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Damn it!
Damn it.
Damn it?
Damn it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

A damned sentence has various meanings. In between, it is enough to see the breadth and depth of Chinese culture.

Although the education we have received since childhood is to be civilized and polite, swear words seem to be everywhere. Because all the time, the meaning of swear words is more than just curse.

Recently, a new popular comedy show "History of Expletive Words" released by Netflix has uncovered the little-known "secrets" behind expletive words.

Although the whole story is fragrant, it still conveys a core idea——

Swear words do not mean "no culture".

The hidden story behind the dirty words

This show is hosted by Nicholas Cage, who has been known as the "king of bad movies" in recent years, and finally brought a fresh masterpiece.

The program invited linguists, historians, and entertainment professionals to present the swearing story in a humorous way from the historical origins of swear words, cultural popularization, and scientific development.

Swear words are defined by Wikipedia as "foul language, vulgar and indecent words" , which are often crazily output in the form of personality insults, animal comparisons, and sexual organs.

Show a total of six sets of six highest ranking swearing was "gravedigger", respectively, Fuck, Shit, Bitch, Dick, Pussy, Damn.

No matter which language they are translated into, they are all curses in the world.

Fuck, in history, has nothing to do with sex for thousands of years. It wasn't until the beginning of the 14th century AD that its meaning became: to go to the house at the king's permission.

If the king's consent is not obtained before the intercourse, it is a flagrant violation of the law.

The etymologist burst into laughter when he heard it, "Although it's fun, it's a fake legend."

She said that the word Fuck actually originated from a Dutch verb in the Middle Ages, which means "blow, beat, and beat."

When we scold "fuck", the brain will produce a kind of primitive reflex behavior, which comes from a deep inherent area full of emotions. A soft fuck will cause a bang of pleasure in the brain.

Shit, at first, was not a swear word, but derived from Anglo-Saxon, and was used to describe excrement in the Middle Ages.

At that time, going to the toilet was still a social experience, and people often shit together in an unobstructed lobby, facing the ground or sitting side by side.

This completely open lifestyle allows the servant to lie on his side and watch the reality show even when the earl is in bed.

It was not until the Renaissance that civilians became rich, more houses were built, and the modern concept of privacy was born. Shit began to become the language of personal attacks.

Bitch this humiliating terms with gender and racial discrimination, it is from around 1000 BC.

At first it comes from an English word bicce, which stands for bitch. People use bicce to associate bitch with estrus. Later, it is used to describe women who are lewd, immoral, and dissatisfied, as well as women who are easy to lose control, noisy, and stubborn.

But related to sex, the two most frequently used words are dick and pussy.

In the past 500 years, Dick has brought together 4 different interpretations: one is simply referring to the male genitalia. Second, in the early British society, many people called dick in English. Although it sounds a bit cute, dick who is still alive is nearly a hundred years old.

The third is the Victorian era, when Dick was in a society of sexual repression at the time, and he actually extended the meaning of horse whip. Dick was obviously not as long as a whip, enough to see people's exaggerated fantasy about it.​

The last meaning is that it has been used to ridicule men for a long time, which has evolved into a taboo word that devalues ​​others.

Pussy, also not only refers to female genitalia, but also represents copulation, even cats, and slang that scolds men for being weak.

It first appeared as the meaning of "cat" in the early 1500s, and later developed into a pronoun for women, especially for women who are sweet and gentle like a cat. Later, the evolution of the word was varied, but it once represented an unfathomable mystery.

The last swear word: damn (I rely on), may be the mildest swear word among these six words.

It is also the only swear word that ever appeared in the "Bible", which occasionally proves that God occasionally "leaned" on it.

When it appeared in the Middle Ages, Damn had two meanings. One was as a religious term, meaning cursing you to go to hell, hoping you would not die; the other was as a legal term for condemning others. Both words came from a Latin word " damnare", which means conviction.

Later, Damn presented extremely diverse uses, including strengthening the tone and expressing different psychological feelings according to different tones and expressions.

Nicholas Cage used his rich performances and body language to present a long history of swear words. Although the show is like a skit, it also picked up a lot of interesting brains and strange knowledge points.

I don't know if it has a second season, but it is obvious that the history of swear words is far more than the story of these 6 words.

Popular history of swear words

Swear words have appeared since the early days of human civilization, and the ancient Egyptians would carve swear words into hieroglyphs.

The early swear words, like Damn, once used religion, gods, and politics as their background. Curses and taboos like "Goddamn" were considered the two sources of swear words.

During the Renaissance, the literate class began to truly reflect on the "dirty" in behavior and language. At that time, they would be accused and punished for vulgar and profanity.

But after the French Revolution, the upper and lower classes reversed , and vulgar words began to erupt from the bottom. Linguistic violence prevailed, and the streets were full of quarrels, rants, and scolding. Finally, the police uncle had to come and arrest him.

It wasn't until Queen Victoria's era that the social atmosphere was slowly enlightened and new civilized rules were formed.

Western swear words seem to have their origins, and the history of Chinese swear words is not so clear historical textual research.

It can only be traced back to the pre-Qin period. At that time, the ancients used swear words to be more refined. At most, people were compared to animals, such as "big rats" and "Dongguo wolves". The most ruthless was Mencius's saying, "There is no father and no father. You are a beast."

After the Han Dynasty, swear words became aggressive. Lu Jia persuaded Liu Bang to read more, but he fought back:

Nai Gongju immediately got it, Anshi "Poems" and "Books"!

The translation is, I rode on a horse to win the world, read a bird book!

The swear words recorded in the Three Kingdoms period are full of "old thieves," "bifu," and "Zhuzi," which may sound painless, but when it comes to Yuanqing, the swear words are full of tricks and vulgarity.

From their ancestors to domestic animals, from looks to their bodies, Lei Heng's mother scolded Bai Xiuying in China's four great masterpieces "Water Margin": "You are a bitch who rides, tens of thousands of people, and is chaotic!" Bai Xiuying scolded. Lei Heng's mother: "Old biting insects, begging for poor women! How dare a bitch scold me!"

The density of swear words in "A Dream of Red Mansions" is even more exaggerated. From the young master of the lady to the servants of the maid, everyone scolds and spit, and the vocabulary of swear words has reached a new historical peak.

Wang Xifeng scolded Jia Lian and his mistress for "a vine of eight harlots", Mrs. Wang scolded Jin Huai as "a little prostitute", the godfather of the official scolded Fang Guan as a "cub," Ming Yan scolded Jin Rong, "we fuck Don't fuck your ass, just care about your dick"!

In modern times, Lu Xun published "On the fuck! "The article says that if peony is China's "national flower", then "fuck" can be regarded as China's "national curse."

Nowadays, "fuck" can be seen everywhere on the Internet. Everyone is a master of cursing, and there are endless spurts. They curse those who should be scolded and those who should not be scolded.

You scold the fuck, he scolds the fuck, and his mother scolds the fuck, I can’t tell who the fuck is.

More than that, words such as "I rub, sand sculpture, brain damage, pretend to be B, your sister, second stock" and other words are commonplace, and they are so diversified that they bring forth the new year after year. "I'll take it away" was once brought to the Spring Festival Gala by Cai Ming. In the 2012 People’s Daily, the term “Diaosi was used in an article “The Greatest Power to Inspire China to Advance ”.

This year’s talk show is particularly popular. It’s easy to blurt out the shit, ass, and urine scenes during the show. Of course, what follows is a muffled "beep".

When you haven't realized the flexibility and change of contemporary swear words, it will become a code word on the Internet if you are not careful, and your mother will not recognize it.

For example, the alpaca is an alpaca in reality, and it has become a sacred animal "grass mud horse" when surfing the Internet. Last year, netizens also said that the word "mentally retarded" that Chinese people can understand, this year, it became that only the younger brother after asking 00 can understand. "MDZZ".

Today's Internet surfing E family loves to use emoticons to express "dirty" in chat.

The modern WeChat emoticon library has up to 300, always waiting to be deleted and replaced with difficulty, and there may be as many as 1,000 in the album-half of these emoticons are cursing people, or pretending not to curse.

Should we speak bad language?

You may blurt out immediately:

Dry and cool, otherwise?

After speaking, it was very cool. This is also one of the most important meanings of swear words: to release emotions.

When you are angry and disappointed, a "Fuck!" will quickly dissipate your troubles. When you are excited and happy, a "Fuck!" will help spread the seeds of happiness.

Blacks have the habit of swearing for generations. On busy street corners and late-night jazz bars, their history of swearing to inspire each other can be traced back to the 1920s and 1930s.

Nowadays, more than any era, you need to swear, you need a moment of relaxation, and you need an instant relief. Compared with a diary of grumbling, the satisfaction of saying a swear word is obviously higher, and it is more effective than howling.

▲ Picture from: Movie "Expletive Words"

Therefore, swearing is good for physical and mental health, and if you want to scold after the timeliness, you can only eat coptis.

Liang Shiqiu also said: "In ancient and modern times, there is no one in China and abroad who does not curse. He does not curse when he wants to curse. He often causes physical problems."

Scientific research has also shown that when people swear swear words in pain, their ability to endure pain will increase.

There is a famous experiment in history. Scientists let people put their hands into the water that is close to the freezing point to observe which of the two situations where people keep swearing and not swearing, which has the stronger endurance, and found that swearing is better than not. Can grow by half.

Of course, more often, swearing is to make others hurt. It is a threat, intimidation, and provocation.

Therefore, we do not advocate swearing. For the friendly coexistence between people, for the civilization and harmony of social development, don't scold swear words at every turn, and don't scold swear words for no reason. Swear words are only a tool. You must have a clear understanding of swear words. To use it, use it on the blade.

After all, sometimes, swear words are purely for the purpose of bringing social relationships closer and energizing the awkward atmosphere, but they are just a bridge to call brothers and sisters, and only with the closest sisters will they brazenly call each other a "little bitch."

Some people seem to never say swear words, but usually their swear words are changed to a euphemism, such as "Damn! I lose! I go!"

If you really want to scold someone but don't want to be too dirty, you can refer to the day when Shen Jiayi and Ke Jingteng were separated. The boys and girls in the rainstorm faced the crossroads of youth. Shen Jiayi finally couldn't help but yelled at the childish Ke Jingteng:

Stupid, big idiot!

Ke Jingteng is not to be outdone:

right! I'm a fool! Idiots like you for so long!

Not dirty, but also cathartic.

▲ Picture from: "The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years"

The art of swearing without dirty words is also worth using when necessary.

However, it is still difficult for us to avoid the deep-rooted prejudice, discrimination, and humiliation that come from history with swear words.

Therefore, now people are also beginning to awaken and resist, allowing future generations to escape from these injuries.

In 2016, when a large number of Trump's words related to "Pussy" were reported, it provoked several demonstrations in the United States. People took to the streets to protest with the sign of Pussy, expressing their anger at the humiliation of women.

Now, Bitch has become a small minority are we trying to whiten the swearing, it becomes full of strength and full of feminist meant to help women get rid of repressed and discriminated against in the past.

Now people claiming bitch, just like to tell people that I was the Queen, a fearless queen.

Contemporary young people are formulating new "swearing rules" and "swearing symbols." In the future, language will be separated from the traditional definitions and stereotypes of human appearance. In this Internet age, words will be full of more diverse definitions.

Swear words can free our minds.

According to Dimonser Jay, a psychologist and profanity expert at the Massachusetts Free Arts Institute.

Therefore, the right swear words are more important than the swear words. After all, the freedom to choose not to do something is more precious than the freedom to do something.

Finally, I send Nicholas Cage an auspicious blessing:

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