TikTok: what is the key to its success?

TikTok, the application that has more than a billion subscribers, is becoming popular especially among young people and VIPs! But how is all this success possible? What happened to the other apps? What is happening is a sort of generational change linked to the fact that social networks are increasingly dividing by age group: the more the age decreases, the shorter the contents that people want to see.

Facebook now belongs to the "grandparents", are there parents on Instagram, and children? They expect a space all to themselves, where they can express themselves and simply be themselves. TikTok has made this possible: the contents are very short, rough, there is no fiction.

The potential of TikTok

Why is TikTok different?

In TikTok the images are "real" and not like Instagram where there are only photos and videos of famous people who flaunt a perfection that does not exist! TikTok, unlike other apps, is based on making moves, dances or actions that everyone can imitate . It's all based on "acting" or dancing to the desired hit with easily copied formats.

Looking at the videos made one may think that it is impossible to reproduce them. There is actually a trick: the music, when the video is created, is played in slow motion and this makes it much easier to make the video much easier! Once the video is ready, the application itself goes to restore its normal speed.

A strong point: the trends

On TikTok, therefore, there are not only contents to watch but there are trends that everyone can reproduce in the same way . This contributes to building a community that spans the whole world because videos can reach anyone in the world.

Another advantage of TikTok over Instagram is that the app shows us content, not based on what you search for, but based on what you do. What does it mean? If we stop for more or less time on a specific video, the app records it and “profiles” us , that is , it recognizes the contents of our interest and shows them. It is more targeted and specific unlike Instagram which shows us people or content based on searches! The mechanism exploited by TikTok allows, in this way, to create a stronger link with the platform .

TikTok: There are actually two

TikTok is a Chinese app. Credits: everyeye.it

China is taking over the world with apps like TikTook. This, however, opens up to a series of problems : China is very repressive and censors certain contents . This policy will most likely also be applied abroad. Just think of the video of the seventeen-year-old who, through TikTok, denounced Chinese concentration camps by pretending to do a make-up tutorial. This video was initially removed and then re-posted by TikTok himself "apologizing for the inconvenience".

Not everyone knows that, in reality, there are two TikTok applications with the same icon: one is called "Douyin" and is under all Chinese censorship laws, the other we all know has a server in the United States and one in Singapore of its own to break away from China's restrictive policy. But how long will this be possible? In fact, there is also indirect censorship: you can publish what you want but China then acts accordingly.

Then there is the problem of privacy : all data will go into the hands of the Chinese, but how will the data of those who will be the next generation of voters, buyers, etc., be used, of whom they already know practically everything?

Curated by Valentina Dentato

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