Today is KFC Crazy Thursday, open this article for me!

This is the easiest age to become a writer.

A piece of classic literature, your own social observations, and years of life experience… As long as you add the sentence "Today is KFC Crazy Thursday" at the end, then you will become a KFC writer. You post your work to any group, and then someone will take the initiative to forward your work.

Not why, just because today is KFC Crazy Thursday.

▲ KFC Crazy Thursday Literary Works

The rise of KFC literature, great material for fishing workers

Today is Wednesday, so I will be absent from work directly, give the boss a chance to let him know that you are not easy to provoke. Let me take a vacation for everyone. I won’t go to work tomorrow. If your boss asks, you’d just go to KFC for a part-time job in advance, and you’ll be crazy about Thursday’s hot chicken rice crackers.

"I miss you a little bit, how about you?" The ex-boyfriend just sent me this message, and suddenly he was a little dazed. It seems we are still together. During those three years, we herd sheep together, fed pigs together, and planted rice seedlings together. The big garlic flower bouquet he made by himself is as beautiful as stars. I can't forget the last message he sent on the day we separated: Who invited me to eat today KFC Crazy Thursday?

Playing on a loop "Is there anyone invited me to eat KFC Crazy Thursday"

●━━━━━━─── 3:36
⇆ ◁ ❚❚ ▷ ↻

I was the boss of a listed company, but I was victimized by a scheming villain! Subordinates abandoned me! Shareholders chase me! Even empty my shares! After a lifetime, I just want to take back my company! KFC Crazy Thursday today, who will treat me to it?

▲ KFC Crazy Thursday Literary Works

What's this? This is KFC Crazy Thursday literature.

Incomprehensible? Is the logic unreasonable? Is it difficult to understand? If your answer is "yes," then that's right, because the charm of KFC Mad Thursday literature lies in a known reversal. No matter how moving the previous story and how blunt the turning point is, there can only be one final theme-today is KFC Crazy Thursday.

There were ancient people before this practice, and there will surely be people in the future.

"Ancient" Pinduoduo, after external links were banned, gave full play to their subjective initiative. Through the incentive measures of pulling people back to cash back, let users voluntarily sprinkle blood and create for it. At that time, there were different styles such as fairy tales and fables, son-in-law’s counterattacks, scientific exploration, confession and prayer, but they are always the same. In the end, I will ask you to copy the information, open Pinduoduo, and help him receive the red envelope.

▲ Pinduoduo Literature. Picture from: Chuangshiji

It’s just that it’s different from Pinduoduo users who might get 100 yuan in cash if they repost it. Everyone reposts Crazy Thursday, even if you add the copy of "Who buys me?", there is a high probability that no one will ask for it. From the perspective of copywriting alone, a copywriting conversion rate is high, and a copywriting conversion rate is much lower, but everyone is still happy.

Tingting, who started receiving Thursday's copywriting reminders every Wednesday, also quietly became a KFC writer. She forwarded those interesting copywriting to classmates who are also working workers, and wrote one herself—someone wakes up slowly from the 500-square-meter bed, and some people start to move bricks at 8 o'clock. I broke my job, quit, crying without a year-end bonus, haha, so please eat KFC Crazy Thursday?


Tingting said that she actually didn't want to rely on this to actually invite KFC, but it is really good to use it to create fish and vent her emotions. "I myself basically saw that everyone was posting in the group of colleagues, and it would be nice to have nothing to do with this." Another serious working Mr. Huang said that he was not fishing with it, he was just from this kind of reposting. Found more fun.

First, it's really cheap;

Secondly, I really like to eat finger sucking plain chicken;

Third, the copywriting of Crazy Thursday gave me the joy of reading O Henry’s novels.

▲ KFC literature allows people to find the charm of O Henry's novel reversal

Not only street corner coupons, but also new product boosters

Friends born in the 80s and 90s should have such a common memory of KFC-paper coupons. A small piece of paper has neatly cut dotted lines. Children can tear it off easily and carefully compare which coupon is more desirable and which is more favorable.

This is a memory that people who ate KFC eight years ago can have. Now paper coupons have been eliminated and turned into electronic coupons, but the effect is much weaker than before. In the past, everyone saw the coupons and didn't throw them in the trash can. Instead, they would select their own and cut them down. They must be used up before they expire.

▲ KFC coupons of the year

Colorful paper coupons, its allure is incomparable with electronic screen card package coupons. Whenever you put your hand in your pocket and touch the coupon, you can remember that you should go to eat KFC. The fried food on the picture and the coupon you are holding make you unable to refuse.

In the Internet age, this trick is called user promotion and user recall. It’s just that there are so many more brands in the Internet era than before. In the past, coupons had to be printed to find part-time employees. Now the coupons are to find products and design linkages. The cost of decision-making is too low, which also allows electronic discounts. The conversion of coupons is much lower than before.

KFC is not a type that is willing to be similar to other brands. In terms of learning and change, it has always been fast. In 2002, KFC launched breakfast porridge and its first rice product, which opened a precedent for localization. The first localized product of McDonald's was officially sold in 2013.

▲ KFC snail noodles, local representative

The response is quick and the localization has been effective for many years. Learning from the advanced experience of its predecessors, KFC successfully created a brand-new Crazy Thursday literary phenomenon. In addition to letting everyone line up to buy KFC on Thursday, Crazy Thursday can also help brands save a lot of budget to launch new products.

Last week’s boneless chicken fillet, the previous week’s skewers, this week’s small crispy meat, and new products that may be sold on Thursday in the future. If there is no Crazy Thursday, these new products will generally have the inverse order rate. But with discounts, it’s different. It’s a good habit for most consumers to buy discounts. New products that originally required a lot of budget to let users know about it completed the first wave of exposure on Crazy Thursday. After that, whether users want to continue to choose, when this new product will be off the shelves, the brand's own back-end data is being tested.

▲ Last week’s new skewers

You can understand that KFC is "making festivals." It's just that the annual festivals such as Double Eleven and 618 are too short. What fast food brands need is a happy week. But this kind of weekly festival, if you want to get out of the circle, you have to find a way.

In 2018, when Crazy Thursday was just launched, the slogan was "Crazy Thursday, Nine Yuan, Nine Yuan and Nine Yuan." At that time, there were overwhelming advertising, but the effect was obviously not as good as today's KFC literature.

Even if some people dislike the "literature" forwarded by human repeaters, more people have joined the creation and forwarding team of the literary army.

It is conceivable that even if this wave of craze has passed, the impression of KFC activities on Thursday still remains.


With constant offers, the two fast food giants sink together

But it is not only KFC that is attacking. In the days when Crazy Thursday has not yet become a literary phenomenon, McDonald's and KFC have been pushing discounts all the time, depending on who can occupy the high ground in users' hearts first. You have Crazy Thursday, and he also has a year-end carnival, the two are actually about the same in terms of discount. It's just that KFC detonated on Thursday, and McDonald's has new discounts every day.

This is completely different from the image of KFC and McDonald's when the two brands just entered China. When they first entered China, these two brands were 100% online celebrities. What? Now the new consumer brands have to queue up, which is the experience of these two brands. At the time, they represented not only a fast food, but a new way of life.

▲ KFC opened its first store in Beijing

When KFC and McDonald's opened their first stores in Beijing and Shenzhen respectively, they also began to welcome more and more users, opened more and more stores, let users recognize the brand, and made it the first choice for fast food. At this time, they have become a mass consumer brand, but they are still a catering brand that users have in mind. Children celebrate their birthdays at McDonald's, and some people want to collect toys from these two brands.

The mass base has been established, the brand reputation has been established, and the popularity is not lacking. So what is the next step?

The next step is to open more stores and attract more people to eat fast food.

▲ The 4000th McDonald's store in the Chinese mainland market is located in Wenzhou

After McDonald's broke through 4000 stores in June this year, it indicated that the brand expects to open more than 500 stores in 2021, which is equivalent to opening a new store in an average of 17 hours. KFC's parent company Yum! still opened a new store in an average of 8 hours during the epidemic, setting a new record for Yum China's 33-year history of opening stores.

Both parties have publicly stated that sinking the market is the main direction for the next force. However, China has a vast territory, and each region has a different economic structure, so it has to be played differently. China Wandian brand and Pinduoduo have demonstrated how to win the favor of the sinking market-low price and high cost performance.

New Chinese products like snail noodles and rice dumplings can indeed get a lot of attention in a short time after the brand has invested a lot of advertising costs. However, if you want to continue to sink the passenger flow, it is reasonable to cultivate users' consumption habits from preferential treatment. Therefore, McDonald's and KFC's discounts are becoming more and more regular, with new discounts every day.

▲ Discounts for McDonald's and KFC

From the only store in the country to check in and line up to eat fast food, to today's thousand-store brand, McDonald's and KFC are becoming more and more familiar with Chinese users. Relying on social networks to detonate the spread, push new Chinese products, and offer a lot of discounts, these are all localization efforts of the two brands. It's just that in addition to more and more promotional offers, fans of the brand will still feel a little sad:

There used to be French set meals, but now they are all 9.9.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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