Tired of seeing black and white? This “national style” limited high-value notebook may be more suitable for you

As a digital editor, I inevitably have to be the exclusive customer service for my friends when they buy digital products. Over time, I discovered an interesting rule: recommending products is sometimes like a blind date. First understand the other's interest circle, and then "prescribe the right medicine" to give the products around the circle, the success rate is often higher.

There is no other reason. Young people nowadays are more and more interested in projecting their interest on the products around them: Martin boots co-branded with British bands, a classic anime limited watch, and a limited edition mobile phone cooperating with favorite games, these customizations Modernized products have become a window for young people to show their unique personality to the outside world.

For example, my friend Xiaolin is a heavy Hanfu fan. Whenever she sees a newly designed custom Hanfu, she always starts with it and fills up her wardrobe. In addition to clothes, she also has the Forbidden City co-branded lipstick, the national style version of the full set of Bubble Mart blind box and so on. Recently, she wants to update a laptop, and I think the newly launched HP Star series limited Star Italian pet fan book is perfect.

Face value in power-the national style design of "riding the wind and breaking the waves"

Kobayashi, who is obsessed with Hanfu, is an absolute design control. She will not easily get involved before encountering a good design. When a product design touches her, even if she has to pay in advance and spend several months waiting for the arrival of the goods. Also willing.

HP Xingyi Chong Fan is such a computer that impresses her with design.

Among a crowd of silver and black computers, the Star Italian Gold color of the HP Star Italian Pet Powder Book is bright enough, and the sandblasted aluminum alloy is glossy, and it looks like an "amber"-like visual texture. When the sun shines on it, the flow of light and shadow also has the traditional Chinese "tan" meaning.

The design does not just stop at the color matching of the shell. In terms of details and creativity, HP often hides its "selfishness" in the palm rest.

The palm rest of the HP Xingyi pet powder book adopts a unique wave texture design, which is processed by a laser etching process to make the shape more delicate, and the national style characteristics corresponding to the color matching also pin the young generation's expectation of bravely riding the wind and waves. .

Before the screen is lit, the eyes are first attracted by the hinges that are consistent with the dark gold casing. The attention to the details of the appearance of the HP Star Italian Pet Fan can always find surprises in use.

A small tilt heel design is also used on the hinge. After opening the notebook, the slightly tilted screen can improve the efficiency of the body's heat dissipation. The small angle formed by the keyboard and the desktop is also more ergonomic, and the typing experience is more comfortable.

Powerful performance-office tool that can be salted or sweetened

After meeting Xiaolin's visual needs, she was even more curious about whether the HP Xingyifanben could cope with the various office needs of her newcomer in the workplace.

Easily open the screen with one hand

The first impression of the HP Xingyi pet fan book comes from the first time you open it easily with one hand.

Compared with desktop computers, clamshell is a unique action of notebook computers. Sitting down and opening the notebook also represents the beginning of the day's work. This is a ceremonial action. Whether the "starting ceremony" can be completed with one hand seems to be true to the minutiae, but it actually reflects the manufacturer's emphasis on user experience during research and development.

Introducing 4K ultra-clear screen into mainstream-priced notebooks

Light up the screen and the delicate picture that comes into view is another "surprise" prepared by HP. The HP Star Italy pet powder uses a 13-inch 4K resolution high-definition screen, which is almost unique in mainstream prices.

The quality of the screen is also remarkable. The screen color gamut reaches 95% sRGB, supports HDR Ready, and the color reproduction is true; the brightness can reach up to 550 nits, and it can be clearly seen in the office under the outdoor sun.

In addition to the parameters "please" the eyeballs, HP has also worked hard on the frame design. The three-sided narrow frame design allows the screen to take up to 84%. The left and right frame width is only 4.35mm, which is much narrower than fingers.

There is also a comfortable keyboard in the mini body

The larger screen-to-body ratio not only brings a more immersive experience visually, but also controls the size of the body at the "mini-level" level.

How big is it? The size of the body is about the same as a piece of A4 paper, and the weight is only about 1.25KG. The compact body can be easily packed into a bag for commuting.

The keyboard of the HP Xingyi pet powder keyboard adopts an island-style design, with large keycaps and a certain gap between them. The standard key distance of 19mm and the keystroke of 1.3mm are suitable for the code word workers. But a book is satisfying, the buttons have obvious rebound feedback, and it can make the fingertips fly without the external keyboard.

Powerful configuration, reckless office

In addition to such exquisite super high-value appearance, in terms of configuration, the HP Xingyi pet fanbook is equipped with a new eleventh generation Intel® Core ™ The i5 processor, the eleventh-generation Core, is recklessly light and makes the performance of the pet fan absolutely powerful.

Powerful processor plus 16G DDR4-3200 MHz dual-channel large-capacity memory, new CPU with large memory hardware upgrades bring the most intuitive use of the increase in multi-tasking processing.

As a newcomer in the workplace, switching back and forth between multiple applications is a common job at work: while browsing dozens of website pages with Chrome, while recording material with Word, and opening Adobe Family Bucket from time to time for image processing, WeChat and music players have to Permanently in the background.

Despite the many tasks, the HP Xingyi Pet Fan has almost no difficulty in processing, and it remains smooth during frequent application switching. Except for the short-term operation of the fan when editing pictures, it remains stable and quiet at other times.

Eleventh generation Intel® Core ™ The new generation of Intel Iris Xe core graphics card built into the processor is a focus of this upgrade. With a 4K resolution screen, Lightroom or Photoshop can be used for more detailed and professional image processing, and the speed of opening and exporting Raw files is faster. , No longer wasting time on waiting.

Dual antenna design, take off at speed

Telecommuting has now become the norm in our work. The stability of the network connection directly affects people's office efficiency. No one wants to be the avatar that keeps going around in department meetings.

In order to improve the user’s network experience, the HP Xingyi pet powder not only adopts a dual antenna design, but also installs the antenna on the A side of the computer to reduce signal transmission obstacles and ensure "fast" and "stable" transmission and downloading. .

"Grand Slam" interface

Finally, in terms of interfaces, the HP Star Love can be called the "Grand Slam" among the thin and light notebooks. It is equipped with 1 HDMI 2.0 interface, 2 USB 3.2 Gen1 interfaces, and 1 full-featured USB Type-C. 3.2 Gen2 interface and Micro SD card reader port and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to being used for data transmission, the Type-C interface on the left also supports charging, reverse power supply and multi-screen display. With the HDMI interface, it can achieve triple-screen connection, which can adapt to more office scenarios.

"Almighty" master-work and entertainment

Office is not the whole of the HP Xingyi pet fan. The stacking of materials in some details has also turned the HP Xingyi pet fan into an "all-rounder" who wants to take both entertainment and work into account.

Games, movies and TV

With the performance of the MX350 Iris Xe core display, the game is no longer exclusive to the game. When the game screen is set to 1080P and medium quality, HP's Star Love can play popular online games such as "CS:GO" and "Dota 2" smoothly.

The sound professionally tuned by B&O, a major acoustic company, combined with the delicate 4K screen, becomes a "private theater" that can be opened anytime, anywhere. The dual speakers tuned by B&O are hidden on the D side of the fuselage. While maintaining visual purity, the reflection of the desktop also brings a more three-dimensional and full sound texture. When watching popular variety shows such as "Summer of the Band", It seems to be on the scene.

No need to do it, easier

The addition of the fingerprint recognition module in the lower right corner saves people the cumbersome need to enter the password every time the screen is turned on. Turn it on, put down the finger, and start working. The quick and convenient experience not only protects personal privacy, but also does not cause users disturb.

The voice assistant "Huixiaowei" jointly developed by HP and Tencent is a feature that I personally like very much. I often like to use the voice assistant of my mobile phone to set reminders, but because the mobile phone often falls on the desktop during office work, the mobile phone rings Embarrassing scenes that I didn't know about it happened from time to time.

Setting up voice reminders through "Huixiaowei" is like having a more personal secretary. Important reminders will never be missed easily, let alone trivial things like checking the weather and simple translations, and handing them over to "Huixiaowei" "Free your hands.

24/7 battery life

Finally, let me talk about battery life. After a day of light office testing (Chrome, Word, Lightroom switched back and forth, the resolution is 1080P), the HP Xingyi pet powder can maintain all-weather battery life, and it also supports fast charging, sufficient power can be Feel free to deal with every business trip.

In general, youthful design and all-round office work have always been the characteristics of HP Star series notebooks, while the brand-new national style HP Star Italian Pet Fanbook attempts to elevate the series design to a higher level.

4K resolution screen, 11th generation Intel® Core ™ The processor, 16G high-speed memory and other hardware upgrades have also allowed this computer to gain a firm foothold in the position of an all-purpose lightweight notebook for entertainment and office.

With a national style design that is more in line with the aesthetics of young people, and more reliable office performance, for Kobayashi who has just entered the workplace, the HP Xingyi pet fan would be a good choice to help develop his ideas and talents.

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