Tonight, 45 million people and Jay Chou “go back to the past”

520 is supposed to be a date for a passionate love date.

But at 19:35 this night, before the dating couple had time to post a sweet photo, the circle of friends was first captured by a man who hadn't released an album for a long time.

You talk about your love, I see my youth. The sky blue is waiting for the misty rain, and the fans are waiting for "the strongest demon on the surface".

45 million people recall their youth in the live broadcast room of the video account

When Jay Chou, 34, showed up on stage with 8 angular chocolate abs, I and the audience in the live room fell into screaming and madness.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh &^$^%#**&*

I'm used to teasing him about "Milk Tea Lun" every day. I almost forgot that this Chinese music king had such a beautiful body… Coach Liu is not deceiving me!

It was "Exclamation Mark" that smashed the stage with the abdominal muscles. Shouting to the music in the office with the words "Rely on, lean on, lean on!", unexpectedly became a performance art for the social animals who worked overtime this Friday night to release the pressure.

When "Dragon Fist" sounded, Liu Genghong's boys and girls who had a rare rest today were also boiling, and even had an instinctive body reflex, and began to dance at home with tears.

"The Last Battle", "All the Way North", "The Secret That Can't Be Said", "Nunchuan", "Ming Ming", "Tornado", "Blue and White Porcelain"… As soon as the prelude comes out, you can sing the lyrics with your mouth open, even if you originally thought "live broadcast" It's so insincere to hold a re-screening concert!" I couldn't hold back my goosebumps.

This is not watching the live broadcast and watching the concert, this is obviously a large class reunion.

When I was a child, I was digging and saving pocket money, the joy of buying Jay Chou's album, and the memories of memorizing lyrics under the desk, all came back.

The 18-year-old blushed and held hands, shared earphones ambiguous, and promised to take TA to see Jay Chou's concert, his heart beat faster, and suddenly remembered.

Waving light sticks at the concert, screaming, chorus, and shouting "Encore" along with the crowd, the restlessness and tears came back.

From cassettes to CDs, to mp3 and streaming digital albums, this man has been with us for 22 years since his debut.

Some people love the Chinese style created by him and Fang Wenshan, love his attention to social issues, and love his spirit of R&B and rap. Even "Wait for you after class" and "Mojito" are love slobber songs, and some fans scolded "Jiang Lang is exhausted" while turning over and over the single cycle.

Seeing that he has grown from the shy "Yuck Tong Lun" who bowed his head back to the top of the Chinese music scene, and then turned into a "Milk Tea Lun" who basks in his baby and his wife every day; we also left school, bid farewell to our youth, and entered a new stage of life. Upgrade Daguai.

▲ Jaylen of the year & recently

This re-screening of the 2013 "Magic Tianlun" concert tour not only reunited Jay Chou with his abdominal muscles, but also gave Jay fans an intracranial climax pretending to "go back to the past".

As of press time, QQ Music and TMElive's live video accounts have had nearly 30 million and 15 million views respectively.

Are we brushing the barrage? No, it is the memories of youth of at least 45 million people.

Nostalgia + concert, is becoming a traffic password?

The news of the re-screening of the two Jay Chou concerts on May 20 and 21 was revealed by Tencent Music Entertainment Group in its earnings conference call.

The financial report shows that Tencent Music’s net profit in the first quarter dropped by 34%. In the future, it will strengthen its exploration in more social entertainment vertical fields such as audio live broadcast, business overseas and virtual interactive content. And TME live, which is responsible for the re-screening of the concert this time, is the panorama music live performance brand under Tencent Music.

Before tonight's live broadcast, data from the QQ Music app showed more than 15 million reservations. This audience number, at least 165 bird nests can be seated.

NetEase Cloud Music probably did not expect that more than half a year has passed since the "exclusive copyright era", and Jay Chou is still the most dazzling killer of Tencent Music.

The epidemic has entered its third year, and our operation of online concerts is actually no surprise.

Before "The Strongest Demon on Earth", Tencent Music also broadcast Eason Chan's "Live is so much better with Music" charity concert online, delivering the sunrise and sunset of Victoria Harbour via the Internet.

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her debut, Stefanie Sun also played and sang classic songs such as "Backlight", "Same Summer", "Rain Still Keeps Falling" and "Dark Sky" on Weibo live broadcast without warning.

As one of the live broadcast platforms, the WeChat video account has tasted a lot of sweetness in screen-swiping cases such as the Xicheng Boys and the Mayday New Year's Eve concert, and even explored commercialization ideas.

On April 15, the online concert of rock veteran Cui Jian was held on the video account. The live broadcast was watched over 45 million, and the number of likes exceeded 100 million. For the first time, the sponsor Jihu Motors appeared.

Why is "Nostalgia + Concert" a traffic password?

Online concerts provide the compensatory satisfaction of "going to the scene", and also pin the hope of people returning to normal life. The nostalgic element is responsible for triggering the collective memory of certain people, events and times.

The cost of re-screening the concert is not high. When I meet Jay Chou who has not released a new song for nearly 2 years, the topic of the incident is hot. In the past few years that the 15-second Douyin Divine Comedy has spread all over the streets, people have not stopped discussing "Why there is no second Jay Chou in the Chinese music scene."

▲ Apple Music released the hottest songs in 2021, and more than half of the Top 100 in mainland China are Jay Chou songs

Compared with the era when Jay Chou became popular, the way, carrier and creative environment of listening to music have all undergone earth-shaking changes.

It is of course unfair to simply attribute all the problems in the Chinese music scene and completely blame the creators or short video platforms. But we also understand in our hearts that it is really difficult for the next "national idol" to appear.

The era may be Douyin, but the charm of the scene will always belong to singers who have a certain accumulation of works and can bring appeal.

In December last year, the top ten songs of the TEMA Tencent Music Entertainment Festival were "topped" by the Douyin Divine Comedy, which caused heated discussions at the time.

What's more ironic is that the scene arranged a skewering performance for the top ten hot songs, and each song appeared on the scene for 15 seconds. Without sound cards and sound repairs, the singers of the Douyin Divine Comedy were described by poisonous netizens as "public executions", and "even campus singers can't compare."

Compared with the performances of these Huo Huo ears, I would rather see more wonderful concert re-screenings in the live broadcast room.

▲ On April 1 this year, the WeChat video account re-screened Leslie Cheung's "Passion" HD restoration concert, with an audience of over 10 million in two hours

At the end of the night, we reluctantly turned off the live broadcast room screen. Your youth and the Chinese music scene have briefly returned to the past, and then slammed into reality again.

Fortunately, tomorrow there will be another chance to "go back to the past".

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