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Say "Tik Tok is conquering the world." There is no objection here, right?

App Annie data shows that in 2020 and the first half of 2021, TikTok downloads ranked first in the global social applications. At present, in the United States and the United Kingdom, the average monthly usage time of TikTok users even exceeds that of YouTube.

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Seeing TikTok take away the attention of young people, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat have launched their own short video applications, even if they are said to be "plagiarized", their faces are not red and heartbeat.

The entire Internet is gearing up to stare at this piece of sweet pastry. And the latest to be injected into the "Tik Tok Paradigm" is the dating app.

"Old Antique" only slides left and right, Gen Z is all brushing

At present, at least 3 combinations of Tinder and Douyin have emerged in the overseas dating and friendship field: Snack, Lolly, and Feels. Their main interface and interaction are similar to Douyin, but there are some differences.

Snack was officially launched in February of this year. In just six months, it has squeezed into the Top 10 most downloaded dating software in the United States .

Snack wants you to show your true self through short videos. You can scan the content posted by other users in the information stream. If you and a young lady "like" each other's videos (click the red heart), the system will open a private message channel for you.

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Not only is the same experience re-engraved, you can also quickly log in to Snack with your TikTok account, and transfer your video sharing posted on TikTok at any time.

Lolly also encourages users to post videos and refresh videos. In the beta version at the beginning of this year, you can "Clap" for someone else's video, or swipe right to pass your small note to send a message to the other party to convey "Crush".

Now Lolly has further simplified the operation: just click directly on the red heart in the lower right corner of the video to send out a crush signal. Waiting for the other party to give your video a red heart, it is going both ways.

Feels , a social product from France, currently has more than 300,000 users, and its community atmosphere is more jumpy than Snack and Lolly.

Feels does not position itself as a dating app. It thinks that "card sliding is boring" and "matching is boring". It hopes to gather a group of cool people to let their creativity and imagination play together. The Feels icon on the App Store is a screaming dog's head; its advertising film style is also very fun, people can't help but shook their heads and shouted "Deep well ice!"

▲ even nodding

When setting up a personal profile, you can upload videos and photos, and you can also add some questions and answers to show your personality. All the screens can be re-created and added with copywriting and emoticons. When swiping, click the emoji at the bottom right at any time to send your feelings to the other party.

▲ Left: Edit personal files. Middle 2: Brush the video. Right: Send feelings.

In multiple media reports, the founders of these three products all pointed out: Tinder and other traditional dating apps can no longer meet the needs of Generation Z. The way of telling stories with pictures is outdated. Video is becoming a new vehicle for young people to communicate and express, and it also allows them to show their true self.

Compared with whether the interaction mechanism is "slip" or "swipe", these "industry innovators" seem to pay more attention to how a person is presented on dating apps-not a flat resume-style file, but a more real living person; also Don't be boring "Hey what's up", every video and whimsy can be your topic of breaking the ice.

"Video-based dating apps will become the next wave of dating." Snack founder Kimberly Kaplan said .

The new generation wants to "get rid of boredom" and Tinders are also subverting themselves

Unlike the new generation of apps that actively embrace video, it wasn't until June this year that Tinder slowly announced that users could upload videos to their personal files.

Although it is boring and boring to be frantically complained, the old players are actually quietly "evolving" aiming at young people.

In order to provide a more interesting social experience, Tinder recently launched the "Explore" section . Here, you can find your potential matches through hot topics (Hot Takes), resonance (Vibes), various hobby tags (such as rock climbing, skydiving, foodies), etc. In addition, Tinder also announced the Swipe Night event in November.

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You can understand Swipe Night as a "limited time carnival party." Tinder will create an interactive drama, divided into 4 episodes, and 1 episode will be released every weekend. Users can watch and participate in the interaction on the App.

The first season of Swipe Night was launched in October 2019. The plot at the time was set as the end of the world: the earth will be destroyed in 3 hours, and there are a series of emergencies. How do you choose? Should I bring food or a first aid kit? Want to reach out to strangers? My friend's beloved puppy is going to run away and is lost. Do you want to save it? You can make choices by sliding the card left and right. Like Netflix's "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" , different choices will lead to different plot developments.

▲ You just threw a first aid kit to a stranger!

At the end of each episode, you will enter the quick match session. The system will show the other party's choices consistent with your three views. Swipe left and right to start chatting. It is said that more than 20 million users participated in the first Swipe Night event, which resulted in 26% more matches than usual weekends. Tinder also won an entertainment award from the 2021 Cannes International Creativity Festival.

What has changed is not only the boring process of left and right sliding cards, but also the experience after matching.

The role of dating apps in the past is basically over when the match is completed. After that, some people stayed in the ice-breaking link, some people chatted and talked without the following, and the hot friends often turn to the acquaintance social platform to continue the chat, or go out for a date directly.

However, in the past two years, the epidemic and home isolation have cut off offline romance. Many overseas dating and dating apps such as Bumble, Hinge, Tinder have added voice or video chat functions, setting off a wave of "dating at home". "Cyber ​​matchmakers" suddenly found themselves undertaking part of the offline dating scene. Apart from the matchmaking, they began to worry about your virtual date.

Bumble is a female-dominated dating app. In March this year, it launched a new feature "Night In" . Matching parties can send out invitations in advance, make appointments, and then play games together in video chats to relieve embarrassment. .

Hinge and Tinder belong to the same parent company, and the community atmosphere is more towards looking for serious long-term relationships. In April, Hinge launched the "Video Prompts" function, which directly hits a bunch of ice-breaking topics on the screens of both parties and teaches you how to video chat.

A Tinder research report pointed out that during the epidemic, 50% of Gen Z users had video chats with matching partners, and their virtual dating would even extend to other platforms-meet on Tinder and go to the "Animal Crossing Friends Club" game to date , Open the Zoom video and eat takeaway together across the screen. 40% of young users said that even if the epidemic dissipates in the future, offline dating can be assured, they are still willing to video chat.

More real, more diverse, more vertical segmentation

Psychology professor Albert Mehrabian once proposed a communication rule : when a person talks about emotions and expresses attitudes, 7% of the receiver’s perception comes from semantics, 38% from speech intonation, and 55% from facial expressions.

We have all had WeChat slammed "hahahahahahahahaha" when it was really cold, and voice and video can bring richer information-in the scene of dating and making friends, this means more real and lively people , And higher matching efficiency.

Dating expert Charly Lester believes that in the future, video is likely to become a powerful reference for people to screen real dates. "Compared to wasting two hours in a bar, a video date makes it easier for you to understand whether you really like each other. ."

Of course, the melon is not ripe, and the voice and video may not be fidelity. Take the tricks of killing pigs and selling tea girls as examples. Human skills and chemical reactions can be carefully designed. Photos and videos can be hired by extras. The voice changer is becoming more and more realistic. Sound night and night coaxes you to sleep, and you don't know but feel sweet in your heart.

Even Deepfake's face-swap technology has already reached the field of live broadcasting, and it is said that there are anchors in use on platforms such as Twitch and TikTok. How to guard against thieves in the age of Internet love is really a subject that requires continuous learning.

▲ Deepfake face change effect comparison

A report in The Wall Street Journal pointed out that the field of dating and friendship is becoming more and more vertically segmented. For example, The League is an elite dating community for singles, and Raya is a dating app used by celebrities and celebrities. You can meet all kinds of beard lovers on Bristlr, and people with poor digestive systems can try to find true love in Gutsy.

It is the same situation in China. Some people like to show up directly, some prefer to make friends with the soul, look at the face with face control, and listen to the sound with voice control. You can even sink a hand and try the matchmaking in the live broadcast… Voice and video are not necessarily your food, but more and more The more options appear, I hope you will find a comfortable way to date and make friends.

▲ From left to right: Tan Tan brushes his face, Soul matches, and glimmers to watch the movie together

In the future, what kind of surprises will the development of technology bring to this industry?

In May of this year, the Google I/O Conference showcased the results of the Starline project . Combining AI, 3D, spatial audio and other technologies, without AR or VR glasses, the effect of the video call is quite real, as if someone is sitting directly opposite you. Will virtual dating be like this in the future?

Recently, a science fiction novel "Adaptability " in the Sony exhibition event "ONE DAY, 2050" also described a possibility: AI will select potential romantic partners for you, calculate the matching degree and arrange VR dating, and you will be sad when you are broken in love. When you are decadent, AI will also arrange psychotherapy to take you out of the haze… Does this one-stop service have a chance to become a reality?

▲ "Black Mirror" S04E04, before you strike up a conversation with the handsome guy in the bar, AI first simulates and calculates your 998 virtual avatars that you love to die for.

At this point, the combination of Tinder + Douyin seems a bit dull. Why not open your mind and look forward to the next evolution of the "Cyber ​​Matchmaker".


What is this generation thinking, looking for, and believing?

The answer may lie in the Internet products they use, indulge in, and create.

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