True Me GT Neo3 Hokage Limited Edition Tour: Use 150W Flash Charge to Rub a Spiral Pill on Your Phone

On May 26, realme mobile phone officially launched the joint version of Realme GT Neo3 and Naruto – Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition at the press conference. This is also the second product of the Realme GT Neo series co-branded with the animation work after the Realme GT Neo2 Dragon Ball Limited Edition.

Compared with the Realme GT Neo2 Dragon Ball Limited Edition, the Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition has made great progress in the depth of customization.

Customization starts with packaging. The Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition uses a one-time long shipping box with the realme X Naruto LOGO. The packaging is relatively clean, there is basically no other printed LOGO except the front, and the elements of Naruto are only reflected on the front.

As a toy player, I have also been domesticated to have a certain obsession with the "kraft paper transport box", and I also hope that the transport box can be completely preserved when storing it.

Although it is not enough to seal the shipping box and require octagonal points, it would be very uncomfortable if the store directly posted the express note on it, or if the shipping box was designed with one-time packaging.

Fortunately, if you purchased the limited edition from the official realme, there should be no problem of directly attaching the express note to the shipping box. But the one-time seal design that is easy to tear or tear is really uncomfortable. I hope realme can replace it with a regular carton next time.

After unfolding the shipping box, you can see the large scroll fixed by the buffer sponge, which is the real packaging of the Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition.

Zhenme said at the press conference that the scroll design was chosen for the packaging because scrolls are a symbolic element in Naruto, and scrolls appear in psychic contracts, sealed weapons, etc. But for someone like me who has only watched a few episodes, my biggest impression of the scroll is just the plot of the contract between Naruto and Toad Fum.

The straps on the reels can be unlocked to show a similar state of unwinding of the reels. But that's not how the packaging is opened, there are openings next to the reels and the inner packaging of the phone is removed from the side.

In addition, when you open the shipping box, you can find that the real GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition is co-branded with "Naruto Shippuden", and the products in it are customized according to Naruto's image in Shippuden.

After taking out the package, you can see the internal configuration. The real GT Neo3 Hokage Limited Edition set includes a mobile phone, charging head, data cable and card pins. The customization elements are concentrated on these accessories.

The color scheme displayed on the back of the mobile phone of the True Me GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition is the black and orange clothes that Naruto wore in Shippuden. The orange part uses bright color matching, and the upper side is matched with matte black, combining two different textures to enhance the visual perception.

The rear camera module and the space next to it, I really made it into the style of Naruto's forehead.

Really, I first use the double diaphragm to restore the effect of the metal plate of the forehead protection. The right part uses a micro-stereoscopic 3D metal texture to process the details of this part and the Konoha LOGO to make it look more three-dimensional.

A transparent cover plate is added to the rear three-camera combination next to it. With the blessing of the cover plate, it can show a different texture from the Konoha LOGO layer, and highlight the metallic visual effect of the silver part. And a rear camera area makes a three-layer effect, which should be the most amazing part of the Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition.

There is also a small detail in the black matte glass part, that is, the details similar to Naruto's beard are added to the back panel processed by the AG matte one-piece process. I really mean that this is also Naruto's logo, so it must be preserved. .

The frame and buttons are similar to the regular Realme GT Neo3. The power button is on the right side with a metal texture, and the volume button is placed on the left side of the fuselage.

The mobile phone comes with a custom theme in advance, and three Naruto wallpapers are attached, which are Naruto using the spiral pill, holding the kunai, and using the spiral pill with the four generations of Hokage.

The Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition comes with a USB-C smart flash charging head, and uses the same Naruto color scheme as the mobile phone, but there is no Naruto-related logo on it. The charging cable is also not matched with black and orange, it will be a little simpler here.

But considering that there are not many elements that Naruto can link with charging, it is reasonable to simplify it here.

After connecting to the charger, the phone will pop up a SUPER DART pentagon that displays the five elements of Naruto.

But since the main joint name is Naruto, it is probably not bad to replace the charging interface with a look similar to the spiral pill.

If the needle is stuck, the Konoha logo used in the Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition is considered to have used up all the elements.

In addition to the Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition, they also launched two related accessories separately, namely the Realme Power Bank 3 Pro and a custom mobile phone case.

The Realme Power Bank 3 Pro uses a black and orange color with the main body black and the orange line. The front is the Naruto and realme logos, and the back is the Konoha logo. Other configurations are the same as Realme Power Bank 3 Pro, it supports 33W smart flash charging, has dual-port output, and has a built-in 10000mAh dual-cell battery.

There are three customized back covers. Except for the simple one with the large Naruto logo, the other two have a block design. The part next to the camera reflects the elements of Konoha Village's forehead protection, and the realme X Naruto is also used for the wrapping. logo.

The main difference is reflected in the middle part. One is Naruto who uses Spiral Pills, and the other is Naruto who opens the immortal mode. But Naruto in immortal mode only showed half of his face and did not show his whole body.

In terms of pricing, realme announced the initial price:

  • Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition, 12GB+256GB, 2799 yuan
  • Realme Power Bank 3 Pro Naruto Custom Edition, 149 yuan
  • Custom phone cases, $49 each

In general, realme's progress in custom product handling can be seen on the Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition. Compared with the previous Dragon Ball Limited Edition, the Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition is much better in terms of customization depth and details.

Moreover, the overall environment of domestic mobile phones is changing. They have already bid farewell to the old and inferior custom routine of "sticker printing box + similar color matching + third-party wallpaper", and go to a higher customization depth and concentration, I believe This is the future development direction of customized mobile phone products.

If the Realme GT Neo series has a custom version every year, what's next?

The previous year was Dragon Ball, and this year's Hokage, does it mean that Realme has a preference for the works of the JUMP system? The next one, when the real GT Neo4 is going to be a joint model, can we consider the last big three in JUMP?

This will be revealed by realme in person.

However, when Naruto was launched this time, the "bond" was emphasized many times in the release copy of the limited edition of the real GT Neo3 Naruto, which is also common in this type of animation work.

But if it is a work in the JUMP system that also emphasizes friendship and fetters, I also hope that this one will be published one day.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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