This time there is no “family bucket”, Microsoft has brought two not so mainstream new Surface products

The Surface product line update during the National Day every year can be regarded as one of Microsoft's traditional arts. As expected, at the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, Microsoft brought the Surface Laptop Go, the new Surface Pro X and a series of new Surface accessories.

Due to the epidemic this year, many manufacturers have chosen to release new products online, and some have the option of not opening them. For example, Microsoft publishes directly on its official blog.

The two new products are not for mainstream high-performance users, one is for users in the entry education market, and the other is a minor update of Microsoft's ARM series products.

▲ Surface Pro X. Picture from: theverge

The Laptop family ushered in a cheaper Surface Laptop Go

Surface Laptop Go, you can think of it as the same brother of Surface Go in the Laptop line. Both are also oriented to the entry-level education market, except that Surface Go is a two-in-one notebook, while Surface Laptop Go is a traditional notebook form.

In May of this year, Surface Go just launched the second-generation upgrade. Compared with the product line for high-performance users, the Surface Go is "small" in terms of configuration and size. This also continues to the Surface Laptop. Go on.

The Surface Laptop Go still continues the tougher design of the Laptop series in terms of appearance design. The metal material conveys a sense of coldness, and it is a new member of the Laptop family.

But on the screen, Surface Laptop Go uses a smaller 12.4-inch display, which is smaller than the 13.3-inch for the mainstream market and 15 inches for high-end users, and the resolution is lower, 1536×1024, which continues Laptop series 3: 2 screen ratio. The touchpad is large enough, and the 1.3mm keystroke is comfortable enough for typing.

Although there is a certain reduction in configuration, the Surface Laptop Go does not shrink in terms of ease of use and personal privacy protection. It supports one-click login with the Windows Hello fingerprint recognition system, but does not support facial recognition login. It also has dual speakers and a 720p camera.

In terms of configuration, the Surface Laptop Go is equipped with Intel's tenth-generation Core processor i5-1035G1, and the performance is pretty good. The entry model has a bit more storage, and only comes with 4GB of memory and 64GB eMMC. But there are also higher 8GB RAM and 128GB, 256GB SSD hard drives available. It is worth noting that the entry model does not include fingerprint recognition.

Surface Laptop Go provides a USB-A interface and a USB-C interface, as well as a Surface Connect interface for expansion.

In terms of battery life, the official said that it can reach 13 hours, while supporting the fast charge function, which can charge up to 80% of the battery in one hour. In addition, this machine also supports Wi-Fi 6.

Surface Laptop Go comes in three colors, namely bright platinum, ice crystal blue and sandstone gold, and runs Windows 10S. The entry model is priced at $549.99, the 8GB+128GB SSD is priced at $699.99, and the 8GB+256GB SSD is priced at $899.99. Pre-orders will be accepted today and will go on sale on October 13th.

The new Surface Pro X becomes more beautiful and faster

A year ago, Microsoft launched the Surface Pro X, a two-in-one device that uses the ARM architecture. It is equipped with a Microsoft SQ1 processor customized by Qualcomm and Microsoft. It can run a complete Windows 10 system at the same time. Two Windows devices" evaluation.

The upgrade of the new Surface Pro X is more embodied, and the appearance is no different from before. It is still a unique experience brought by thin, portable and two-in-one devices. However, a new bright platinum color has been added to the body, and there are also new colors for the keyboard cover. In addition to bright platinum, there are ice crystal blue and bobby red.

The processor is upgraded to the Microsoft SQ2 processor this time. Through the targeted optimization of the new version of Windows on ARM, software such as the Edge browser now runs faster and consumes less energy. Microsoft also announced plans to extend support for running x64 applications.

After optimization, the battery life of the two Surface X Pros is better than before, and the official said it can reach 15 hours.

Other aspects of the configuration are the same as last year, such as a 13-inch display with a resolution of 2880×1920, a maximum of 16GB of memory and 512GB of storage, two USB-C ports, a Surface Connect port, and a nano SIM Card slot.

The new Surface Pro X began accepting pre-orders today and will ship on October 13. The 16GB+256GB version is priced at US$1499, and the 16GB+512GB version is priced at US$1799. However, it is still on sale with the Microsoft SQ1 processor.

In terms of accessories, Microsoft has launched the Designer Compact keyboard, with black and white color schemes, and supports Bluetooth connectivity. Microsoft Number Pad numeric keypad, also black and white. Microsoft 4K wireless adapter, designer mouse and wireless simple precision mouse are also updated.

Compared with the "family bucket"-style luxury meals in previous years, today's Surface line update can only be regarded as a dessert level. Surface Laptop Go will drop the price to the entry-level market, but it is a higher level than Surface Go. , The opponent should be some high-end Chromebooks, which should become a new choice among students.

The Surface Pro X update is more stylish and beautiful, and the software and hardware integration optimization is better than before. I believe that there will be fewer minor problems in use than before.

Of course, if you are looking forward to a traditional high-end two-in-one product like Surface Pro, then it is estimated to be waiting next year.

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