This year double eleven, I play shooting on Tmall

You never know when your friends who seem to be "normal" will suddenly jump into a non-existent basketball game and start shooting without physical objects.

If this has confused you, then the next ones may confuse you even more.

Recently, many people have started to "shoot baskets" on Taobao and Tmall.

Really, this year's Double Eleven Nike and Tmall teamed up to "ride" the stadium on Nike's Tmall flagship store, allowing the addiction to ball that has nowhere to be placed in people's hearts and temporarily find a way out at the fingertips.

But why does Nike do this?

I think that's because Nike has always wanted to "follow" us.

From small cards to virtual shots, Nike wants to "follow" you

DTC (Direct Consumers) is now a hot word, but Nike already proposed a DTC retail system in the Chinese market in 2012, that is, when everyone was waiting to buy iPhone 5, they decided to say "I want to be close to consumption. By".

This obsession with consumers has actually been buried in Nike's bones.

When Nike was still a Blue Ribbon sports company (formally renamed "Nike" in 1978), the company had written down personal information, shoe size and preferences for each athlete consumer with a card, and kept in touch for a long time to understand what athletes encountered Difficulty, adjust the product in a targeted manner.

▲ Picture from Runner's World

Today, the number of customers has grown from tens of hundreds to tens of millions, and small cards are no longer enough.

Digitization is an obvious solution, but how to do it is a long process of exploration. As one of the most digitalized countries in the world, China has become the innovation center of many international companies, and Nike is one of them.

First of all, "infrastructure" is indispensable.

Over the years, from the application level alone, Nike has created its own "family bucket" according to service needs:

  • Nike App: "One-stop personalized member center"-the convergence point of all services;
  • a gathering place for popular and top- notch goods, one of the core portals for online shopping;
  • Nike WeChat Mini Program: A WeChat social channel for members to view Nike’s latest innovations and exclusive products;
  • SNKRS (Nike Exclusive Shoe Club): "Toe Toe" is a must-have application for buying limited-edition sneakers and reading design stories;
  • Nike Run Club: An application dedicated to providing relevant support for runners, an ideal running partner for runners;
  • Nike Training Club WeChat Mini Program: Not only provides fitness tutorials and related information, but also has a sharing schedule function, allowing members to invite friends to exercise together;
  • Nike Fit: By combining multiple technologies such as vision technology, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, members can measure their shoe size at home (incorporated into the Nike App).

▲ Different applications have different positioning: (left to right) Nike Training Club WeChat applet, Nike App, Nike Run Club

Through a variety of "digital facades", Nike can directly contact and serve consumers, and at the same time, it can also keenly understand the needs of each consumer in order to better continue to optimize personalized services.

More intuitively, Nike members will receive customized information pushes on the Nike App.

Take myself as an example. Every week in my information stream there will be activity information on "Tuesday Girls’ Night" (based on my gender), regional activity pushes in Guangzhou (based on geographic location), and a special content about yoga "on the mat". Say" (because I paid attention to the "Yoga" category, maybe because I bought this type of product), and a variety of product stories and introductions based on previous shopping history.

▲ Part of the personalized push I received

For those users who already use Nike Run Club, running-related content and recommendations may appear in their information stream.

But Nike did not stop there. It also wanted to "follow" consumers.

To put it simply, it is where members will go, it will take the preference understanding of member history accumulation to shop where personalized services, instead of shouting "Don't go there, you still come to me to buy! I am here only Have a good experience!"

▲ Picture from Giphy

Tmall is a typical example.

The cooperation between Nike and Tmall began in 2012. In fiscal year 2018, the two parties began testing personalized services based on gender; later, they went further and tried personalized services based on member price preferences. These attempts have achieved certain results. Users have stayed longer and the order conversion rate has also increased.

And this year, the shooting game we talked about at the beginning appeared. Of course, it is not just a game, but a set of "Nike Membership Advancement Program . "

Under this "advanced" membership plan, the status of a member has changed from a membership card to a 3D virtual image. According to the official introduction, the costumes of these characters were carefully selected and matched from Nike's existing products before starting to do 3D modeling.

Although I personally feel that there are more options for character modeling, 80 of the users who visited the Nike flagship store during Double Eleven chose a special avatar for themselves.

With an avatar in the virtual world, does the member have to start doing something?

One of the innovations of this membership advancement plan is that members have "upgrade" gameplay other than consumption-complete personal information, watch live broadcasts, walk 5000 steps in three days, etc. These are all members who strive to upgrade and obtain More welfare methods.

Of course, for members who do not like "upgrade and fight monsters", Nike has created three mini games to allow members to fight for lucky draw opportunities while playing.

"Precision shot" is the shooting game mentioned before, and you can stop shooting addiction by moving your thumb;

"Yoga Master" is a game that is controlled based on the level of the mobile phone. It is really a test of balance and stability;

▲ Virtual yoga is not easy

"Tactical Mind" is a very "bullying" quiz game. Although the questions in it are multiple-choice questions, the answer options are of the type that you can hardly get caught up in (and don't you show me the answer after the game?) ), it should be made for real fans (I surrender).

▲ What is it? The key is that I don’t know if I’m done with it.

With the help of the "Nike Membership Advancement Program", Nike won the first place in this year's Tmall Double Eleven sports brand list.

In addition to activities in the virtual world, Nike members must also be active in the real world-Nike said: Follow!

This is actually the "new retail" that everyone is familiar with.

As the center of digitalization and new retail, China is the first market in the world to integrate Nike's four innovative retail concept types of stores offline- Nike House of Innovation (Nike Shanghai 001) , Nike Rise (Nike Guangzhou brand experience store) , Nike Unite , Nike Live .

These four concept stores have different focuses.

For example, Nike Shanghai 001 highly integrates digitalization and offline services, and adopts experiential environmental design. Consumers can not only purchase products here, but more importantly, they can experience Nike's cutting-edge innovation firsthand; while Nike Rise in Guangzhou has many Innovation in digital experience, but will pay more attention to its localization and community characteristics in Guangzhou.

▲ Nike Rise in Guangzhou

If you are not registered as a Nike member, you can also feel the difference in store design experience in the concept store and get the shopping experience of the app. But if you combine the Nike App to experience it, you will find that you have more choices in every small part of shopping.

Before entering the door, you may receive information about shopping discounts provided by Nike App for members;

When purchasing, you can know all the styles, colors and other information of this product by scanning the barcode of the product;

If you can’t find the size you want, you can scan the code to ask the clerk to find the inventory for you from the warehouse. After that, you just need to follow the prompts and wait for it to be delivered at a specific location in a few minutes; you can even pick more A few different ones, let the clerk bring them to you at once;

After leaving the store, you can also open the app to view local or nearby offline event arrangements and make an appointment to participate.

In general, after years of digital construction, Nike wants to give ordinary consumers a good experience, while members have a personalized and better experience wherever they go.

The pros and cons of running fast: you stare at the members, and the members are staring at you

In the digital layout of the retail industry, Nike can be said to have started relatively early, and is determined to actively transform, and has always been centered on the membership system.

Until now, when Nike held its earnings report, the status of digitalization was not just a "strategy", but had become a "Digital Advantage."

In fiscal year 2020, Nike's digital business accounted for more than 30%, which was completed two years earlier than expected. At the same time, Nike also plans to achieve 50% of this figure in fiscal year 2025.

Even taking the performance of the Tmall flagship store on Double Eleven as an example, after the upgraded experience, the average stay time of Nike members is twice that of 618 hours. From the perspective of participating in interaction, the user stickiness is also higher.

But to be a pioneer, you also have to face the challenge of not having a ready-made solution.

Nike Fit is the result of overcoming challenges.

When shopping offline, it’s no longer normal to try on shoes until they fit. But in the online shopping environment, this becomes the missing part of the experience. As a result, the return of goods due to size deviations has become the most common problem encountered by consumers when shopping online.

Moreover, this is also a problem that the industry has not been able to solve head-on before, so if you want to have a good experience, you can only face the challenge.

In 2018, Nike acquired the Israeli computer vision company Invertex, which brought technology to help Nike build the Nike Fit application in 2019, which was the first to launch in North America.

When the Nike Fit technology was officially launched in the Chinese version of the Nike App in 2021, the function has been integrated into the LiDAR lidar technology that has been enabled since the iPhone 12 Pro series (released in 2020) to obtain faster and more accurate measurement results.

It shows the tortuous and continuity of its innovation process.

It's okay, although it's very tossing, but Nike says "better is temporary."

Now, Nike’s digitization has become a "textbook case" for many commercial media to analyze the digital transformation of large companies-this kind of attention means that it is not just members who are staring at Nike, but also competitors and the general public.

Every step is a challenge and an opportunity.

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