Those stories that are going to disappear in the old city, HUAWEI CLOUD wants to stay

"Time is money, efficiency is life." I have been in Shekou, Shenzhen for forty years. This slogan on the side of the road makes me still remember the feeling of reform and opening up.

I have been in Shekou for ten years. Whenever I think of Shekou, I think of the big cruise ship in the sea world. Every Spring Festival is so colorful.

I came to Shekou after graduating this year. I like the sea breeze here the most, and I also like the art exhibitions and reading clubs here…

At the "AI! Community Intelligent Manufacturing Bureau" event co-sponsored by Huawei Cloud and Design Internet, the elderly, children, and young people of Shekou were watching the exhibition while laughing and talking about Shekou's past stories.

But they are not looking through historical books or watching historical films, but experiencing the "memory device" made by AI.

How to make AI retain the story of the past

"AI! Community Intelligence Bureau" is a special unit of "Go! Design Community Festival". This community festival is to bring design and art into the community and into everyone's daily life.

"AI! Community Intelligence Bureau" created a three-week workshop. Through the latest AI technology, Huawei Cloud allows people to participate in a new way, allowing design, art, architecture, and humanities to be displayed in a new way.

Cross-field institutions such as architecture, art, and public welfare, as well as college students in the field of art and architecture, all participated in this creation.

Shekou is a representative region in Shenzhen and even China that is constantly embracing change. They formed 6 groups to act separately, thinking from different dimensions such as urban texture, chronology, community gathering place, and daily noise:

How can technology truly leave the life of the old city?

Some teams plan to build a floatable "BOX" on the sea to allow AI multi-modal learning to recognize the sound of ships and siren, leaving a memory of the sea.

Some groups want to use AI face recognition technology to record residents' moods in Shekou Market, and then use fishing nets to present them. Different ups and downs and color changes are also a lack of ecstasy in the hearts of residents.

▲ Team members went to Shekou market for field investigation

Some groups used AI and the special zone newspapers of the past years to create a retro field space. Residents can come here to check in, take photos, and feel the major events that have happened in history.

▲ "Shekou Car Free Day" exhibition

There is also a group with the theme of "Fishing Recollection". It plans to record the white noise of fishermen and fishing in Shekou area, so that people will be immersed in it, and it will sound like they are returning to the lively beach where they wake up early to fish.

In the end, the judges judged the two best plans for landing, one is "Shekou Baa will talk with Lei."

They collected and stored vocal stories and environmental sounds in various scenes in Shekou, used HUAWEI CLOUD ModelArts for data model training, and finally used HUAWEI CLOUD to build a website. The audience can also upload their own "Shekou Zhizhi" in the "theatre". "Sound" and real-time interaction to create an open sound theater on the cloud.

▲ Team members collected environmental sound on site

When I approached the red shed they built, there were three-dimensional voices of residents around, and there were certificates, letters, and tapes released by the residents of Shekou… It suddenly became very kind. The neighbors who kept talking when they were young seem to be at this moment. Just around.

A Shekou resident named Deng Xuemei left a letter she wrote to her daughter. She talked about her birthday when she was young, and her daughter sent her 50 yuan. She is happy for her daughter to remember her birthday, and also happy for her meticulous care.

When people were reading letters in the dark, Deng Xuemei's voice was played, and listening to her mood and story at the time was very moving.

Another plan, "2020.11.27", appears to have a stronger sense of technology.

Using the concept of "miniature space", their team recorded the trajectory of residents' purchases in the market on November 27th, and then used Huawei Cloud HiLens technology to collect video materials and generate human flow curves from humanoid data, turning them into a physical art Installation, use it to respond to community memory.

Large supermarkets are becoming mainstream. Walking in this ever-changing, zooming, and moving device, it seems to have entered the bustling Shekou market in memory.

This is also a good combination of data rationality and humanistic sensibility.

▲ "Old Shekou Man" Uncle Chen led the students to visit the Shekou community

Another possibility to record history

There are many things that carry cultural memory, text, sound, photos, videos…

This event used art installations to show houses made of fishing nets, sound theaters surrounded by curtains, and transformable "streets"…

These wild art installations are actually made by common people in the Shekou community.

▲Members of “Shekou Miao Du Tong Lei Speaking'' interviewed residents of Shekou

The makers walked through Shekou Fishing Port, through Yuer Village, through Shekou Market, through classic and everyday Shekou landmarks, and past Shekou residents with different accents, letting Shekou stories from different ages survive.

AI technology is a new attempt in it. It uses a more immersive experience and refreshing content to present history in a new way.

This not only provides a new tool for architects and designers, but also allows the shadow of every ordinary person in the community to enter it vividly.

It is difficult to say whether it is the best recording tool. After all, this is just a small test for AI technology.

But this is at least a meaningful exploration. AI has not only opened up new perspectives of imagination for children and young people. In front of the old people in Shekou and the newcomers who have just arrived in Shekou, the past stories have also rendered technology a sensibility.

AI, a term that always sounds erratic and distant, has now invisibly sneaked into our daily life, entertainment, work and travel.

Now, it seems to have a new "responsibility": to witness historical changes.

This "testimony" actually adds a new dimension to the traditional historical protection. On a larger scale, it is also trying to pass on cultural heritage in new ways.

As Professor Qu Fei, Secretary General of the Student Branch of the Architectural Society of China, said:

Human memory will dissipate, and machine memory will last forever.

Shenzhen is changing rapidly, the villages in the city are slowly disappearing, the smoke is slowly disappearing, the traces of old life are slowly disappearing, and the past traditional crafts, history and culture are slowly disappearing.

▲The “2020.11.27'' team collects materials at Shekou Market

Too much good history cannot last forever, and the record is the last retention.

And technology is constantly creating another unique landscape recorded.

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