“To Gloomy” Teens’ Instagram, I want you to take a break

"After a while, we must remind everyone in front of the screen to take a break and take a break." TikTok has launched the "No Swap" function some time ago. The Legend of Phoenix recorded a rest reminder video and forced "press and hold" and we habitually slide. Fingers.

Recently, Instagram also launched "Take a Break" in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

This function is understood literally-when the user swipes Instagram for a certain length of time, the app will pop up a prompt, suggesting that the user take a break, stop scrolling the page, and set the same reminder in the future.

Teenagers receive the most attention from "Take a Break". They will also see prompts endorsed by experts to actively "reflect and restart".

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In October of this year, there have been reports that Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs at Facebook, promised that Instagram will launch "Take a Break." The social media executive said that Facebook's algorithms should be held accountable, including monitoring when needed.

While the official announcement of "Take a Break", Instagram also announced a number of experimental features, they are basically in the test, plan to go online early next year, the purpose is to protect young users from harmful content on the platform.

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The first batch of features for guardians will be launched early next year, when guardians can view the time young people spend on Instagram and set time limits; when young users report bad news on the platform, they can also choose to notify their guardians and send out "I may need to talk "signal of.

And the "batch delete function", which will be open to everyone in January next year, will come in handy for users who are secretly annoyed by "young and ignorant" users. It will allow users to delete all photos and videos in batches, as well as all likes and comments.

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The third test feature will extend a restriction that Instagram started earlier this year -prohibiting adults from initiating private chats with teenagers who have not followed them. This restriction works through a combination of the age claimed by the user at the time of registration and machine learning that predicts the age.

At the beginning of next year, it will also prevent adults from marking or mentioning young people who have not followed them. The content of these young people will also appear in the information flow of adults less frequently, preventing adults with bad intentions from interacting with young people.

Finally, Instagram plans to limit youth exposure to harmful or sensitive content. If young users have been scrolling through a topic for a period of time, they will be pushed to another topic; it will also have stricter requirements on posts, accounts and hashtags that are pushed to young people.

▲ Frances Haugen. Picture from: reuters

In recent months, Frances Haugen, a former Facebook product manager and Facebook whistleblower, has committed to testify to American and European lawmakers about the impact of social networks on young people. Instagram and Facebook have both come under fire.

Among them, the peer pressure generated by Instagram has caused mental health problems for young users, including physical anxiety, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts.

Frances Haugen is also dissatisfied with Instagram's ranking based on participation. Facebook's internal research found that "this may lead children from harmless topics such as healthy recipes to content that promotes anorexia." She believes that they should be sorted by recency, not by engagement, although the latter is more suitable for their platform.

"Take a Break" may not satisfy Frances Haugen. It will reduce exposure to harmful content, but it will not make them disappear. She pointed out in October this year : "Facebook's artificial intelligence system can only capture a very small number of illegal content, and when faced with content such as hate speech, it can only reach 10% to 20%."

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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