This social application uses the most internet method to make your life healthier

We rarely describe digital products as "healthy", but a social application tries to do this.

Recently, social calendar application IRL announced the acquisition of AeBeZe Labs, a digital nutrition company, with the goal of making IRL a healthier and more ethical social application.

"Social calendar + digital nutrition" seems to be a novel combination.

First introduce the social calendar application IRL, which was originally a "tool to discover real-world events", through recommendation algorithms, to provide attractive suggestions for offline activities, as its name implies-In Real Life.

After the outbreak, offline events were cleared overnight, and IRL had to quickly switch to collecting popular online events from cooperative platforms such as Spotify, Twitch, TikTok, and HBO, including live concerts, e-sports events, Zoom parties, and so on. To a certain extent, this makes IRL easier to use, and the audience is no longer limited to those who have money and leisure to participate in offline activities.

In April 2020 , IRL organized online activities into categories such as games, podcasts, television, education, music, food, and lifestyle, as well as an all-encompassing "fun" section. Each event can be added to the calendar, or in the personal profile followed by friends and fans, and users can also immediately initiate group chats about the event.

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In addition to participating in online public events, users can organize group events on their own, such as video chats, Zoom exercises, and Netflix parties, and set up a calendar event that can invite people to participate; users can also subscribe to exercise, meditation and other schedules in IRL, so as to change Build a habit easily.

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"Because everyone is at home, there is a great demand for online messengers," pointed out Abraham Shafi, founder and CEO of IRL.

These features help IRL attract a group of young users who do not use Facebook. "They basically use Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, but there are no groups and event products suitable for this generation."

Today, IRL users can receive personalized event recommendations, participate in group activities and group discussions, and establish more connections with friends through the Internet and mobile devices. "On IRL, you can literally imagine any type of group."

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This makes IRL look more like a social network than just an event discovery engine. It has 20 million users and 12 million monthly active users. Compared with the major social networks and their billions of users, these numbers are just a little shame. See Da Wu, but their steady growth is amazing.

IRL's acquisition of AeBeZe Labs, a digital nutrition company, means that it wants to package itself healthier.

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So, what is digital nutrition? According to the information on the official website, AeBeZe Labs hopes to trigger seven chemicals including acetylcholine, dopamine, and endorphins through "pills in pure digital form" to promote mental health and mood.

For example, Daybreak is AeBeZe Labs' emotion tracking application, where users can track changes in their emotions over time, and choose to watch and listen to specific content to improve their emotions.

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Of course, tracking emotions requires the user's consent, such as actively reporting the mood when starting an application, and this feature will only work in this direct mode. Therefore, users will clearly understand why they received a certain content. Unlike the "constant sliding and refreshing" based on addictive psychology, AeBeZe Labs said: "We provide a dose designed to relieve your emotions."

The concept of AeBeZe Labs is in common with IRL and is also valued by IRL. Before acquiring AeBeZe, IRL was considering how to make a profit without advertising revenue. It believes that advertising means designing an addictive experience for users to increase the time spent on its applications, which is not conducive to building healthier social applications.

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The goal of IRL is to make money by linking users to their interests, such as paying to subscribe to the community or buying event tickets, which can get a share of it. IRL has also tried paid group chats and found that users are willing to "visit computing job help groups" and other needs Pay; IRL also sees user demand for tools such as "collecting group membership fees" and "enhancing event exposure".

IRL plans to integrate AeBeZe technology into the application in the first half of next year: “We focus on bringing intimacy to the Internet. Social media basically builds habits around unhealthy things, and we don’t want to participate in it. We want to help you, not just for Build meaningful habits by yourself, and with your friends.”

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