Tong, the computer interface that is controlled with the language

The American researcher Dotothee Clasen has developed a very interesting system from the point of view of new technologies and the possibilities that they allow to obtain. This is Tong , an advanced interface for a very particular use of the computer, it is controlled exclusively with the language . It's still a prototype, but this system really promises to revolutionize the way we can control technology for the benefit of greater comfort and a simpler lifestyle.

Tong, an innovative interface that is controlled with the language

Tong interface commands language

Without a doubt , technology is currently revolutionizing our way of life , starting from the enormous potential of the internet , which allows us to carry out many actions directly from home, in the tranquility of our home environment.

For example, many are dedicated to online games, such as those described on . The opportunities for entertainment offered by new technologies and the web are really interesting, since digital allows us to carry out fun and at the same time useful operations.

What we are talking about in this article is a very useful novelty, which could change the way we experiment with new technologies. Tong is a communication interface for computers that relates to the user through commands that are sent using only the language. For this purpose, an instrument is used that is placed inside the mouth, just like a dental appliance. Using this tool, commands are sent to the computer interface.

And this appliance looks like an orthodontic instrument, also because it is made taking into account an essential structure that is printed in three dimensions based on the shape of the mouth and the teeth of the potential user. In this way the instrument will be easy to wear and will be comfortable. Inside this equipment there is a sphere which is positioned inside a magnetic type housing. It is this sphere that proves sensitive to the movements of the tongue.

How Tong works

Tong interface commands language

The system is very simple in its operation, but at the same time it represents a real method that could be considered revolutionary. In fact, based on the touch of the tongue and the movements that are made, the magnet in the housing makes a precise recording of the actions and transmits the information to a very thin wire.

This wire starts from the instrument inserted in the mouth and ends inside a small module which is hooked to the ear of the user. A real wireless antenna that transmits information to the computer interface. With this system in particular it is possible to highlight elements present on a monitor and at the same time select settings, in a similar way to what happens with the use of a simple mouse.

As we have specified, it is a very interesting method of "dialogue" with technology which is currently only a prototype , but which could have important implications in various fields, including with regard to the accessibility of technological tools. In fact, Tong could be used in different situations. For example, let's think about the possibility of controlling a telephone with this innovative system.

Although the system may be subject to changes and improvements in the structure, for example with regard to the cable that comes out of the mouth to end in the wireless antenna located in the ear, it is still a very interesting method to allow in many situations use more easily the devices that are currently really fundamental in everyday life.

We will see if in the future this device and this particular technology will be the subject of new studies and innovative experiments , for the creation of a unique and above all functional system.

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