Threads arrives in Italy: how it works and how to sign up

The world of social media is witnessing a significant event today: the arrival of Threads in Italy. This new social network, which aims to redefine the concept of microblogging, makes its official entry into Europe, after an initial launch in the United States. Meta, the parent company of Threads, has already generated great interest with a countdown on the social network's homepage, culminating today, December 14, at 12.00. Threads, already popular in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, promises to revitalize the social networking landscape, offering an intriguing alternative to Twitter, now known as X.

Salient Features of Threads

Threads stands out as a microblogging platform focused on sharing short text posts, similar to Twitter. However, the Meta social network extends its offer by also allowing the uploading of links, photos and videos. With limits of 500 characters per post and 5 minutes for videos, Threads offers unique flexibility to users. Furthermore, it is gaining traction in the Fediverse, allowing interaction with other non-Meta platforms, such as Mastodon.

How to sign up for Threads in Italy


Signing up for Threads is simple and straightforward. Users can access the platform through the homepage , download the app for Android or iPhone devices, and opt to log in via an existing Instagram account or create a new profile. This integration allows users to maintain the same username and profile photo on both platforms . An important feature is the ability to deactivate the Threads account without affecting the linked Instagram account.

Efficient use and functionality of Threads

Threads comes with a clean and minimalist interface, offering an intuitive and pleasant user experience. Key features include:

  • Publishing Posts : Users can create posts, adding photos, videos or links.
  • Social Interaction : You can follow other accounts, mention them in posts, and send private messages via Instagram.
  • Engagement : Posts can be liked, reposted, commented on, or shared directly via direct messages.

An interesting innovation of Threads is the use of tags. Unlike other social networks, Threads allows you to categorize posts with entire sentences, including spaces and special characters, but limits use to just one tag per post to avoid abuse.

Future prospects and impact on the social media landscape

With its entry into Europe, Meta's new social network has the opportunity to significantly expand its user base and influence the social media landscape. Its integration with the fediverse and innovative approach to tagging and content sharing could position it as a serious competitor to more established platforms like X. Its growth and acceptance in the European market will be a key indicator of its potential impact a long term on the social media industry.

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