Cinematography: "Staying in School"
Best Documentary: "Four Daughters"
Best First Feature Film: "One Thousand and One"
Best First Screenplay: "May-December"
Best International Film: "Falling Judgment"
John Cassavetes Award: "Fremont"
Robert Altman Award: "Here Comes the Show"
"Truder than Fiction" Award: Set Hernandez "unseen"
One to Watch Award: Monica Sorel, "Between the Hills"
Producer Award: Monique Walton

【Drama Category】

Best New Scripted Drama Series: "Better Days"
Best New Unscripted Series/Documentary Series: "Dear Mom"
Best Leading Role in a New Scripted Drama Series: Ali Wong, "The Angry Life"
Best Supporting Actor in a New Scripted Series: Nick Offerman, "The Last of Us"
Best Breakthrough Performance in a New Scripted Series: Kevin Montreal Woodard, "The Last of Us"
Best New Scripted Series Ensemble: "Jury Duty"
Documentary "Dahomey" wins Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear

The 74th Berlin International Film Festival recently announced the list of winners. "Dahomey" directed by Mati Diop won the Golden Bear Award. This is the second consecutive year that the Berlin Film Festival has awarded the Golden Bear Award to documentaries.

The documentary tells the history of 26 precious works of art that were looted by French soldiers in 1892 and returned to Benin, West Africa in 2021.

In addition, "Traveler's Need" directed by Hong Chang-soo and starring Huppert won the Jury Prize; Nelson Arias won the Best Director for "Pepe"; "Empire" directed by Bruno Dumont won the Jury Prize Sebastian Stan won the Best Actor Award for "A Different Man"; Emily Watson won the Best Supporting Actor Award for "Little Things Like This". The list of winners of the main competition units is as follows:

Best Film/Golden Bear: "Dahomey", directed by Mati Diop
Grand Jury Prize/Silver Bear: "Traveler's Needs", directed by Hong Sang-soo
Best Director/Silver Bear: Nelson Arias, "Pepe"
Jury Prize/Silver Bear: Empire, directed by Bruno Dumont
Best Actor/Silver Bear: Sebastian Stan, "A Different Man"
Best Supporting Actor/Silver Bear: Emily Watson, "Little Things Like This"
Best Screenplay/Silver Bear: Matthias Glasner, "Death Movement"
Outstanding Artistic Contribution/Silver Bear Award: "Devil's Bath" Cinematography Martin Chalgi
GWFF Best First Feature Film: "Can You Put on Your Pajamas" by Fan Yulin
Best Documentary: "The Only Land" Basil Adela/Hamdan Bilal/Yuval Abraham/Rachel Sear
Best Documentary – Special Mention: Direct Action Guillaume Caillot/Ben Russell
Best Short Film: "A Strange Twist" by Francisco Lezama
Short Film Jury Award: "Hot Afternoon" Zhang Wenqian
Special Mention from the Short Film Jury: All About Me by Eva Kneimann

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