Tianjin “Goubuli” has started selling coffee. Is this business really so good?

There are so many bamboo boards, let's not mention anything else. Today, let’s talk about the “Goubuli” in Tianjin.

In a bun store, it is not surprising to see soy milk or milk, but what if you see coffee? According to the information displayed by Tianyancha, "Gloria Coffee Food (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.", which is wholly-owned by Tianjin Goubuli Food Co., Ltd., was established on February 22.

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The legal representative of this company is Zhang Yansen, chairman of Goubuli Group, with a registered capital of 500,000 yuan, and its business scope includes food sales; daily necessities sales; catering management, etc. It looks like Goubuli is about to start selling coffee.

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Although Goubuli is a time-honored brand, its development in recent years has not been ideal: it took the initiative to delist after being listed on the New Third Board for less than 5 years; the "bad review" video of Wangfujing store and the subsequent public relations response caused heated discussions ; Closing the store in Wuqing District of Tianjin and the store at No. 31 Dashilan Street in Beijing… One can't help but wonder if the establishment of the coffee company is to "seek another way out".

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In fact, there are not a few brands that sell coffee across borders like Goubuli. Not long ago, China Post’s “Post Office Coffee” officially landed in Xiamen; in 2019, Sinopec also launched “Easy Jie Coffee” in its Easy Jie convenience store; PetroChina also established “Hospitality Coffee” in 2018 and laid it in In its Kunlun Hospitality Convenience Store.

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Once talking about coffee, many people may only name chain brands such as Starbucks and Costa. In recent years, the coffee market has grown rapidly. Not only coffee brands have mushroomed, but new teas such as HEYTEA and Michelle Bingcheng are also available. There are coffee products. Nowadays, many traditional industries are also making cross-border coffee. A very important reason is that China's coffee market is still "profitable".

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According to the "Investment and Financing Data Report of the Five Major "New Catering" Tracks in 2021", in the first ten months of 2021, the total amount of related financing disclosures in the domestic coffee industry is close to 6 billion yuan. Compared with the annual growth rate of 2% in the international market, the annual growth rate of China's coffee consumption market has reached about 15%. It is expected that the size of China's coffee market will exceed one trillion yuan in 2025.

The unsaturated market is naturally very attractive. In March 2021, HEYTEA, a new tea beverage brand, took a stake in the boutique coffee brand Seesaw as a strategic investor, and instant coffee brands such as Sandunban and Yongpu also achieved a scale of up to 100 million yuan. financing.

▲Pictures from: Yongpu, San Dun and a half

It is worth mentioning that, in fact, Goubuli is not just now on the coffee track. As early as 2015, Goubuli obtained the permanent right to use Gloria, Australia's largest coffee chain brand, in China. Chairman Zhang Yansen mentioned at the time that he would open 200 chain stores within 5 years, but the goal was naturally not achieved. But now it seems to be regrouping and starting again.

▲Picture from: Goubuli Group Co., Ltd.

▲ Picture from: Gao Leya

Zhang Yansen, chairman of Goubuli, once said that Goubuli Group always insists on "being an old brand, not an old company". Although it is a cross-border player, the rapidly expanding coffee market still has a lot of room for development. Changes in habits and increasing acceptance of coffee have led to an increase in coffee consumption. Goubuli of "Baozi + Coffee" may be the dark horse on the coffee track.

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