To make life simpler is a very complicated thing

After the release of Hongmeng HarmonyOS 2, a new feature-"multi-camera mode" has been added to the system camera, which has since added N viewing angles to our mobile phones.

Using the multi-camera mode for video shooting can instantly transform you into a great film director: use a mobile phone as the host position, a Selfie camera, and another one on the drone. Which one do you want to cut when shooting? The picture is cut to which picture, easy to achieve multi-camera mix and match, one person is a camera crew.

In addition to this conventional operation, the following video that made many people break the defense also brings a new experience:

In a smooth conversation, you can call the other party's camera after collaboration, allowing you to instantly have the other party's field of vision and see the world that the other party sees at this moment.

Just as the "multiple angles, multiple loves" said at the end of the video, the connection between people has become closer due to advances in technology.

Technology makes life easier

Behind the multi-camera mode is Hongmeng's "all-scene distributed" concept.

In theory, we have come to the era of the Internet of Everything, but in fact, even the most common electronic devices around us are in a state of "connected but not fully connected", and they often make various kinds of devices when they are actually connected and used. Unexpected embarrassment. One of the important reasons is that different devices have their own operating systems, and each device speaks its own language, which makes it difficult to "talk". As consumers, we have to struggle with these various "language".

Therefore, Hongmeng has put forward the concept of distributed based on the whole scene from the beginning of its birth. It can realize multi-terminal circulation and multi-terminal deployment for various devices from mobile phones and tablets to smart wearables and smart home appliances. It is a new intelligent terminal operating system. Devices that use the same operating system can naturally connect smoothly to achieve true interconnection.

Hongmeng developed on this concept has the goal of making life easier: connecting equipment and equipment, connecting people and equipment, and connecting people to people with technology.

Huawei's "Unblocked Connection" function can easily connect a family together. Parents at work can easily make an intimate audio and video call with their mobile phones, children wearing children's watches, and even grandparents who use smart screens to "play a TV" at home. I received a video call on my mobile phone, got in the car, turned to the car, and returned home to the smart screen, where I wanted to talk and talk.

The super terminal function allows us to easily realize the collaborative management and resource sharing of multiple devices.

All devices equipped with the Hongmeng system around the user can be "one-click connection", including mobile phones, tablets, speakers, computers, and even cameras. The devices can directly push related content to construct a complete and collaborative work scene.

When this full-scene distributed concept is applied to the extreme, the separation between equipment and equipment and between equipment and people is reduced to a minimum, "no one will be an island."

What impressed me the most was the "one-touch printing" function.

Open the document to be printed on the Huawei mobile phone, and touch it with the first Hongmeng printer HUAWEI PixLab X1 to start printing. Compared with the previous cumbersome process of connection, network configuration, setting, and printing, this can basically be regarded as "zero threshold".

It is one of the advancements brought about by technology to make equipment less and easier to operate, thereby making our lives easier. However, this is not the whole of the well-being of science and technology.

A digital world with humane care

Making all devices easy to use for "me" is just one side of technology for good; on the other hand, it is more humanistic and human-allowing everyone to easily use smart devices and enjoy a smart life.

For the 140 million elderly people in my country who are still using non-smart phones or using smart phones without going online, there is still a deep gap between them and smart life. For 80 million people with disabilities, using smart devices to obtain information has never been an easy task.

For Huawei, whose vision is to "bring the digital world into everyone, every family, and every organization, and build a smart world with all things connected", this is a problem they must face and solve.

Therefore, since 2017, Huawei has been working with the National Information Accessibility Research Association to develop, test, and consult on barrier-free systems. With each major version of EMUI, the functions of the barrier-free system are continuously improved. In 2020, Huawei Terminal announced that it has officially joined the Information Accessible Products Alliance.

▲The visually impaired people use the Huawei Smart Life app, the picture is from Huawei

On Huawei’s official website, we saw: “Huawei hopes that everyone can enjoy the beautiful life brought about by technological development on an equal and convenient basis. Both ordinary people and handicapped people, teenagers and elderly people, can make calls smoothly. To communicate emotions on the phone, you can press the shutter to record unforgettable moments, and you can clearly listen to the sounds of the world. For this reason, Huawei designed barrier-free features to cover 100% of end users in need."

This passage clearly describes Huawei's determination to build a digital world with humane care.

In the video at the beginning of the article, we saw Huawei's attention to the special group of pregnant mothers. From this perspective, it is easier for us to read and remember another Huawei sentence-"Love is the greatest technology."

After all, only if all people can access intelligent life without hindrance, and all people can be truly connected by love, the digital world we are ushering in is complete and worth pursuing.

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