Together with iQOO, we bring the e-sports arena to the future society

When Chinese athletes won the gold medal at the Asian Games, when the Chongqing Wolves won ten titles in the KPL. When the e-sports arena is crowned with glory, we will always see iQOO.

At the first inG Game Art Festival, which aims to "let players try new gameplay", iQOO, which insists on top performance and top e-sports, coincided with us and jointly created the "iQOO Future Gaming Site" for players, allowing players to The playing field is upon us.

The name of the e-sports arena is love

At the inG Game Art Festival, from the walls to the floor to the stickers that can be seen everywhere, you can see the colorful pixel dislocation design style. Listen carefully, it seems that there are 8-bit game sounds in the stickers and decorations. The iQOO future game scene is a bright yellow here.

When you are at the game scene, you will feel the strong iQOO style, and you will have the urge to "want to play" with just one glance.

In "Three-Body", Liu Cixin described for us in detail and abstractly the process of two-dimensional foil falling the solar system into a two-dimensional world (dimensionality reduction blow). At the iQOO future game scene, we seemed to see the arrival of a two-dimensional universe. The three-dimensional world – those games loved by countless players, is now presented to us in the form of space.

The display of different modules is like "game islands" with different shapes, presenting different game stories. Even the floor and walls are covered with text patterns that look like old computers, blending ASCII art with modern mobile games, giving you the feeling of traveling through technological time and space in the game world.

The well-known cosplayer 622 made a surprise appearance and transformed into the water goddess Funina to interact enthusiastically with players across dimensions. Signing autographs, collecting stamps, and gaming challenges pushed the scene to a climax.

Especially in the challenge part of the game, everyone seems to have underestimated the superb skills of Mr. 622. Many players went from being confident that "they will win" before the challenge to "not letting Mr. 622 use his full strength" after the challenge. sigh. The winner of the challenge got "328 surprises", and the loser of the challenge also set a goal to win next time.

Behind the love is iQOO’s ultimate pursuit

"The gaming experience can be found in the iQOO brand DNA." iQOO Product Manager Pang Jingmin shared during the GAME TALK lecture marathon at the inG Game Art Festival.

Performance, image quality, heat dissipation, battery life, software optimization, and gaming experience are all comprehensive tests for tablets. After listening to sharings and trying out iQOO Pad2 Pro myself, what I felt most deeply was iQOO's "extreme" – iQOO was excellent enough for every question in this comprehensive exam.

In terms of performance, which is most important for the gaming experience, iQOO Pad 2 Pro is equipped with Azurite X Dimensity 9300+ for the first time on the tablet side. The full large-core CPU architecture allows iQOO Pad2 Pro to have today’s top mobile gaming experience; 13-inch 3.1K 144Hz The eye-protecting screen is adapted to the high-frame picture experience of 35 mainstream games; the 11500mAh battery capacity, combined with the comprehensive optimization of software and hardware power consumption, allows online gaming to last up to 8.9 hours…

At the inG Game Art Festival, iQOO also specially designed different game challenges to meet the game preferences of players of different playing types.

What I am most interested in is the challenge of the Golden House copy of "Genshin Impact". Friends who are familiar with "Genshin Impact" know that even if Wu Xiang kills him with one blow, it will take him three blows to defeat him. The transformation of the young master's form and the cutscenes make the Golden House a training challenge for newbies, a first choice for experienced players to try out their swords, and a second creation destination for many happy life lovers.

Due to the excellent performance of the Blue Crystal , the 13-inch large screen allows onlookers to enjoy every moment of the challenge.

As iQOO product manager Pang Jingmin said, performance is the engine of the tablet, and the screen is the double mirror of the game. The tablet gaming experience can be even more refined. Taking the game "Dark Zone Breakout" as an example, the iQOO Pad2 series is among the first in the industry to implement ray tracing technology, achieving a more realistic and extreme gaming light and shadow performance, and bringing in game special effects such as shadows, reflections, and ambient light occlusion. Here comes the stunning gaming effects.

I also chatted with a challenger at the scene. He said that compared to playing "Dark Zone Breakout" on his mobile phone, the screen of iQOO Pad2 Pro made him feel much brighter. "It feels like playing on a computer." The seriousness of the game." He said that this "seriousness" comes from the picture, from the feedback, and also from the stable frame rate. "It's a pity that I didn't wear headphones, otherwise the experience would definitely be better." Nowadays, the picture performance and competitive attributes of mobile games are already comparable to those of PC games. Serious and extreme.

In contrast, players of "League of Legends Mobile" felt a little regretful when they first started playing: I am used to operating on a mobile phone, and the tablet screen is better, but I still can't adapt to the operating habits so quickly.

iQOO has naturally thought of this. In the game sidebar of OriginOS 4 HD, it provides game proportion setting options. If you want to hold the canyon in your hands, the 3.1K high-definition large screen is waiting for you to strategize and become more accustomed to mobile phones. Proportional operation? Half-screen display can also be used with ease.

Of course, even if you don't feel good and don't get the prize, you can still feel the strong game atmosphere at the scene. Every stranger in the game has become a summoner, a task force, and a traveler, with endless topics to talk about.

Moreover, iQOO Pad2 Pro, which pursues the ultimate gaming experience, can also turn on Monster+ mode with the support of a cooling back clip, easily realizing a new performance adjustment strategy and maximizing the chip's computing power. Moreover, the "self-developed rendering super-resolution" will be further upgraded. "Peace Elite" supports super-resolution to 1900P, and "Genshin Impact" supports super-resolution to 1440P, bringing a higher level of clear visual effects experience.

"Performance giant screen", "arrogant among the crowd", "king of Android tablets", "most powerful tablet"… these seemingly exaggerated descriptions all seem ordinary in front of iQOO Pad2 Pro.

iQOO, which "listens to advice", is writing a more e-sports story

"I don't like playing games on my tablet." I heard a passing player say this at the door of iQOO's game challenge site. Out of curiosity, I chatted with him for a few words.

As a mobile game player, he owns multiple tablets of different sizes, but they all have problems with mediocre performance, slow optimization, and inactive iteration. "Everyone wants to use tablets to watch TV shows, and no one cares about us who play games." Some of them. Helpless, but also somewhat true.

But after he and I listened to the speech of the iQOO product manager, he still returned to the challenge site: "It sounds pretty good."

After trying it out, not surprisingly, what sounded good turned into playing good.

iQOO calls their users "cool customers". They are a group of people who love digital technology, gaming competitions, exploring the extremes, and pursuing a better self. iQOO, who is friends with KuKe, will naturally listen to KuKe's voice, serve the people who know iQOO best, and make every encounter full of expectations.

iQOO Pad2 Pro is an answer that cool customers will like: 144Hz high refresh rate + 144Hz dual-player gaming at full health, light pursuit, super-resolution experience, a visual feast like a PC game, and OrganOS 4 that is fully optimized for different games. The excellent gaming experience makes iQOO Pad2 Pro a tablet that iQOO can give players whatever they want.

Dutch cultural historian Johan Huizinga mentioned this point of view in his book "Gamers": Civilization is born in games, and civilization is games. Birds race in the sky, sparrows sing in the clouds, and peacocks spread their wings in the forest. Games, which are deeply rooted in the genes of all things, are now transcending the constraints of daily life and setting a stage for unbridled fantasies.

The ultimate gaming performance is only the capital of iQOO Pad2 Pro, and the gaming gene that carries and writes the spirit of gaming is the story iQOO wants to tell with this top-notch tablet.

At the inG Game Art Festival, we saw the past, present and future of gamers, and iQOO Pad2 Pro, a tablet engraved with gaming genes, is the most suitable ark for those who play games today.

Games are games, and iQOO is writing games.

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