Those side jobs on Xiaohongshu and Douyin that allow you to “freedom of wealth” may have to post it upside down if you can’t make money.

This year's young people are particularly "swinging."

They are lonely and longing for love, and they are afraid of the pressure of marriage and parenting; they hate 996 who are familiar with fishing, but they also want to use the fragmented time to run sideline business; they want to lie down happy in life, but they will be anxious and sleepless at night.

It is difficult for young people, but difficulty is not a reason not to be harvested. In this era of "just in need of sideline jobs," some people take advantage of the anxiety of young people and give them advice, regardless of whether the actual operation is possible or not.

▲ No one does not want more money

Although the sideline is good, "running the train" is not good

Xiaohongshu, a cheap skin care product recommended by a college student is SK-II, a platform for fans of Hermès and Hailan Mystery. A female white-collar worker with a monthly income of 2W lives in Xiaohongshu, and it is very likely that she will not have a good week because the money is already spent.

On such a platform, the sideline business has also been inflated, and you can make thousands of yuan casually. Of course, compared with Xiaohongshu's monthly income of one million posts, these sideline content is already very simple. 0 Cost, unpopular profits, no thundering, suitable for Xiaobai… Just behind these attractive keywords, the sideline recommended by Xiaohongshu bloggers may not be suitable for you.

▲ Xiaohongshu has a lot of sideline content, and most of the keywords are 0 cost, huge profits, suitable for Xiaobai

Searching for "sideline", the hottest content of Xiaohongshu is "The most complete collection of the entire network-unpopular sideline" by @晴子妆间. We can see how unpopular it is.

The first recommended sideline is to sell flowers at a stall. Spend 60+ yuan to buy the goods in Pinduoduo, pack it for 9.9 yuan and sell it, and you can earn nearly 400 yuan in four hours.

Think about the current situation of selling flowers at a stall. You think that 400 yuan a day from selling flowers looks a bit fake, but you have no evidence.

▲ All are fake. Picture from: Giphy

I helped you find the evidence. The blogger posted a single purchase of Pinduoduo with a total of 35 flowers, not counting the possible loss of flower transportation and sales. 9.9 yuan per flower is not discounted, 35 ✖ 9.9 also sells for 346.5 yuan at most, less than 300 minus the cost.

By the way, the blogger did not include the cost of flower packaging consumables, and the decoration of the booth. Most of the bouquets shown in the video are not a bunch of flowers, many are still two or three bunches of flowers. In this case, it is difficult to break even. To really sell the results of bloggers, the difficulty is not ordinary.

▲ The first case of the hottest content of Xiaohongshu is not very practical

The second recommendation is to help the P picture service, open a link on Taobao Xianyu, claiming to earn 100 yuan in dozens of minutes. The Taobao and Xianyu shopkeepers who heard this were crying. Where are so many P sheets? The industry is under heavy competition, and customers and peers are very savvy. The story of 200 P-pictures making more than 2,000 yuan may only be in a dream.

The third is "make money by sound", which has been seen in many channels. Even if the hourly salary for the dubbing tasks of games and novels mentioned by the blogger is between 50-120 yuan, I am not touched at all. I am very self-aware of this. Everyone has a voice, but not everyone can make money from it. This is actually only suitable for a few people.

The remaining recommendations are also very unreliable. Ticket agents earn 500+ in a single order, take care of pets 100+, pay for songs, do PPT, poke wool felt, and human body function experiments… Let’s not say whether these side businesses are like this. It is more profitable, and the sideline recommended by the blogger is basically something that can only be done with a foundation.

▲ These side jobs are not that they cannot make money, but they have certain requirements for individuals, and the salary is not as good as advertised.

But as long as this content has 20.8W likes, no one will care about the feasibility of these sideline businesses.

Similar content is actually not uncommon on platforms such as Douyin and Douban. Many of these sideline suggestions can be described as "outrageous".

▲ In the Douban sideline group, if you can play, you can be the number trainer of the King of Glory

For writing articles, they suggest that the novice's contribution platform is a true story plan; dubbing makes money, they don't care how "hot mouth" the audience's Mandarin is; diamond ranks, they will also recommend players to make money on behalf of the glory of the king.

It's good for young people to want to have a sideline, but these recommended bloggers "running the train with their mouths full" are not good.

If you want to make money, you have to pay first. This is the unchanging "law"

The bloggers didn't mean to harm people, they used some "exaggerated" rhetoric to the content for traffic.

Many bloggers do this kind of content largely for traffic and fans. In the era when the sideline is just in demand, the blogger will do whatever the user wants to watch. Whether the content is right or not depends entirely on the blogger’s knowledge and conscience.

▲The content of the blog post is eye-catching and gimmicky, the authenticity is not important. Picture from: Wan'er's Yimu Tian

Use attractive keywords to attract users' attention, which requires one-time traffic. Other bloggers want fans, and they will recommend the content of resource packs that require a certain amount of material to attract users’ attention and replies with this content. A blogger who promoted "Sharding Time to do PPT for 8K" used this method to add thousands of fans.

There are also some bloggers who are completely advertising. The side businesses they recommend actually charge advertising fees. No advertisers will spend money to tell you that there is money to be made here. If there is money to be made, they have a monopoly on their own. How can they tell you?

▲ The blogger will only tell you that if you don’t do a side business, you will be dumped by your peers

Traditional "WeChat business" has also begun to find "offline" among these platforms. A blogger who posted a lot of "monthly income of 50,000 yuan in picture books at home" in Xiaohongshu will try to bring fans to his personal WeChat. Fans will see a long introduction to the franchise picture book after adding WeChat, the franchise fee is 368 yuan. This is actually a variant of finding offline in the past, but the traffic end has changed.

Xiaoyu, a college student who wants to do a side job, has already summed up his experience, and all side jobs that have to pay are liars. Even if some sideline businesses don't collect money for the time being, they just postpone the harvest time.

▲ Xiaohongshu's picture book sideline business is actually a business that earns franchise fees to find offline

Many Douyin and Xiaohongshu bloggers will introduce some free official accounts and resource websites when recommending side businesses. The initial use of these services is indeed free, but if you want to use them further, there will be an endless stream of fees, buying members, buying courses…and think of ways to let users complete the conversion.

Ms. Yang, who works in a public relations company, wanted to find a suitable sideline during the 2020 epidemic. At the end of the year, she also purchased a course for the Douyin blogger @阿宝姐说工作员. This course is 2000+ yuan, in addition to introducing some methodology, it will also provide students with some sideline job opportunities.

Before the start of the course, the other party provided more than 20 side business options. Students can choose four or five side businesses of interest, and they are sorted by priority. Since she had a better sense of music since she was a child, Ms. Yang boldly chose the side job of writing songs. The teacher will share some basic knowledge and encourage students to put what they want to express into the melody lyrics.

▲ Screenshot of @阿宝姐 talking about side jobs in the workplace

This sideline cannot be said to be unsuccessful, because the course party did help her find buyers who wanted to buy songs. Only when the song needed to be further modified and the price of the song was only 1000+ yuan, she finally did not choose to sell the song.

At the same time, she also said that although the course will provide some sideline job opportunities, in general the salary may not be as high as some bloggers advertise. "The amount of work they provide is actually very low for people with previous work experience. The lyrics and music are already considered high, and the general copywriting, soft writing, etc. are 200-500, which is actually not very high."

▲ There will be no pie in the sky, and it is difficult for a sideline with a low threshold to make more money than your own job

In fact, this is also a common problem of many platforms recommendation sideline. No matter how much the bloggers of the platform blow up a side job, these jobs with high repetitiveness, low risk, and limited technical content can hardly allow you to use the fragmented time to obtain a satisfactory income, and some of them are not very good. Continuous side business.

The sideline Xiaoyu finally found was to operate the official account for the elder company, and the income was sustainable. Although the monthly salary is 1,000 yuan, she is very satisfied as a student.

▲ Xiaoji Dictionary's explanation of sideline needs

Ms. Yang, who spent more than two thousand yuan on sidework classes, finally chose the field she has paid attention to for many years. Through overseas shopping, live broadcast and private domains, she can also get 2W+ when her income from the sideline business is the highest. income. But this is not a sideline business that guarantees income from droughts and floods. It requires careful management and a certain understanding of the industry, so that customers can buy with confidence.

These sideline businesses have certain thresholds, and they have to be persisted in addition to continuing operations. Many people may have listened to some sideline courses and blindly walked down the road that is not suitable, not good at, and not loved enough, because they only want to have a sideline income. In fact, they are wasting a lot of time in this "market", it is better to do something they are really good at.

▲ Sideline courses

It's normal for young people to have this kind of thinking if they don't want to just take dead wages and want to make money with sideline money. But remember that the most profitable things are written in the criminal law. There may be things that are easy to earn, but they are difficult to happen to you. When a way to make money is known and advertised by most people, the requirements for individuals to make big money are actually higher.

Instead of trusting bloggers' easy sideline and earning 20,000 per month in fragmented time, it is better to trust the pie drawn by the boss for you. At least what the boss wants is your working hours, not the money you save from work.

The picture of the title comes from the delicacy from the sky.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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